windows 11 download and install microsoft
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Windows 11 download and install microsoft

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Step 3: You should then see the Upgrade to Windows 11 appear under Windows Update, with a percentage and download status. Wait for it to complete. Step 4: When finished, you'll get a prompt to restart your PC. It'll show up in a blue box. Choose the Restart now option. Your PC will proceed with Windows 11 installation and will restart a few times. When finished, you'll be taken to the Windows 11 desktop! This manually will upgrade you from Windows 10 to the new OS.

Again, using this method, you'll have to ensure your PC meets Microsoft's minimum specs. You won't lose any files, either. Here's how.

Step 1: Visit Microsoft's Windows 11 download website. Look at the top for the Windows 11 Installation Assistant option and click the blue Download now button. Step 2: Wait for the tool to download. When complete, launch it. Click Yes when prompted. Step 3: In the pop-up box, you'll have to choose Accept and install. From here on out, it will be a three-step process. Wait for Windows 11 to download as part of the first step. It could take a while depending on your connection speed.

You might be prompted to agree to the Microsoft terms and service. Step 4: In the second step, Windows 11 will verify the integrity of your download. It should take a few seconds. Step 5: In the third step, you'll get a prompt about Windows 11 installing in the background. Let it install and wait it out. Depending on the speed of your PC, it could take a while — usually 30 minutes, tops.

Step 6: Once the third phase is finished, click the Restart now button. You'll be prompted that you are about to be signed out. Wait while your PC restarts and installs Windows Step 7: While Windows 11 is installing, you'll see Working on updates on your screen.

A percentage will indicate the progress. Your PC will restart a few times, so be patient. Once complete, you'll be taken to the sign-in page, and then the Windows 11 desktop. If the above two methods don't work for you, then you can install Windows 11 through the Windows Insider Program. This is the last-resort effort, as the Windows Insider Program will install unstable, still in preview versions of Windows 11 on your PC. Then, link your Microsoft Account.

Currently, Windows 11 is being tested on the Beta and Dev Chanel. Pick one that's right for you. Step 2: The beta channel is one of the most stable experiences to test Windows Keep in mind, though, that beta channel releases only happen every few weeks. The Release Preview , meanwhile, is where you can preview the upcoming Windows 10 update. Step 3: Once you choose a respected channel, confirm your choice. You'll be prompted to sign in with a Microsoft Account, if you weren't already.

And your PC will restart. From there, check again for updates. You'll see Windows 11 listed. Choose Download and install and wait while the OS installs on your device! Another way to install Windows 11 is with Installation Media. This is a way to create a bootable USB drive that you can use to clean install Windows 11 on your current Windows 10 PC or on another device.

Doing so will remove all of your files, so we advise against this method. If you're aware of this risk, you can get to this option by going to the Windows 11 Download Page. From there, choose the Create Windows 11 Installation Media option. Then, follow the steps below. Step 1: Agree to the terms and choose Accept.

Let the Setup tool run, and choose Use the recommended options for this PC. Click Next , and choose USB flash drive. You'll be prompted and Windows 11 will download to it. Once finished, the installer will switch to Creating Windows 11 Installation media. You'll know when it's finished, as you'll get a prompt that the drive is ready. Then choose Recovery on the left side.

Under Advanced startup, choose the Restart now option. Step 5: In the pop-up prompt, choose Use a device. Your USB drive should appear listed. Usually, you can do this by pressing F12 on boot as soon as you turn on your PC. Now that you have downloaded the Windows 11 ISO image, you may proceed to the next phase: Creating a bootable device. If you do not wish to perform a clean installation of Windows 11 and download the ISO, you can also upgrade your current OS to the latest Windows 11 version available through Windows Update or through the Installation Assistant.

If you want to upgrade your device to Windows 11 from a Windows 10 PC, you must first meet the minimum system requirements. If your device does qualify, you can then check if you have received a Windows 11 upgrade option by navigating to the following In Windows 10 :.

If you are already on an older Windows 11 version and want to update to a newer version, navigate to the following:. Here, click Check for updates on the right side of the window. When the scan finishes, check to see if you have a notification at the top of the top like the one in the image below:.

If you do see it, simply click Download and Install to begin the upgrade process. Another way to upgrade your current OS is through the Installation Assistant. This tool needs to be run on the PC you want to upgrade.

For ARM-based devices, you can use the manual download and installation method. Note: This method will update it to the latest version of Windows 11 available at this time. Download Windows 11 Installation Assistant and execute the package. First, you will need to download and install the PC Health Check app regardless if you are already running Windows The app will now download.

Install the PC Health Check app and see if your system meets the requirements. The tool will now begin to download Windows When finished, restart your computer so it can upgrade to the latest version available. For more details on upgrading to Windows 11, read this Microsoft blog post. Creating a bootable device out of an ISO image is relatively easy. However, we suggest that you create a USB drive as it is more convenient. To begin, plug in your USB flash drive at least 8GB to your computer and make sure that all your data on the USB is backed up since it requires formatting where all previous data is lost.

Now, download Rufus from their website and install it on your computer. Alternatively, you can also download the portable version which does not need any installation. Once downloaded, run Rufus. Select the USB flash drive from the drop-down menu under Device.

Leave the rest of the settings to their default values and click Start. Your Windows 11 bootable USB drive will now be in the making. This step may take a few minutes. Once it is finished, Ready will be displayed with a green bar. You may then close the app. Your bootable drive is now ready and you may proceed to the installation phase using the guide given below. Now that you have created a bootable drive using the ISO file, you can now begin installing Windows First, ensure that your system meets all hardware requirements for Windows Once ensured, connect the Windows 11 bootable USB drive to the computer you want to install it on.

Now, select the edition that you want to install on this device. When selected, click Next. On the next window, check the box to accept the license agreement and click Next. You will now be asked if you want to upgrade your existing OS or perform a custom installation. Since this is a clean and fresh Windows 11 22H2 installation, we will be selecting Custom. Next, you need to create the partitions on your hard drive. Once done, select the volume you wish to install the operating system on and click Next.

Windows 11 will now begin installing on your device. This step may take a few minutes and your device may reboot a few times. Proceed with the on-screen instructions and configure your PC, and you will have successfully installed Windows Learn how to install Windows 11 without an internet connection or without a Microsoft account. Once it finishes, you will be logged into your user account on the all-new Windows 11 PC!

You can now begin installing the relevant software and customizing it according to your liking. Currently, you cannot purchase Windows 11 through a license directly. However, you can purchase a device that comes preinstalled with Windows 11 or a Windows 10 device that is eligible for an automatic update. Yes, you can upgrade it through Windows Update, provided your system meets the minimum hardware requirements. Certain features of Windows 11 require additional hardware like TPM 2.

You will need to ensure your PC compatibility with Windows 11 requirements to enjoy all features of Windows The minimum requirements are to ensure you can run the software. Higher end PCs will be more efficient. Additional requirements may apply over time and for updates. The Windows 11 ISO file is 5. It can take anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes to download depending upon your internet speed. Normally it takes 15 to 30 minutes to install Windows 11, depending upon your hardware specifications.

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WebADK download for Windows Management Tools. Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10 provides new and improved deployment tools for . WebFind and install your Microsoft downloads from Microsoft Store Microsoft Store Microsoft account dashboard Most software that you buy directly from Microsoft, like . WebDiscover the new Windows 11 operating system. Explore Windows 11 features, check device compatibility, and see how to upgrade to our latest Windows OS.