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Crystal bible volume 2 pdf free download

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This is a recip. The d i rectory format ena bles you to fi nd a known crysta l i nsta ntly or to identify a n u n known crysta l a nd covers the practica l a n d esoteric properties of each cryst a l i nc l u d i n g s p i r i t u a l , menta l a n d psychologica l, e mot ional a n d physica l effects, p l us its use i n cryst a l hea l i ng.

It's a n i nd ispensable reference for crysta l lovers everywhere! Look for these other personal growth books from Walking Stick Press! No part of this p u bl i cation may be reproduced, stored in a retrieva l system, or transmitted i n any form o r by a ny means, e lectronic, mecha nical, photocopy i n g , record ing, or otherwise.

J udy Ha l l asserts the moral right to be identified as the a u thor of this work. CAUTION: The information given in this book is not intended to act as a substitutefor medical treatment, nor can it be usedfor diagnosis. Crystals are powerful and are open to misunderstanding or abuse.

Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires are prized the world over. These are indeed precious stones; they uplift the heart. Their brightness is what most people think of when they hear the word "crystal. They have been used for ornamentation and as a symbol of power for thousands of years. But such crystals were valued for more than their beauty-they each had a sacred meaning.

In ancient cultures their healing properties were as important as their ability to adorn. Crystals still have the same properties today but not all are as flamboyant as gemstones. There are quieter, less outwardly attractive crystals that are nonetheless extremely powerful. Gemstones themselves can easily be overlooked when in their natural, uncut state but their attributes remain the same, and an uncut Sapphire,Jor instance, which costs a fraction of the price of a faceted stone, is as effective as the most scintillating cut gem.

These are "stonesfor the New Age. Knowing how to use these crystals is vital if you are to make use of the gifts they offer. This book has been divided into sections that will help you to find your way around the crystal kingdom. Containing everything you could ever need to know, these sections tell you about the delights of crystals, their healing use and decorative features, how they were formed, and how to take care of them.

There is a Crystal Reference at thefront so that you can look up a particular crystal by the name by which you know it, and thenfind its properties in an extensive Directory section, which also enables you to identify crystals. The comprehensive Index at the back is cross-referenced to symptoms and attributes; you can use this to find a crystal for a specific task, orfor your particular purpose.

The Glossary on pages defines terms that you may not be familiar with. Crystals come in numerous shapes and many of these have now been given names that signify theirfunction, such as channeling or abundance crystals. As cryst a l s a re powerfu l bei ngs i n t h e i r own right, t h ey need to be a pproached with respect. If you do th i s, t h ey w i l l be o n ly too plea sed to cooperate with you. Ta k i n g the time to clea nse you r cryst a l s is ext remely i m po rtant.

C rystals were created a s the e a rt h for med a n d they h ave co nt i n ued to meta morphose a s the p l a net itself has c h a nged. C rystals a re the ea rth's DNA, a chem ica l i m p r i nt fo r evo l ution. They a re m i n i at u re sto rehou ses, conta i n i ng the records of the d eve l opment of the e a rth over m i l l ions of yea rs, a nd bea r i n g the i nd e l i ble memory of the powerfu l forces that s h a ped it.

Some h ave been s u bjected to enormous press u re, others grew i n c h a m bers deep u n dergro u nd, some were l a i d down i n layers, others d ri pped i nto bei n g-a l l of which affects t h e i r prope rties a n d the way they fu nction.

W h atever form they ta ke, their crysta l l i ne st ruct u re c a n a bsorb, conserve, foc u s, a n d e m it e n ergy, espec i a l ly on the e l ectro m a gnetic waveba n d. A l a rge or s m a l l spec i m e n of the same type of crystal wi l l have exactly the same i ntern a l struct u re, which c a n be recog n ized u n der a m i c roscope. This u n iq u e geometric cryst a l l attice is h ow crystals a re identified and means that some cryst a l s, such a s Aragon ite, h ave seve ra l ve ry d iffe rent exter n a l forms a n d colo rs, w h i c h at first g l a nce cou l d not possi bly be the same cryst a l.

However, beca use the i nter n a l struct u re is identica l, they a re class ified as t h e s a m e cryst a l. In some cases the m i n eral content d iffers s l i ghtly, creati n g the va rious co l o rs in w h i c h a p a rticu l a r crystal can be fo u n d.

