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Download neat software for mac

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Despite promising to do so, they still have only published a partial fix beta. Clarification: Following criticism from this article, and elsewhere, Neat announced that the last beta release would be rebranded as a final free Mac release. It is unchanged however from their final, still-buggy beta release.

Break free from the Neat-branded scanners, but keep building the desktop apps as an alternative to the cloud. Despite its age, Neat still has one of the better solutions out there. PC sales are not the same as software sales. Maintaining Neat Desktop, and continuing its development, is probably the easiest route to take a depreciating asset, and turn it around into a profitable one.

Realistically, Neat is unlikely to take my advice. The call has been made, and their management would probably seem flip-floppish to investors to pull an about-face, even if it is the best corporate move for Neat Company. I have an old Mac Pro that I can dedicate to using as a document management system.

It can still do other stuff, but it would basically sit with my NeatDesk scanner, forever running OS X El Capitan I do have the partial bugfix working, but others have struggled… particularly with older Neat Desk scanner models. Cons: Much moving stuff around, having to dedicate a system to one task. Long-time Mac developer Mariner Software has Paperless , which is a frontrunner — and it has a Windows version too.

Same dichotomies for the others. All the mobile-first solutions rely on the cloud, and while I get that, they all fail for that reason. It would be non-trivial, but logical, to set up something similar to what Banktivity formerly iBank does with Mac and iOS. I really, really wish there was a document management system that followed that workflow preferably, with Mac and Android support.

I hope at the least this will improve my paperless-office efficiency by co-locating my NeatDesk scanner next to my Mac. Hopefully, someone will soon implement a desktop-and-mobile solution that uses NSD and Bonjour to allow people to scan remotely with mobile devices and sync over LAN to a secure workstation for OCR and sorting. Without costing a fortune. With all the data security topics of this era, some of us do want to rage against the cloud… and rightly so.

See comment s below for details. Not a Mac user but just last night my Neat Desktop Software started to complain that I need to log in in order to sync. Also tried to sign-in on their web site and was told I need to pay for support. Many many complaints about their support.

Your article is the only thing I could find regarding the announcement. I also think that the sync message that keeps showing up is meant to drive us to pay them money and go to the Cloud. I upgraded to Sierra and am sad that I did. I have contacted support for numerous issues and they are clueless. I use it with Sierra. It only wipes out items already in there if you try to Combine two or more receipts, and it crashes.

In that case, it loses totally all the scans except the primary one. My neatfile is pretty huge, and that could also be an issue 7GB single file. Second, the scanner button no longer works, even with driver reloaded, so I have to use the scanner icon or quick key to scan. Previously on PC version, I could scan as fast as it would feed Neat portable scanner and just wait for the processing to catch up.

Now it is painfully slow. Note that the Cloud version shows the folders in a different order than what is on your desktop, but they are all there. But Now that you say that I should start thinking about Switching to Something else before it stops working. Case in point is disqus.

No such luck. Very disappointing. Daniel — Be careful what you wish for. Bud — This is partially why I emphasized the Mac version a lot more.

The PC version relies much more heavily on serial numbers. Your Neat Desk or scanner should have come with one. Great post! I too read the notification on the support page sounding the alarm on no more support for the desktop client. I have at least 3 years of data stored up. For me that is the real issue, when will I lose access to my data when the app no longer works?

Looking for alternatives is becoming a priority and one I can export what I have filed away to. Then the lack of corporate information, you have to go to Bloomberg and facebook just to get a clue. The clincher are employee reviews on Glassdoor.

They are not good and have a common theme. But for now I feel compelled to move to another platform. The question is how do I take what I have with me? If Neat Desktop ever stops working, you can just upload those PDF files individually into a new document management system. Since the files are indexed, you should be able to search through them completely, the OCR content is stored in the PDF too. Great post, thank you. So are you saying I can go into my ND folder and open files, save them as something else, then move them if they are not PDF?

I run Win For those of you that have the same problem, their support site points you to the tools menu to turn the sync off. Bud — Two different issues there. Are you using the latest Neat Desktop app, or the latest Neat app?

