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Acne free in 3 days pdf download

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That is where the true power for change and healing takes place. Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings, help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyses reviews to verify trustworthiness. Tired of fighting your acne?

Worried about how you look and the prospect of scarring? You are not stuck with your blemishes, pimples, or zits! This book is considered by many to be the bible on how to stop acne naturally without harsh products, expensive and sometime dangerous medications.

Did you know recent studies have shown foods like altered dairy and sugar to breakouts. In fact, even the very products you are using to treat your acne could actually be causing it! The methods in this book work fast and help get skin clear permanently. Chapter after chapter gives solid advice backed up by scientific studies to help you have beautiful acne free skin.

Written by radio and television personality Chris Gibson, the book shares his 15 year acne battle story along with solid things you can do to get clear skin just like he did.

Right now the book is discounted to help make if affordable to all who want some answers to their most daunting skin problems. Previous page. Print length. Sticky notes. On Kindle Scribe. Publication date. File size. Page Flip. Word Wise. Enhanced typesetting. See all details. Next page. About the author Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations.

Chris Gibson. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Read more Read less. Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings, help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Filter reviews by English German. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top review from Germany. Translate all reviews to English.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Wenn es wie bei mir der Fall ist dass sich nach Monaten gar nichts tut. Translate review to English. Single Munch-food Items About Overweight Dieting Set-point Weight What Foods To Eat Utilizing Body-fat Most Efficiently The Glycogen Method About Working Out If you consume food from plant or animal origin without having fully acted upon all the regarding recommendations in this book, we are in no way responsible for any adverse effects on your health.

Don't you want to know why you have cellulite, but some women don't? They tell you that it is because of the fat, but you know plenty of skinny women who have cellulite too. And you hardly eat fat foods. You have tried all commercial treatments, but your cellulite did not go away. The reason: Something caused the cellulite, and no matter what pills you swallow, what cream you use or what massage or treatment they give you, it will never take away the cause. If you want to eliminate cellulite, you have to take away the cause.

In this book is explained how cellulite is caused, and how you can eliminate cellulite by preventing the uptake of the substances that cause cellulite. To eliminate cellulite totally, you need to adapt your diet. And that is all it takes: no creams, no massage-machines, and no products that you need to buy.

You will be eating lots of fruits, but also some food from animal origin, and you can still enjoy some delicious 'munch-foods' daily. If you stick to this diet, your cellulite will be drastically decreased after 2 months, but it can take up to a year to totally eliminate extremely severe cellulite.

Acne is not at all restricted to puberty. Acne is not due to dirt in your pores, and you therefore cannot eliminate acne by the use of cleansing lotions. In acne inflammations are caused by the accumulation of sebum in the skin due to pinched off sebum canals. The reason why not that many people have acne is because it also requires a high sebum production; only if much sebum is produced will the pinched off sebum canals make your skin clog.

How much sebum is produced is individually different and regulated by hormones. But there is nothing wrong with the hormones that regulate your sebum production; studies have shown that in acne metabolism of these hormones is does not have to be impaired at all.

There is also nothing wrong with a high sebum production; it keeps your outer skin flexible if it reaches the surface. Doctors can give you hormones that decrease your natural sebum production, but their effect is only temporary and can even have adverse long-term effects and severe side-effects. The only sensible thing to do is to target the cause.

The cause is that in acne the sebum canals are pinched off, which blocks the deportation of sebum. There is nothing wrong with your sebum production, it is just that the pinching off makes it accumulate in your skin, causing inflammations. In this book is explained how this exactly happens, and how you can totally eliminate acne by preventing the uptake of the food-substances that make your skin pinch off sebum canals. Back to the 'Contents' page Introduction to the cause of acne About the cause, and how to eliminate acne No More Overweight We are increasingly becoming fatter.

And because we do so rapidly, you already know that the claim that obesity is genetically determined is false since our great-grandparents were not obese, and that is where the genes came from.

Of course pharmaceutical companies love to sell us drugs that can 'compensate for our genetic shortcomings', but genetically determined obesity is extremely rare. So, that you have to buy their diet products.

