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Charles stanley sermons free download

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Metropolitan Museum Cleveland Museum of Art. Internet Arcade Console Living Room. Stanley uses Scripture to answer common questions about Jesus Christ. Stanley explains how to have an abundant life in Christ as you seek God's will. Stanley shares how seeking God is the only way our land can be healed.

Stanley outlines how to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Do you know your weak spots? He longs for your times of biblical meditation and for you to listen to His clear and righteous direction for your life. Our meditations with Him deepen our devotional life and our fellowship with Him.

But sometimes He may call us to do more than listen and learn. It is then that we need His courage to act. It happens to every one of us from time to time. Waiting tests our faith like nothing else. But trusting God always pays off in the end. In this message, Dr. Stanley takes a closer look at the right and wrong ways to wait. Learn how to let peace and confidence rule your heart while you let God work.

In this practical message, Dr. But for the believer, it doesn't have to be that way. Stanley explains that judgment for Christians isn't something we have to be afraid of. If this world is not our final destination, then what is? Stanley whets our appetite for the place we'll call our forever home: heaven. The Holy Spirit is not an impersonal force; He is the third Person of the trinity who empowers, convicts, guides, and comforts all believers.

Stanley sheds light on the death of Jesus and how it affects all of us here and now. We may feel far removed from the events that happened at Calvary that day, but the crucifixion of Jesus still remains at the heart of the Christian life. How do you fill in that blank? The Bible should be the source of our convictions about God. Stanley reveals the God of the Bible: omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.

Our image of God must be consistent with His Word. Your answer to that question is of the utmost importance. Stanley shares his personal conviction that the Bible is the very Word of God—inerrant and wholly reliable. What you believe about the Bible matters! Stanley looks at the common causes of weak faith and the mistakes that can damage it further. When the Israelites followed Moses out of Egypt, they needed to learn to trust the God who had delivered them—and so must we.

Knowing how to protect your faith will help you grow strong and resilient in the face of every challenge. Stanley explores the consequences of failing to trust God. Stanley shows us what a faith failure looks like. The Israelites paid a heavy price when they listened to the fearful report of their spies instead of believing God and following Joshua and Caleb into the land of Canaan. Learn five reasons why our trust in God wavers, and be encouraged to maintain your faith at every turn.

Stanley examines the story of the Red Sea parting and its meaning for us today. The same God who led His people out of slavery and into a new country will also deliver us from difficulty—and show His glory in the process. Stanley explains that we, too, should be following God as our guide every day. We don't have a pillar of cloud for a signpost, but as believers, we have the Holy Spirit indwelling us.

Find out what you can do to gain discernment, recognize His voice, and follow Him in holiness through every challenge and uncertainty. Stanley examines the effects of sin and rebellion in the heart of man, and the extraordinary measures God uses to rescue His people and bring them out of bondage. Two sides struggle against each other, straining to gain control. Can both sides win?

Stanley sheds light on the internal conflict each of us must face: the battle between obeying God or indulging our flesh. Learn how this fruit of the Spirit tips the scales in your favor. Sermon Notes PDF The Reassuring Quality of Faithfulness Sooner or later, each of us must face the reality that in our own strength we don't measure up—we've all sinned and fallen short most every day of our lives. Relax into the trustworthy character of our heavenly Father—He will never leave or forsake you.

A certain warmth emanates from their core, inviting you to rest and be yourself, doesn't it? That soothing radiance has a name: kindness. Stanley teaches about the irresistible nature of tenderheartedness, both how God demonstrates such a quality toward us and how we should imitate Him in our earthly relationships. Lean into His unfailing kindness and watch how it multiplies in your own life, testifying to everyone around you of the goodness of God.

Stanley lays out the truth plainly: Patience is indispensable to our ability to obey God and receive His best for us. Stanley speaks of Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace and explains how we can find inner contentment and true rest through a personal relationship with Him.

Don't let things like anger, lust, or bitterness steal your peace. Learn how to trust God and let Him calm your soul with His soothing presence. Wait, that can't be right, can it? Explore what it means to trade in superficial happiness for steadfast joy. Sermon Notes PDF Love Lessons With countless songs, books, and movies dedicated to love, you would think we actually understood what it means. Stanley teaches us what love really is and how it affects our lives.

Whether on a large scale or a smaller one, sin destroys. No matter what He calls you to do, He will provide, direct, strengthen, and empower you to handle every difficulty. Listen as Dr. Stanley talks about all that God will do when we're willing to obey Him. But we can be assured that He is always in control. Stanley outlines seven truths from Scripture to remind us that no matter what we see, we can trust God to fulfill all His promises and complete His perfect plan.

Stanley maps out sixteen specific characteristics of a word from the Lord that will help you understand His directions. This practical message will grow your faith, inspire your Bible study, and ready you for service. Stanley introduces this incredible account from the book of Exodus, and shares stories from his own life about moments when God spoke to him clearly and dramatically.

Stanley explores an early mistake in the life of Moses. Understanding what went wrong for the future leader of the Hebrews will prepare us to handle similar moments in our own lives wisely.

The results will always be worth the effort. Stanley explains what causes us to be afraid, the consequences of living in fear, and how many of the negative emotions we experience in life are rooted in fear. Whether you are lost or saved, you exercise belief by what you do. Stanley explains that following God is a conscious effort, because His ways are higher than ours. Though we are prone to subconsciously follow our own desires, we must make a choice to follow His.

Stanley assures us that, as believers, all we need to do is seek Him and He will answer. When we stop striving and dive into His Word, we open the door to experience His many blessings. Stanley explains what life entails when we choose to be guided by the Father.

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WebStanley’s Online Sermons brings to you the best of Dr. Charles Stanley including; Stanley’s Sermons, daily inspirations, Bible Studies, Stanley’s Online services, latest . WebCharles Stanley Sermons & Quotes Free app will guide you in a closer walk with God, by providing, each day, sermons thoughts upon rising and Android Charles Stanley . WebWatch the latest messages from Dr. Charles Stanley, the founder of In Touch Ministries. Watch weekly broadcasts, classic sermons, and videos of all that God is doing around .