The two are different. Christopher — I am using the latest version of the Desktop version. I have never used the cloud or the cloud app.

It then pops up at random times. Unfortunately there is no option in the latest Desktop version 5. Close Neat. Run Neat. Bud — It appears they added a nag mode to the final Windows version. The option to disable sync may be a registry key… so it may be possible to disable the nags in the final build. Probably the easiest route would be to install the next to last version. Also: I just got this in the update log.

Update hangs on my machine, naturally, but at least we got the version history. NET 4 Install value is 1 Registry reports. NET 4 Release value is Checking for running executables. You are probably right about nag mode. Almost leads me to believe they are stored in the database. May be the only way to get them out is to export each PDF so you can load it into another package if Neatworks ever stops working.

I am a windows user windows If anyone has information on getting the data out and backing it up for that rainy day I would appreciate it. Each file has a GUID assigned. Any capable importation software will be able to intake those taxonomies. Then manually export from inside Neat to folders that represent your hierarchy. Finally, import each folder of PDFs into the new doc management software. Mariner Software let me know that Paperless 3 is due out later this year, and they appear to be targeting Neat Desktop refugees with the new version.

Glad to have found this site. I felt like I was the only one out in the cold. Glad to see it is not only me that is unhappy. Well not glad exactly, but I think you know what I mean. I hate what Neat has done. I have been a Neat user on Windows for many years and had just recently installed on Mac because it was so buggy on Windows.

Support talked me into upgrading insisting that I would be a lot happier with the cloud software. But its worthless. I paid for the subscription this year so that I can work on getting my data back into my old desk software.

I did a huge batch scan post upgrade to test it out. But truly at this point I am almost ready to dump Neat altogether. I will have to keep an eye on Paperless. I have high hopes that I can get back to a useful product again. I am so POed about the crap cloud version of Neat! What a joke. I am also having problems with NEAT software! The software continually closes down right after starting up. Still having problems and having made additional contacts with customer support they finally admitted to me that the new software was not even compatible with the latest MAC operating system.

What a way to treat customers! I will be happy to get my files migrated to my PC and stored in a safe place so I can migrate them to a more reliable platform with a company having more business acumen and customer support reliability and honesty. I do NOT want my financial and sensitive documents stored in a cloud, let alone with a company that has already exhibited so much incompetence in executing plans.

Most document management solutions are not cross-compatible between Mac and Windows. Same problem with Paperless and other solutions. To migrate from Neat for Mac, to Neat for Windows, you need to manually drag-and-drop each cabinet of documents into a separate folder on the Desktop.

Finally, drag and drop the folders onto Neat for Windows. You can also use a similar process to migrate away from legacy Neat Desktop. I have had nothing but issues with my Neat system … I have had TWO scanners and now I am totally done with their lackluster software for Mac.

I literally have s of scans that have to be moved and kept organized … right now this is done via folder structure in Neat.

Unless, of course, you have a better suggestion. I submitted a ticked to NEAT and this morning they answered.

They admitted to making an error. Have also downloaded a copy of File Center. You can re-arrange them manually. Will contact File Center to see if there is a way to correct this when scanning. May wait and try Paperless 3. Neat has issued a statement about the log-in nags.

Way to avoid the tough questions, Neat. I too can not or I should say, do not feel comfortable uploading sensitive information to a cloud…any cloud. You mentioned that it saved the files as PDFs. Is that still the case if you saved it under their nbak file system?

BTW thanks for linking to those older versions, it was a life saver. Also, the link you gave for the el capitan beta seems to be dead, does anyone have a link to it? Chris, I agree, great post! I have been a user of the Neat desktop application on the Mac for 10 years. I have nearly 10, documents scanned using it.

My new scanner looks and feels just like the old one, but now it has a different model number. I have a nasty feeling that this was an unnecessary upgrade just to force me to spend some money with Neat.

The software crashes regularly. The scanner cannot be found, etc. I could go on and on! However, this is fundamentally good software. Neat are walking away from a loyal customer base for those looking for cloud storage.

But the very worst part is that Neat are leaving their loyal customers in the lurch. The current software Windows apparently and Mac is just not robust. It just feels like they are giving up? Wow, great post. Came across this thinking that I was just not finding the correct way to upgrade my software.

