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12th science chemistry book pdf download

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General Principles and Process of Isolation of Elements. Coordination Compounds. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes. Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids. Organic Compounds. Chemistry in Everyday Life. Chemistry is one of the essential subjects for board examinations. A wide variety of concepts and questions are included in NCERT 12th chemistry, which we have covered in our respective sections.

In any NCERT 12 chemistry book, students will find topics such as organic chemistry, acids and bases. Questions are mostly asked from these chapters.

Students studying this are expected to have an edge over their peers in both board examinations as well as other entrance exams. Solid State Chemistry generally deals with the properties and internal structures of molecules and compounds. Compounds can be divided into many groups based on the concepts of solid-state. Solid-state chemistry also fuses key concepts with solid-state physics, metallurgy, crystallography and electronics due to their wide area of impact.

Another important Class 12 chemistry chapter is solutions. A solution is defined as a homogenous blend which is made by mixing two or more solutes and solvents. The element dissolved is called solute while the medium in which it is dissolved is called the solvent.

One of the most universally used solvents is water. Major topics covered in this chapter include solutions and their types, concentration and solubility of various solids and gases in liquids. A favourite topic for most examiners and a crucial chapter in the NCERT Class 12 chemistry textbook, electrochemistry is the conjoined study of electronics and chemistry. It determines if an electric current has been produced due to a chemical reaction and vice versa. Such an electric current is produced when electrons travel to and from between the electrode and the electrolyte.

Chemical kinetics is the branch of chemistry in which the rates of different chemical reactions are studied. It elaborates on how different experimental conditions such as temperature, reaction medium or usage of catalysts can affect the speed with which reactions usually take place.

While a reaction is taking place, the intermediate states, before the final product which is created, are also studied. Many mathematical calculations regarding rate calculation are also highlighted in the Class 12 chemistry NCERT book PDF, which should be practised rigorously by students.

Surface chemistry, along with surface physics, deals with the chemical and physical changes on the surfaces which results in when two different states of matter come in contact. Solid-liquid interfaces, solid-vacuum interfaces and liquid-gas interfaces are some of the most common areas where research takes place.

Applications of surface chemistry are studied as surface engineering. This is an important chapter in the NCERT Chemistry Class 12 PDF, students should have a brief idea of the adsorption of liquids and gases, which is a common theme in surface chemistry.

Many elements like gold, silver, carbon and Sulphur are present in the form of ores along with a plethora of other elements, which are then isolated with the help of chemical reactions.

These forms of element isolation have to be feasible enough to be performed under laboratory conditions. Different blocks of the periodic table are named differently by scientists based on their electronic configuration. Following those rules, the elements present in groups 13 to 18 are called p-block elements and have a general configuration ns2np P-Block elements contain all three types of elements metals, nonmetals and metalloids and are the only group to have so.

Similar to p-block elements, d and f-block elements are found in nature and included in the periodic table. D-block ranges from groups 3 to 12 and starts with the 4th period. They are transition elements, between the highly electropositive elements in groups 1 and 2 and the weakly electropositive elements of groups 13 to The f-block elements usually appear as a footnote in the standard column periodic table and contain metals of periods 6 and 7.

A vital topic in the NCERT Chemistry Class 12 PDF, coordination compounds are those compounds which have a metal ion in their centre called coordination centre with ions of other elements joined with the centre ion, called ligands. The bonds between the metallic ion and its ligands are coordinated covalent bonds and are an area of prolonged study.

Two types of hydrocarbons aliphatic and aromatic when forming bonds with halogen compounds, are called haloalkanes and haloarenes respectively. These halogen ions, due to their strong electronegativity, replace the hydrogen atoms in organic molecules and form such compounds.

The 12th NCERT chemistry PDF also mentions how the halogen atoms attach to the sp3 hybridised carbon in alkyl groups, while for aryl groups, they do so with the sp2 hybridized carbon. Such compounds are of particular importance and used in various ways in our day to day lives. One of the key topics in organic chemistry, alcohols and phenols are formed when an -OH group, respectively replace hydrogen atoms in aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Alcohols and phenols find extensive usage in our daily lives and are a major constituent inside the food we eat. Ethers are compounds where the hydrogen atoms are replaced by an alkoxy R-O or aryloxy Ar-O group. Ethers are used in making fragrances. When carbon and hydrogen are attached to the carbonyl group, they are called aldehydes. Therefore, the given resources aid students in their preparation and study.

These free textbooks will not only aid in solving the various kind of questions related to Chemistry rather provides students the guidance in clearing their board exams too. With the help of this given textbook, students can early start their preparation for the board exams and clear their doubts very easily.

Chemistry textbook of Maha board class 12th can help students to build their strong foundational knowledge in the subject that will help them in tackling the complex questions. With the use of this PDF version of the book, they can revise their studied topics and practice a plethora of questions. These books are available in a chapter-wise format that follows a pattern given in HSC Class 12 Syllabus.

Getting proper knowledge in this subject will help students to choose a proper career later. It is because every year the official releases the Maha std 12 Model Papers. It gives students an idea of how their board exam question paper will be going to look like.

However solving model papers are great but sometimes students lack in solving a few questions. After that process, they can move further and try to re-attempt the model papers. On Selfstudys. Students can choose the resources as per their needs.

Get Free Study materials For all classes. To Build Basics Stronger and Bolder. Sign in with Google. Checked checkbox. Create your account. Sign Up with Google. Forget Password. Send Password Reset Link. Login Now. Maharashtra Punjab Rajasthan Tamilnadu Jharkhand. Krotov Solution Evergreen Science. Physics Chemistry Maths. Physics Chemistry Biology.

Solid State. Ionic Equilibria. Chemical Thermodynamics. Chemical Kinetics.

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Due to this, you are going to get a lot of help while experimenting. Whether you are giving the 12th board exam from any board, in all you have to give practical exams in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. And these Marks are added to the Total Score. We all know that to get admission to a good university, you have to work hard in 12th. You get admission to a college only on the basis of marks obtained in 12th. That is, to get admission to a good college, you need to work very hard in 12th, as well as practical exams also play an important role in this because it is in your hands to score marks in the written exam of a subject.

But in practical, the marks completely depend on the examiner. That is, if your marks in the written exam do not come as per your wish, then you can apply for rechecking, but if you get fewer marks in your practical, then you will not be able to apply for rechecking, so you should make your practical notebook carefully. At the time of the Chemistry practical exam, you are given a copy, in which you have to do practical. The step-wise explanations provided for each concept help students understand the topics effortlessly.

The diagrams in each topic promote visual learning, which is important from the exam perspective. Post Comment. Did not receive OTP?

Register For Free. Share Share Share Call Us. Download Now. A top. Unit 1 The Solid State. Unit 2 Solutions. Unit 3 Electrochemistry. Unit 4 Chemical Kinetics. Unit 5 Surface Chemistry. Unit 7 The p-Block Elements. Unit 8 The d- and f-Block Elements. Unit 9 Coordination Compounds. Unit 10 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes. Unit 11 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers.

Unit 12 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids. Unit 13 Amines. Unit 14 Biomolecules.

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