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Os x for windows

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Before firing the virtual machine up, you need to make a few tweaks to the settings. Right-click your macOS virtual machine and select Settings. It still isn't quite time to fire up your macOS Monterey virtual machine. In its current configuration, VirtualBox doesn't work with your macOS disk image. To get it up and running, you have to essentially patch VirtualBox before the macOS virtual machine will function.

To do this, you need to enter some code using the Command Prompt. All the details are below. Start by closing VirtualBox. The commands will not execute properly if VirtualBox or any of its associated processes are running.

If your menu only shows the PowerShell or Windows Terminal option on Windows 11 , type command into your Start menu search bar. Then right-click the Best Match, and select Run as Administrator.

Now, enter the following commands, one by one. Adjust the command to match the name of your virtual machine. For instance, my virtual machine name is macOS Monterey. Here are the commands:. After the completion of the commands and presuming you encountered no errors, close the Command Prompt.

Reopen VirtualBox. Double-click your macOS virtual machine to start it. You will see a long stream of text, followed by the Apple logo. On the next screen, select your language of choice, then Continue. At this point, the installation says it'll take a few minutes. However, in my experience, this isn't correct. The initial installation phase took around 15 minutes, but then you land on a second installation screen after the macOS Monterey virtual machine restarts.

The initial installation time on that screen begins at around 29 minutes. However, once it reaches Less than a minute remaining and you get your hopes upódon't.

It took another two hours for the installation to complete from this point, but I've also read reports of people waiting for upwards of three or four hours. Worse, there is no way to tell if the installation is ongoing or if you're just wasting your time. If you can afford the time, leave it for several hours, and hopefully, when you come back, you'll be staring at the macOS Monterey Welcome page. Once you complete the macOS setup, take a snapshot within VirtualBox.

If anything breaks or the Monterey virtual machine corrupts, you can head back to the snapshot to restore your previously good installation.

But the virtual machine snapshot is just a backup precaution. You can close your macOS virtual machine as you would with your regular computer, as the macOS virtual machine is installed on its own storage device. Prefer VMware over VirtualBox? This part of the tutorial works for Intel and AMD systems. Read through the tutorial to see what this means exactly. Before commencing any further, download the latest version of the patch tool.

Do pay attention. The script whizzes by, and you need to keep watch for any " File not Found " messages. The most common reason for a "file not found" or a "system cannot find the file specified" message is installing VMware Workstation Player in a different location to the default folder and executing the patch from a different directory. There are still some edits to make to configuration files. Featured Videos. Latest Reviews. View All.

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