I was pushed to this because like the prior post buy Mark Pincott, I was needing a new scanner. Not because mine was bad, but because it was the wrong model number. I saw the obvious cash grab and have been using my own version of your Plan A to avoid getting a new scanner. I had no idea they were dumping the software support. I really want to find my own version of a Plan B.

I want to find something that I can go to that is likely to keep getting support and import all of my Neat scans into. Again, thanks for the article. Kept me from taking the plunge and buying a new version of the Neat scanner. The ADF is very fast, and with the latest Epson firmware , it works with legacy Neat Desktop over the network perfectly.

I link shared folders on my Mac Host on the Virtual Machines so that their output is immediately accessible to the rest of my Mac — and even various versions of Windows in their own virtual machines [I use Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10 simultaneously]. Essentially it is frozen in time but completely usable. I bought Neat Desktop for my home about 5 years ago and never used it much because the scanner kept jamming. I probably should have taken it back.

Spent too much money on it to let it collect dust. But, I happened to have a ScanSnap ix at the office that I love but never used it with Neat software. Well, fast forward to I just went through an IRS audit. The ScanSnap scanner works so much better than the Neat scanner. After scanning thousands of receipts and important docs, I was not a happy camper to discover that Neat was no longer going to offer the Neat Desktop software.

What a mistake. I, like so many others, refuse to use the Cloud for sensitive documents. So, I did some more research and found out that the ScanSnap has a receipt software that comes with the software package. It has some pretty cool features. I am a Mac user El Capitan. Should I upgrade? Do I lose functionality if I do?

With Neat 4. I do have an old Time Machine collecting dust at the office. Maybe I should hook it up. But many are having issues with the Neat Desk scanner itself, even with the final El Capitan version. I would definitely upgrade, as v4.

Time Machine is by far the easiest way to back up, especially since Neat Desktop uses OS X containers — so the backups will be incremental, rather than re-backing up the entire file with each small change.

Great article! I like many here refuse to pay a monthly fee to store my receipts in the cloud. If I did need to, I would use something drop box or the numerous other cloud based storage that is already out there and free. Neat, if you are watching this site, please know that you are leaving a portion of your loyal customer base by the wayside. If Cloud based services are your main goal, then at least provide a paid desktop software for the rest….

I just had to wipe my laptop and had moved my database to an external for storage not realizing that I could no longer download the software as easily as before and just re-import. Thank you thank you thank you! How can you have a financial system that can scan receipts and invoices and business cards but not checks? And now they do make that available, but only in the cloud version. But it basically does what I need it to do, which is be a compact desktop scanner.

If it could process checks, I would have been very happy 5 years ago. Now, too jaded. I loved my NEAT and think it was tacky of the company to abandon us after we became so dependent on it. Hello Christopher, This article is on point and well done. I thank you for it. It has allowed me to see I am not alone in the way I feel Neat has treated me all of us desktop users. Nonetheless, I had been searching for 3rd party software that could run the Neat scanners, and that is how I found your site.

It is a shame we the consumers are left out on the cold. Because the scanner came with decent software, was the only reason why I purchase more than one scanner. Now it has proven to had been a mistake. Great post. First on the PC and now on the Mac. I get many of these comments regarding not wanting their data on the cloud. The last few months have been very frustrating because their sync process on the 4. Trying to get the sync to work.

Trying to get the cloud up to date with my desktop. The support person failed to make it happen. The only alternative I was given was to export several thousand receipts most of what I use the software for to PDFs and then import them into the Cloud version. First, the process of import is not only slow, it just stops working after a while!

I started a folder with items in it yesterday afternoon. Then there are my concerns about the functionality of the Cloud based product. I feel like I just went from Microsoft Word to Notepad.

What a joke! Major steps back in capability. Forcing people onto a platform that they are uncomfortable with. And a non-existent upgrade path. Neat for Mac may appear to run on Sierra, but you start getting NS errors right from launch.

The OCR and document import processes totally crash. So my personal plan for now is to just leave the Mac Pro on El Capitan and wait for other options like Paperless 3 to debut.

