how do i download messenger app
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How do i download messenger app

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Besides text chatting, you're able to record voice messages and send the recorded message to chats that you're having with other friends. There's a voice to text option as well if your friend can't listen to the message out loud. If you have a Pinterest account you can link it and send pins, or articles from well-known publishers like the Wall Street Journal.

Like a message by tapping the thumbs up, or send emojis, stickers, and GIFs. Add more friends and create a group chat so everyone can join in on the fun at the same time. Video chatting and calling are the most popular updates to the messenger. As long as you have internet access you can call a friend. Tapping on the phone icon opens up the call screen.

You can do a regular voice call and toggle on the camera to turn on the video function. Access the text box while in the call by clicking on the text bubble, mute the microphone by clicking on the mic icon, and you can reverse the camera view from front facing to standard view. Take screenshots in the call that will save to your mobile device or tablet's camera roll. Now not only can you have text group chats, but you can have group voice and video calls too. As for customization, you can change the color of the icons and the text bubbles.

When you send messages, the color that you select shows up in your friend's chat as well. You can view friends' stories at the top of the app, sending messages and emojis for each clip, and you can add to your own story as well. On an Android, Messenger takes up about MB of storage while running.

As you chat with more people and use more functions like sharing videos, pictures, and outside articles, the space that the app takes up begins to swell and after prolonged use, the app can sometimes shut down randomly. The app also drains the battery very quickly if you're using it for even a few different chats. On PC, you can access Facebook Messenger through the Facebook website, with pop-out text boxes appearing when messages are sent. There is also a separate Messenger website if you wanted to have a separate tab for your chats, voice and video calls.

All of the functions available for Messenger on Android are available on the web versions. On iOS when voice or video chatting, you can pick from a number of effects that hang and float all over the screen. For Android, the best alternative is Messages, the Android function that comes with your phone. It has all of the functions that regular text messaging apps come with, but of course there isn't a way to contact Facebook friends unless you have their phone number. The next alternative would be Whatsapp.

Text, voice, and video chatting is good across the board, and just like Messenger you need to have some sort of internet or data connection to use it. Other similar functions to Messenger are photo and video sharing capabilities, GIFs and stickers, voice messages, voice to text, and group chatting. With Whatsapp, you can display statuses, and view your chats on your desktop.

Just go to the Whatsapp site for web and scan the QR code with your phone. You're instantly able to view all of the chats that you have on your phone on your desktop or laptop. Facebook Messenger for Android is a lot of fun to have. It is absolutely packed with functions that make chatting delightful and kicks it up a notch in the messaging app department. There aren't many other apps with this many capabilities available for free for most mobile devices.

Yes, Facebook Messenger is a useful app, but bear in mind that it drains battery power very quickly, and asks for a lot of personal information in order to download it. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article An easy-to-follow guide for downloading and installing Facebook Messenger on your computer, phone, or tablet. Downloading the Messenger app on any of your devices is easy!

Method 1. Open the App Store. You can install Messenger for free using the App Store on either a phone, tablet, or computer!

You can also open the Messenger App Store page directly by opening the Messages section of the Facebook app and then tapping "Install. Tap the "Search" tab at the bottom of the screen. This will open the app search field. Search for "Messenger. Tap "GET" next to the "Messenger" app. Make sure this is the app developed by "Facebook, Inc. The app should begin downloading immediately. Depending on your settings, you may be prompted for your Apple ID password before you can download the app.

You may need to be connected to a wireless network in order to download apps from the App Store. Launch Facebook Messenger after downloading it. You can find it on one of your Home screens, or you can tap the "OPEN" button next to it in the App Store that appears when the app is downloaded. Sign into Facebook Messenger. When you launch Messenger, you'll be prompted to log in. If you already have Facebook installed on your iOS device, you can quickly log in with the same Facebook account.

If you want to log in with a different Facebook account, tap "Switch Account" and then log in with the account you want to use. Sign into Facebook Messenger without a Facebook account select regions only. This does not create a Facebook account, and will only allow you to chat with people in your contacts list that use Facebook messenger. Tap "Not on Facebook? Enter in your phone number. Type in the code sent to you via SMS text message.

Enter the name you want to use on Messenger and upload a picture of yourself. Decide if you want to allow notifications. Messenger will prompt you to turn notifications on for the app. You won't be able to receive notifications unless you tap "OK. If you do not allow notifications, you will not be notified when someone is trying to start a voice or video call with you unless the Messenger app is open and active.

Make sure notifications are enabled if you intend to use voice and video calls with Messenger, or you'll likely miss a lot of calls. Enter your phone number. Messenger will ask for your phone number to make it easier for friends to find you. If your number is already associated with your Facebook account, it will be listed here. This is optional.

Decide if you want to import contacts. Messenger will scan your phone's contacts and find other people that use the Messenger app. If you don't want to allow this, you have to tap "OK" first, then "Don't Allow. This can make adding new contacts to Messenger easier, since it will happen automatically when you add someone's number to your phone. Start using Messenger. After logging in, you'll be shown all of your Facebook messages.

You can chat, send voice and video calls, and much more. See Use Facebook Messenger for tips on getting the most out of Messenger. If the app isn't working for you, make sure you have data or a strong Wi-Fi connection, or that you have enough storage space to use the app.

Also check for updates then uninstall and reinstall the app as a last resort. Method 2. Open the Google Play Store. Facebook Messenger is available for free from the Google Play Store. You can also open the Messenger store page directly by attempting to chat with someone in the Facebook app.

Select the "Messenger" from the results. Choose the Messenger app developed by "Facebook," which should be towards the top of the list. The icon for this app looks like a speech balloon with a lightning bolt in the middle. Tap "Install. On Android 6. Enter your Google account password if prompted. Depending on your security settings, you may be asked to enter your password before you can download the app.

Wait for the app to download. This may take a few minutes. Depending on your Play Store settings, you may need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to download the app.

Launch the Messenger app. You can find it on one of your Home screens or in your App Drawer. You can also tap the "Open" button on the Messenger store page. Login with your Facebook account. If you have the Facebook app installed on your Android device already, you'll be prompted to continue with the same account in Messenger. You can log in with a different account by tapping "Switch Accounts. Login without a Facebook account select regions only.

Note that you're limited to chatting with people in your phone's contact list that use Messenger, and won't have access to Facebook friends.

Enter your phone number when prompted. Enter the code that is sent to your phone via SMS. Enter your name that people will see when chatting with you. Add your phone number optional. You'll be prompted to add your phone number so that friends can find you easier.

If you have a number associated with your Facebook account already, it will be displayed here. You can skip this by tapping "Not Now. Decide if you want to upload your phone's contacts optional. Facebook Messenger will request access to your device's contacts so that it can let you know if people you add are using Messenger.

Whenever you add a new number to your phone's contacts, Messenger will check if that number is associated publicly with a Messenger account. If it is, that account will be added to your Messenger friends list. Start using Facebook Messenger. Once you are logged in, you will be shown all of your Facebook conversations. You can use the app to chat with any of your Facebook friends.

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