And if that doesn't work, you must conclude that your overweight is 'obviously' genetically determined But Americans and the English consume less fat than people in major European countries, while the Americans and English are fatter. In fact, if you maintain a diet that is very low in sugars and fat, you are telling your body that there is a lack of the right foods, which stimulates your body to hold on to your spare energy and to increase its appetite for anything possibly edible.

You can try to fight your body, but even if your willpower is extremely strong, you can never win over your body's needs and have peace. And if you start working out, you will burn much more sugars and just a little bit more fat than before; the share of fat in total energy expenditure will be lower. When you are done exercising and you have used up the energy, you will have burned far less body-fat than if you would have utilized that same quantity of energy by low- energy activities like walking or shopping.

The harder you work out, the less body-fat is utilized, but more sugars, and you therefore will be more hungry. The good part is that your body wants to lose the extra weight, and will do so if you don't make it too hard on your body; by nature every animal including humans tends to weigh the optimum weight the set-point weight.

Your body will automatically lose weight if you are helping instead of fighting your body. We did not become overweight overnight. We did not become overweight because we eat far too much. We gained weight over the years by eating a little bit too much almost every day. We did so because we daily eat food that contains chemicals that interfere with the metabolism of the hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate our appetite.

Our food contains chemicals that enhance our appetite. These chemicals are not there by accident; they are contained in so-called 'taste enhancers' which do not really 'enhance taste', but increase appetite, and are even physically addictive. If you diminish uptake of these 'taste enhancers' and other physically addictive chemicals in our food, you prevent them from impairing the system that naturally maintains your ideal weight.

And if you do not fight your body by refraining from sugars and fat, you will not alarm your body to increase its appetite and to hold on to your fat-deposits. And if you also learn how to prevent disposition of new body fat, and how to utilize body fat most effectively, you will lose your overweight, naturally and lastingly.

Your weight should be determined by nature, not by the food-industry. The Use of Fire One of the most significant changes early man made was when we discovered how to use fire. Why was it so significant? Thanks to the use of fire we could survive in colder regions.

Thanks to the use of fire we could eat grains because heat kills those enzymes that inhibit their digestion, making the fiber easier to digest. Grains can be stored and eaten all year around. Because grains cultured on a limited piece of land can feed many mouths, humans did not need to constantly move on to other areas in a continuing search for ripe fruits.

Feeding was much easier so not everyone was needed for the gathering of sufficient food. People started to live in larger communities; cities arose and cultures rapidly developed. Unfortunately, there are also downsides to the use of fire for food.

Heat can cause different components to react upon each other. And so it happens in food. Due to the influence of heat some molecules in our food are changed or react upon other molecules to form new ones. Due to the influence of heat: - dietary cholesterol partially changes into oxycholesterols, which can cause vascular diseases see www.

Nutrients are destroyed and new harmful substances are formed in all animal or vegetable foods that are heated in whatever way. But what does this have to do with cellulite and acne? Altered Protein Dietary protein is partially damaged in the preparation process cooking, freezing, etc. Protein molecules interact with dietary carbohydrates, forming new molecules. This process is called "the Maillard reaction". When you cook an egg or fry potato slices, you can clearly see those molecular changes.

The egg white turns white, and fried potato slices are crunchy and are locally browned. To explain the exact cause of cellulite and acne, we have to tell you a bit more about protein and we will use potato protein as an example: Potato protein is comprised of 18 different amino acids, mostly linked in long protein-chains.

Methionine is one such an essential amino acid. What does this mean? Protein Digestion Each protein in plants and animals consists of up to 18 different amino acids linked to each other - up to thousands per protein in total.

Some examples: Pepsin separates phenylalanine and tyrosine from other amino acids, and splits off leucine and glutamic acid residues. Trypsin splits off arginine and lysine at the carboxyl-end from other amino acids.

Chymotrypsin splits off tryptophan, phenylalanine and tyrosine at the carboxyl-end from other amino acids. Papain separates lysine from leucine, arginine or glycine. In the intestinal mucosa, carboxypeptidase splits off amino acids from one end, and aminopeptidase does so from the other end of the peptides.

But these enzymes can do their job only if the targeted part of the protein exactly matches the enzyme's job description. If heat has changed the molecular structure of one of the amino acids that an enzyme must separate, these linked amino acids do not match the enzyme's target and they will remain unseparated.