I went so far as to install a VM with El Capitan and Neat, import my library, then upgrade the VM to Sierra to make sure everything still worked properly. It did, so I upgraded my primary desktop and tossed the VM. I found this after losing several months worth of expense report receipts!

My workaround is to combine the imported documents, export the newly combined document to a PDF, delete it, then re-import the freshly exported single PDF. That seems to keep the multiple pages. What a hassle…. I constantly worry that the analyzer or indexer is going to just lose stuff at random. After years of using Neat desktop, with all of my business and personal receipts scanned, two days ago I discovered that the legacy app has a bug that prevents me from seeing past page 1 on multi-page receipts ie bank statements.

I found the same problem and they filed a bug report, but nothing else has been done about it. My workaround:. I and the rest of the members of my company have been using Neat Desktop for years. We also have the cloud version, and have the Desktop version syncing to the cloud account. Several days ago, the Desktop version stopped syncing to our cloud account.

For us this is a critical event in that we work on a global basis, and while in countries such as China, we cannot access the cloud. And I can tell you that this is a real threat. By using the Desktop version but with the syncing function not turned on, we were able to keep up to date with our receipts.

Then when we got back to the States we were able to sync to the cloud. Discontinuing the Desktop version and only providing a cloud version, is shortsighted and for us dangerous.

And for Neat, it is stupid in that they are forgetting the customer and their needs. Clearly in this case, they have not thought out all of the ramifications, both short and long term, for themselves and their customers.

I used to be the head of high tech lending for a major national association bank, including handling loan workouts. This failure led to the government recommending that everyone drop the software including all of the subcontractors that worked with the government. Any suggestions? Misery loves company. When I went to download the file was when I discovered it was now a cloud only solution. Just no. I want my documents local and with in my control.

I archive off past years and have a backup service. I started with neat mobile on windows, went to neat desk and now use neat connect. I still have all three scanners, but rely mostly on the connect at home, and mobile while on travel. The neat cloud and neat connect allows him to scan receipts and bills which I can easily pull down and access via the neat cloud with my desktop software signed into his account.

The cloud based software allows me to see whats in the cloud, while the desktop software allows me to better manipulate the receipts and data, at least while the synch works.

That has been the primary problem. The neat cloud software, however, is slow, poor, and has lost functionality. I can no longer combine receipts, delete pages from receipts, or duplicate receipts.

These are functions I routinely use to manage my archives. Even zooming in to view receipts on the cloud based software is difficult to manage and view. The cloud synch in the desktop software, while not perfect, provides a much quicker process.

My problem has been synch errors which essentially lock out the synch process. There is no way to recover without contacting customer support, and it usually involves building a new local library. My library is currently over 20GB which takes quite a bit of time to rebuild.

I believe tech support is able to reset the cloud side to an initial synch which then just replicates the cloud to the desktop library. It would certainly be helpful if Neat provided that option by logging into your cloud account online. While before you were able to select the page to view in the bookmarks to the right, you can no longer select them or move them.

Great article and thanks for doing this… Finally, someone else is going through the same pains as I with Neat. Just bought two Neat desktops from Staples to give to my sons as they need to get their bills organized. This is not the way you treat your customers or clients…. Because they are not a trusted source …. Still looking for an alternative!!! I lost a lot of old documents locked into a format that nothing would open. I did your Plan A for awhile but time moves on and it breaks down and becomes impossible to maintain.

All you manage to do is get more documents stored that you will possibly lose access to. I blame this all on Adobe for pushing this Cloud idea and making people pay every month and never really own your software. Thanks for the great resource for Neat Desktop users! Had to abandon their scanner hardware years ago after every document was skewed left or right by a bit due to the sloppy paper feed but I still have the scanner if anyone needs an extra.

All my issues are with the quirks in the software, such as the very slow OCR speeds. But these are minor because I am not a heavy user of the product. I was just curious why the software had not offered to updated itself like most modern Mac apps do.

Since I am a software engineer, I am tempted to start an open source replacement project, although replicating all the functionality would be a huge undertaking. I am curious what features are most valuable to others, but in any case I suppose the first task is to reverse engineer the database schema of the NRMData.

