how to download an instagram reel
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How to download an instagram reel batman arkham collection pc download

How to download an instagram reel

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How can you download Instagram Reels? If this is a question surfacing in your mind, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we show you several methods to download Instagram Reels and save them offline. There are several online tools that help you download Instagram Reels without the need to install an app or software. These services also let you save the videos without any watermark or restrictions. Here are some of the best online tools for downloading Reels, which you can access on your mobile device or PC.

One big downside of this method is that these sites are riddled with ads on mobile, making it quite annoying to use them. There are several available apps that help you download Instagram Reels videos. Such apps also negate the need to open a website every time you want to download a Reel. Choose from any of these popular Android and iOS apps for downloading Reels:.

If you just wish to save an Instagram Reel for future use instead of downloading it, simply bookmark the Reel. It will be stored on Instagram, so if the poster decides to delete it, it will be gone for good. A simple yet useful hack that does not require any additional app or tool is to download Instagram Reels via Stories.

Tip : By the way, if you love doing Stories daily, it might be handy to know how to delete one photo from your Story on Instagram. Follow the steps below to do so. You can also use a screen recorder program for Mac or Windows, or an extension such as Loom to record your screen while viewing an Instagram Reel on your PC.

Instagram offers you the option to download both your published and unpublished Reels to your device. You should also double-check if the Reel does indeed have sound but has been muted. Downloaded Reels usually end up in your Downloads folder on your mobile phone.

Screen recording is one way you can download Reels to your phone. Most Android phones have a built-in screen recorder that also records audio , but if you are using an older version of Android that lacks a screen recording function, your best bet is to move on to the second method.

Just like on iOS , using a third-party app on an Android device will save you the hassle of trimming your screen recordings and allow you to download and save Reels directly to your phone. One of the best third-party apps you can try for this purpose is ETM Video Downloader , a free app that lets users batch-download Instagram videos, stories, and reels.

If you are not willing to download third-party software onto your device, there are also plenty of websites that will do the job. If you want to edit an Instagram Reel with more robust software or simply watch it on a larger screen, you will need to download it onto your desktop computer. If you are wondering how to download Instagram Reels on your PC , simply download one of these apps and start recording your screen while playing your preferred Reel. Then, you can cut out the unnecessary parts from the video and save the Reel on your PC.

Snagit is the most feature-rich screen recording app for Windows and Mac , but it has to be paid for. On the other hand, OBS Studio is free and open-source and has some excellent settings for recording you can try. Follow these steps to learn how to download Instagram Reels online via Stories:.

Note: If you regularly post Instagram Stories, you might also find it useful to know how to add music and multiple photos to your story. Instagram automatically saves all the photos and videos you share as posts, but that is not the case with Reels.

So, if you want to download your own Reels from your account to your phone, you must do it manually. Luckily, Instagram offers an easy way to download both your published and unpublished Reels. Here is how to download your Insta Reels to your phone. It is as simple as that. Now you have a copy of your published Reel on your phone. Alternatively, If you want to save an Instagram Reel to your phone before you publish it, simply tap the Download icon at the top of your editing screen. This way, you can gather all your favorite Reels in one place and save storage space on your device.

To access the Reel you just saved, return to your profile page and tap the three-line hamburger icon in the top right corner of the screen. Now that you know how to download Instagram Reels , you can easily store them on your device for inspiration or repost them on another platform.

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Learn more. Advertiser Disclosure. Table of Contents. Can You Download Instagram Reels? How to Download Instagram Reels on iPhone 1. Record Your Screen 2. However, you can still do it using one of the following methods: 1. Open Control Center. On iPhone X or later, swipe down to open the Control Center. Tap the gray Screen Record button.

The screen recorder will start after the three-second countdown. Open Instagram and let the Reel you want to download play in its entirety. When you are ready to stop recording, press the red status bar at the top of your screen and select Stop in the pop-up menu.

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One of your options is to record the screen while playing the desired video. Third-party apps are an excellent choice, and a tool like Loom might be your best bet. Sometimes, your Reels are downloaded to your device without music due to various bugs. To avoid this inconvenience, consider saving videos with a reliable app called Saverr Reels Downloader. This is how you can use the platform. Take the following steps to set it up and download your Reels.

After downloading an Instagram Reel from your profile, you should see a Reel logo in the video. This watermark might be annoying, and you might want to remove it if you plan on posting your content to TikTok or other platforms. Even though the platforms seem different, they work almost the same. A large number of third-party apps allow you to download Instagram reels. You probably prefer storing the content in your Gallery. Video Downloader For Instagram lets you do just that.

You probably revisit your favorite Instagram Reels several times a day. Here are some workarounds that get the job done. This will make the feature is easily accessible from your control screen the one that pops up when you slide your finger down from the top right corner of your home screen :. From there, you can swipe down from the top of your screen to access Control Center, hit the record button, and capture what you need. While recording your screen lets you easily capture video, using third-party apps might just be your best bet at quickly saving the content you want to your device.

There are two simple solutions that allow you to download Reels from Instagram to your Android device. Your first option is to record video from your screen. All you need to do is swipe down from the top of your screen, Screen Recording button, navigate to the Reel you want to record, and let your phone do the magic.

You can trim it to only include the Reel footage. Just like on iOS, using a third-party app can save you the fuss of trimming your screen recordings every time you download a Reel. Here are some tried options:. Using these tools, all you have to do is copy the link to the Reel you want to download and paste it into the app. Whether you use a Mac or PC, there are many third-party apps available that will help you download or screen record Reels to your computer in a matter of clicks.

Some options, in no order of preference, include:. By adding Instagram Reels to your Saved collection, you create one neat, easy-to-access folder with all your favorite snippets or inspiration for your own future content. To access your saved collection, go to your profile page and tap the three lines a.

From there, tap Saved. Head to the Reels tab to check out all the videos you saved. Watch and enjoy! Save time and stress less with easy Reels scheduling and performance monitoring from Hootsuite. Learn how to promote your brand, reach new people and engage your audience with Instagram Reels, Instagram's favorite format.

Follow this beginner's Instagram Reels tutorial to learn how to edit your videos and start creating engaging content. Use this ready-to-copy-and-paste list of Instagram Reels hashtags to reach more people with your content and get more likes and shares.