Imagine a protein like a chain of differently colored balls amino acids. Each enzyme is designed to separate one or a few at the most specific combination s of amino acids. For example: "the yellow-red enzyme" can only separate the yellow balls from the red ones, but if a yellow ball has a blue stain, this yellow ball is not recognized as an entirely yellow ball anymore, and the specific enzyme cannot separate this ball from other balls.

Scientific research has shown that a substantial percentage of the amino acids in ingested food remain unseparated. It has been known for over 25 years that even complete protein-molecules can be absorbed from the intestine.

If they were correct, Hartnup Disease patients could never survive. No human being can live without sufficient tryptophan, but these children grow up relatively normal. Apparently they absorb sufficient linked amino acids containing tryptophan, which is liberated only after the peptide has been absorbed into the blood or lymph. Okay, so after digestion many partially damaged amino acids are still linked to other amino acids.

What happens next? Free amino acids are absorbed into the blood and transported to all our organs where they can be immediately utilized for re construction purposes. But the blood cannot absorb larger molecules like peptides amino acids still linked to each other very well. Therefore there is an alternative transport system: the lymph-system.

Lymph is like blood but without the red blood cells. Lymph transports protein and other nutrients just as blood does, but lymph is transported at a much lower speed than blood. Lymphatics are especially designed to absorb these larger molecules like peptides.

This function of the lymph is important because even raw food is not always completely digested. To digest the food that is consumed, the digestive tract needs to be supplied with lots of fatty acids for energy and oxygen by the blood.

And there is also more blood required to transport the absorbed nutrients. But when we are physically active, more blood is directed towards muscles, and less remains for the intestines. Digestion can therefore not be complete if there is physical action immediately after food consumption.

That is why it is not healthy to walk and eat, or eat and then swim or any other physical activity directly after eating. If digestion is incomplete more peptides remain. These peptides are only gradually decomposed by enzymes in the lymph, blood and different organs. The eventually free amino acids can then be utilized for re construction purposes. Part of this absorbed protein consists of Maillard-reaction products and partially oxidized peptides.

Organs can use the individual amino acids, but not the Maillard- reaction products and partially oxidized peptides. And since the skin is 'the final destination for the lymph-express', the protein that is not used by other organs like the Maillard reaction products and peptides ends up in the skin.

The 'lymph-express empties its cargo in the skin' to return to the digestive tract and the liver and pick up new 'cargo'. If it did not do so, a great deal of the valuable nutrients would not be absorbed and utilized.

But why is this redundant protein incl. Maillard reaction products and peptides not broken down instead of transported to the skin? All protein can be broken down and utilized for energy. If blood-sugar level is low, free amino acids can be easily converted into available energy for example.

But the breakdown of redundant protein the larger molecules is a very delicate process. The reason: all perfectly functioning cells contain some protein. Old and damaged cells must be decomposed to be replaced by new ones, but the breakdown of perfectly functioning cells must be avoided at all times. Decomposition of protein, therefore, has to be strictly controlled. That is why it takes place during sleep, in particular. Decomposition of Redundant Protein Why does redundant protein have to be reabsorbed from the skin?

It must be reabsorbed to prevent accumulation in the skin because the skin, unlike other organs like muscles , does not contain enzymes that can decompose protein. We all have an 'inner clock'. At about a.

Lymphatics transport this protein to the liver, where most of it is broken down between and a. Between and a. Cortisol stimulates decomposition and conversion of redundant protein into available energy [9], and the transportation of redundant protein to the liver.

ACTH and cortisol are not just there to clean up 'dirty' protein. If you are under a lot of stress, secretion of ACTH and cortisol is increased to convert body-protein like muscle-protein into available energy to be able to fight or flight.

And what if you work night shifts? That is why it is much harder to maintain muscle power when working night shifts, and that is why you need more time to recover from diseases and injuries when working night shifts. Do you remember those times when you kept on partying all night long? Didn't you suddenly feel lots of energy again once you had been up long enough? And didn't your skin look great in the morning?