The integration with my Fujitsu Snapscan is seamless and the built-in OCR seems like a step up from Neat Desktop, at least in performance. However, I do not think it is tailored for tabulating receipts — it seems more for general purpose document management. Paperless might be better for receipts. I have no other affiliation with them except as a satisfied customer. The goal is to make it easy to drag-and-drop the resulting folder structures into tools like DEVONthink and Paperless.

I will post again when it is ready on Github. I have noticed a general theme with most of the comments regarding having documents in the cloud. My original reasons were for document security but that faded once I realized the futility of my aims , low latency access, and availability no internet service means no document access.

Now my reasons for the latter two; low latency access and availability. Both are still very important to me. However the first concern: Security, is no longer reasonable to fret about because my security has already been compromised by everyone else. A close friend has your address but he also has a really bad password so your address gets stolen when his machine or address book in the cloud gets compromised.

So because of their carelessness YOU become the victim. Most people do not realize that whether they like it or not, they are already in the cloud. They were forced to do so in order to compete with similar businesses in their area of focus. So you are already in the cloud whether you like it or not. You had no choice in this matter. They decided for you.

Most cloud providers have someone whose job is to secure the network and data resources. So believing you are safe because you keep all your documents on your own personal computer is erroneous. I had an interesting conversation with a partner in a company that provides services for a well known social network and he said.

They already know everything about you and have for more than ten years. Another interesting conversation I had was with a temp employee who was working for a major bank scanning Mortgage Loan Documents. This would be too tempting for someone who was vulnerable and the truth is this has already happened in the United States with server administrators or individuals who have access to a server admins credentials.

You create the file. Password protect it. Then copy it to the cloud. When you open it in the cloud you are prompted for your password, the disk image opens on your Mac and you are able to access your documents knowing that no one else can read them in transit because not only is the.

To a small extent. While we are told the encryption is secure, how do we know for sure? We have to trust them. The reality being that if they did give additional keys to law enforcement or government, do you think they would admit it?

As far as Neat Corp. They are listed on this page:. I would start with Michael Crincoli the president of the company but I would also send a copy to the other officers listed on the page. These are the guys that need to hear from you. This might be the only way to get the company to address your concerns. As it is in the world leaders always emerge and soon acquire smaller players and sometimes competitors.

I think we are a couple of years away from that happening in the consumer document management business sector. However, you might also want to send copies of the same letter to their competitors in this area. Doing so reminds them they are competing against other worthy companies and the other companies might just decide to create a product that does exactly what Neat Desktop Software does and not only that, they may design the software so that it will directly import the Neat Software database library file.

So you win either way. I bought it with the small bar scanner but eventually upgraded to the Scansnap Si which is great for Neat and a whole bunch of other uses found box of old photo snapshots into iPhoto?

Neat has always given me reason to question their business practices. The final straw was when using the legacy desktop version, I would dump in a ton of receipts, analyze them and then go to clean them up. I did a quick check of the ScanSnap Receipts and it is straightforward and simple. It looks like a simple database app with a quickly sketched front end. Paperless does offer a discount if you move from another solution to theirs. You have to email them for a code or something. Running Neat Desktop on Sierra can corrupt your imported documents.

It does occasionally crash, but other than that it seems to work fine. I had been experiencing problems with my Neat scanner for some time, but I also use SnapScan which I prefer My desktop quit syncing, however. I also drag copies from the Neat folders when it is open, into dropbox and on my HD. I detest using cloud. The older versions of Neat have potential corruption issues when running on Sierra. Everything may appear fine… but the database corruption can happen without warning.

At a minimum, run Time Machine before and after each use. What a mess this is becoming…. Bottom line, Neat officially says not to run legacy Neat Desktop on Sierra and based on my tests… I totally agree. Christopher, just wanted to add my two cents based on personal horrors with Neat software and having read through some but not all of these posts: the Neat Cloud-Powered solution HAS been a problem for me on Sierra and earlier from day one!!!

