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Discovery attender download

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Value for money. Verified reviewer. Company size: employees. Time used: Less than 2 years. Discovery Attender was a huge help. Overall, I have become very comfortable using DA.

This has become my goto package for most searches I need to perform. Discovery Attender was an invaluable resource during a big document discovery project. I was very beneficial to search multiple data stores including the file system and email pst files in one search. The flexibility of the keyword listing was very nice as well as the other criteria that you can specify.

Perhaps one of the biggest pluses was the support I received when first starting up. Executive provided me some orientation training and was there to help with any questions I had using it for the first time. I have used the project since then for discovery projects as well as searches requested by my users. The only "con" I had was this was not a product to install and then just start using it.

Initially it seemed like it was fairly complex. Once I had the orientation training and was able to ask a few questions, it was very easy to use. This software isn't for everyone. That one email with "diversity" in its subject? Honestly, it's not going to be very hard to find, is it You just need to get logged in and get it over with. If that's a typical search for you, then there's no need to continue. Discovery Attender can do jobs like that, but that's not why it exists.

But if you're reading this, I'll bet that's not your typical search. I'll bet you've got at least 3 terms, a 4 year date range, and 5 to 7 different mailboxes to comb through. Oh and don't forget each of those users has server-based email, plus multiple personal folders on their hard drives. And perhaps this time, you even need to search their My Documents folder, and SharePoint sites.

Now you're in Discovery Attender's neighborhood. And life is about to get a whole lot better. To explain: a few years back, I was just like you. I opened Outlook, I typed my search term in the box, waited impatiently, and then frowned at all those results. I had a pad of paper next to my desk with a grid drawn on it.

Each user, each term, each and every data source, a check-box. It was slow, it was boring, and it was prone to mistakes. Not the best environment when lawyers are involved. Then, our company purchased this software and my searches were quite literally revolutionized, overnight. I found myself looking forward to taking this muscle-car of a program for a spin. I'd define the terms, set a date range, and point Discovery Attender at the specific mailboxes and PSTs involved.

Once setup was complete, I'd fire up the search and head home to relax. Upon coming back to work the next morning, my results would be waiting for me in one easy-to-manage location. Or course it's not all rainbows. If a PST is corrupted, or password protected, you'll find an icon indicating part of the search was unable to complete. You'll have to manually repair, or unlock those troubled files. But then asking DA to run a follow-up search is a right-click away. Bottom line: if you know e-Discovery, Discovery Attender is going to help you do it faster, easier, and with greater transparency.

The software's cost is much less than the days it saves me every year. And I couldn't be happier with the customer support we've received from Sherpa over the last 10 years. You know you don't want to be "thinking about it" when that next e-Discovery deadline pops up. Get to know these guys today! Indonesia has one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia with some top startups that should be watched throughout There are currently over 2, Singapore is one of the shining stars in the Asia, the city-state has one of the most advanced and fast-growing economies in the world.

Contact us: [email protected]. Become our partner. Have a story. Startup Stash. List A Product. Discovery Attender for eDiscovery Software. Visit Website Share. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Link. Share Visit Website. Product Details Any kind or size company can make use of its features, which include compliance management, investigative searches, and electronic discoveries, and can do all of these things.

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