Its reg u l a r exte r n a l p l a nes a re an outward expression of its i ntern a l order. E a c h m atch i n g pa i r of faces has exactly the same a ngles. C rystals a re b u i lt from one o f seven poss i b l e geometric fo rms: tria ngles, sq u a res, rect a n g l es, hexagons, rhom boids, p a ralle logra m s, or trapez i u ms. These forms lock together i nto a n u m be r of potent i a l crystal s h a pes, w h i c h h ave generic na mes based o n t h e i r i ntern a l geometry.

The outer form of the c ryst a l will not necessa r i ly reflect its i n n e r structu re. At the h e a rt of a cryst a l is the atom a n d its com ponent pa rts. T h i s contracted i nto a wh ite-h ot molten ba l l.

The crust is re l atively a bout as thick as the skin on an a p ple. Some crysta l s, s u c h a s Qua rtz, a rise from t h e fiery ga ses a n d molten m i nera l s i n the ea rth's center.

As gases penetrate t h e crust a nd meet sol i d rock, they coo l a n d solid ify-a process that may ta ke eons or m ay b e fast a n d fu rious. If t h e process h a s been rel atively s low, or if the cryst a l grows i n a gas bu bble, then l a rge crysta l s c a n g row. If the p rocess stops a n d sta rts, effects s u c h a s pha ntom o r self-hea led crysta l s a re possi ble. If t h e process i s exceptio n a l ly fast, a glass-l i ke s u bstance, such a s Obs i d i a n , i s formed rather than crysta ls.

Yet oth e r forms a rise when m a g m a cool s s ufficiently for water va por to condense i nto a l i q u i d. These crystals a re known as meta morphic because t h ey have u n d ergone a Aragonite "sputnik"form chemical c h a n ge that h a s reorga n ized the orig i n a l l atti ce.

Calcite and other sed i m e nta ry cryst a l s fo rm from an e rosion p rocess. Rocks at the s u rface break down and m i ne ra l ized water d ri p p i n g t h rough rock or trave l i n g a s a river l ays down weathered m ate r i a l a s new crysta ls, or the m i nerals becom e cemented together. C rystals a re ofte n fo u n d sti l l attached to the bed rock on w h i c h t h ey formed or cemented togeth e r as a co n g l o merate.

T h i s bed rock is known as the m atrix. Yo u ca n now b uy decorative objects wrought from a n enormous va riety of precious stones, a l l of w h i c h greatly e n h a nce t h e i r s u rrou n d i n gs, especi a l ly if you c h oose t h e m for their esote ric properties too.

Amber jewelry G e m stones such as E meralds a n d Sa pp h i res a re vi bra nt stones. A carefu l ly placed crysta l c a n magica l ly tra n sform its s u rro u n d i ngs. Wea r i n g gem s u sed to be a roya l or priestly prerogative. It was m uch more t h a n a badge of offi ce; it conveyed powe r to the wea rer.

Ca refu l ly positioned, crysta l s c a n c h a nge yo u r l ife. You can choose stones to e n h a nce yo u r i nt u ition Apophy l l ite , i ncrease menta l a b i l ities G reen Tou rm a l i ne , and boost confidence Hematite. This essential resource includes crystals for energy enhancement and space clearing and the crystal medicine wheel.

Beautifully illustrated, it is a comprehensive guide to exc. Extended embed settings. You have already flagged this document. Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean. The editors will have a look at it as soon as possible. Self publishing. Share Embed Flag. TAGS crystals illustrated publisher krause edition paperback dimensions inches sellers divination. You also want an ePaper?

Beautifully illustrated, it is a comprehensive guide to exceptional crystals and their healing applications and environmental and karmic effects. Explore more of the world's crystals with The Crystal Bible 2! More documents Similar magazines Info. Share from cover. Share from page:.

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The Crystal Bible

WebDec 20, How to Download or Read Online The Crystal Bible PDF From Here are the steps you can take to download or read online The . WebThis second volume of the bestselling The Crystal Bible covers more than additional crystals, including high-vibration stones for spiritual alchemy and the recently revealed . WebMar 19, This second volume of the bestselling The Crystal Bible covers more than additional crystals, including high-vibration stones for spiritual alchemy and the .