The cloud app crashes after 5 or 10 seconds, every time, since late — it is completely unusable for me. I became so frustrated with the hours of troubleshooting and horrendous Philippine outsourced tech support and three months of deaf ears from Corporate Customer Service in Philadelphia, that I finally lodged a Better Business Bureau complaint immediately after leaving two voice mails for The Neat Company President, Michael Crincoli.

We arranged to speak the following week and I had a lengthy minute conversation with Jeff on March He said that a solution resolving the issue was in regression testing and would likely be released by the end of March. He also committed to dealing with the broader poor customer service issues. I wanted to thank you for such a good post. I have a mac at home, a Windows box at work, and when I purchase things out and about, the only tool at my disposal is my iPhone.

Thank you again for sharing your insights. Windows 10 sometimes uses helpers to install older software not built for Windows Neat 5. Currently I have a two-step solution. While Paperless today is not great for scanning, it is excellent for archival and sorting documents. Tried Paperless. Mariner is working on Paperless 3 right now, which is a major rewrite. Neat created a monopoly in the semi-premium offline document management market. It will take awhile for the other solutions to fill that void.

Thanks for the reviews of Paperless Juliet and Louis. I am trying to be patient waiting for the next Paperless version in order to start testing a new solution.

I also went back to my old version that I had still installed and have stopped syncing online entirely, despite the fact that I paid for the year. Your document plan limit has been reached. Invoicing - Payments. Invoicing Basics in Neat. Folder Management in Neat. Accounting Reporting.

Neat Trial FAQ. Neat Plan FAQ. Invoicing - Online Payments. Onboarding Checklist. File Cabinet Reporting in Neat. NeatFiles FAQ. Adjustments in Neat. Starting Balances in Neat. My Categories. Getting Started - Managing Finances in Neat. Suggested Transaction Matching in Neat. Demo Data in Neat. Monthly Review. Insights in Neat. Vendor Mapping. Assets and Liabilities in Neat. Files in Neat. Sharing Accounts in Neat. How to Pay your Invoice sent from Neat. Sign In with Google. Combine and Separate Items in Neat.

Bulk Edit in Neat. Business Profile in Neat. Split Transactions in Neat. Import Items into Neat. Sharing Folders in Neat. Filtering in Neat. Mileage in Neat. Cash on Hand. Transaction Streaming Connection Errors. Emailing Items from Neat. Collecting an Item ID in Neat. Multi-Account User Access. Sign-In Options. Set Currency in Neat. Manage Grid Columns in Neat. Neat Mobile App Overview. Mobile Subscriptions. File Cabinet in the Neat Mobile App. Invoicing in the Neat Mobile App. Mobile Monthly Review Experience.

Capture Items with the Neat Mobile App. Transactions in the Neat Mobile App. Biometric Sign-in. Searching in the Neat Mobile App.

Troubleshoot Google Sign-In Issues. Neat Downloads. Print to Neat - Windows. Print to Neat - Mac. Install Neat Scan Utility for the Desktop. Neat and macOS 12 Monterey. Troubleshooting "Error uploading. Retrying in 60 seconds.

Improving Image Quality on Neat Scanners. Troubleshooting "Scanner Not Connected" Message. Raven Original and Pro Scanners. Scan with 3rd Party Scanners. Certified 3rd Party Scanners. ScanSnap iX Fujitsu ScanSnap S Fujitsu fi Canon DR-C Kodak ScanMate iWN. Kodak ScanMate i Canon PII. Canon DR-M Canon DR-F Ambir ImageScan Pro ix. Ambir ImageScan Pro i. Brother DSDW. Brother ADSW. Panasonic KV-SC. Integrate QuickBooks Desktop. Unable to Send to QuickBooks Desktop.

Integrate QuickBooks Online. Integrate Campaign Monitor. Integrate Constant Contact. Integrate Google Contacts.

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WebApr 4,  · The neat cloud and neat connect allows him to scan receipts and bills which I can easily pull down and access via the neat cloud with my desktop software signed . WebAug 5,  · Neat Download Manager is a free download manager and accelerator for macOS that downloads files using a dynamic segmentation algorithm. It supports HTTP, . WebMay 21,  · Neat Image for Mac can be downloaded from our software library for free. Our built-in antivirus checked this Mac download and rated it as % safe. The .