That was because all the re-absorbed protein from the skin was immediately converted into available energy, speeding up the cleaning process. This, however, also inhibits maintenance of body cells, including skin cells, which explains why those who work at night generally don't look very healthy when seen in broad daylight. In nature those animals that utilize their food most completely and efficiently have the best chance to survive.

That's why meat-eating animals like lions sleep so much; it takes lots of time to completely process all that protein. Vegetarian animals like elephants only sleep three to four hours a day. How does protein in the skin relate to cellulite and acne? Protein and Water Cellulite and acne in combination with other factors are both caused by excessive water retention in the skin, which will be explained later.

Fat does not attract water, but sugars, salt and protein do. So you might expect that consuming much sugar, as well as much salt and protein could cause excessive water retention in the skin. But that is not true; All dietary sugars are mostly converted into glucose. Glucose, however, cannot cause excessive water-retention. The reason is that glucose is the main energy source for the brain. When the blood-glucose level is too low, brain functions shut down. And the blood-glucose level is, therefore, very strictly regulated.

Some consider this to be normal for women, but that is nonsense; by nature women are very capable in dealing with stress since they have always had to look after the kids, gather foods, and be alert for danger all at the same time. But besides the glucose, doesn't the brain also need protein from which to compose new cells and neurotransmitters? Yes, but the direct necessity is less strong: Maintenance is important, but without fuel your car will not even get you to the mailbox.

Glucose will not cause you to retain water. When the blood-glucose level increases within that narrow margin , glucose molecules are linked together, and no matter how many linked glucose molecules are combined, they will attract no more water than one single glucose molecule. When even more glucose is absorbed, the excessive glucose is deposited as glycogen in the liver and the muscles, or eventually as glycerol in adipose tissue.

So, dietary glucose cannot make you retain more water, unless both too little dietary fat is consumed and your blood-glucose level is a little less strictly regulated. The body has besides alcohol only two sources of energy at its disposal, fat-like molecules and sugar-like molecules. The fats are a 'slow' but long-lasting source of energy. Together they are perfectly complementary.

If however lots of sugars but not sufficient fat is absorbed, the blood-sugar level will steeply rise which causes some of it to be stored as glycogen and subsequently equally steeply drop. Such strong blood-sugar fluctuations can some people make temporarily retain a bit more water. To prevent temporary retaining too much water you should make sure to consume sufficient fat every time after you have consumed much sugars, which stabilizes blood-sugar level.

Unlike glucose, salt can neither be stored nor be chained up. Excessive salt must be excreted in the urine. Fortunately, blood-salt levels are strictly regulated too. If you consume much salt all the time, the absorption rate is decreased and the excretion rate is increased. Salt, therefore, cannot cause lasting water retention, but before the body has succeeded in deporting this excess salt, it can temporarily cause your body to retain more water. Excessive protein can easily cause water retention because blood-protein levels are not narrowly regulated and because damaged protein cannot be decomposed or deported easily or quickly.

Protein cannot be stored, so its only storage place is in the blood. If blood-protein level would be regulated strictly, we could never store much protein. And since we always need to have sufficient amino acids at our disposal to compose neurotransmitters, even when no food is available, blood-protein levels can fluctuate widely.

That is why the intake of hard-to-degrade protein can make the skin swell. Because this can cause both cellulite and acne, we will call protein from prepared foods "dirty protein". Salt cannot cause lasting water retention, but the intake of salt can cause you to retain more water temporarily. Thus salt cannot cause cellulite - but can cause acne. See Chapter 15 In some of the people that are susceptible to acne, even consuming insufficient fat when consuming high-sugar foods can temporarily make them retain more water � and thus cause acne.

Substances with water-attracting properties can cause this water to accumulate in specific areas. Even a small amount of protein or salt can unbalance moisture distribution [14] so a small amount of extra protein or salt in the skin can make the skin swell locally.

When swollen your skin is heavier - which burdens connective tissue and will eventually cause your skin to become loose and droopy.

Blood-salt levels are strictly regulated. If your salt intake is very regular, this salt intake will probably not cause water retention even if your salt consumption is high on a regular basis because then your body simply decreases salt- absorption rate and increases salt-excretion rate.

But the occasional consumption of extra salt will cause your skin to temporarily swell -as when you eat a whole bag of potato chips, even though your usual salt consumption is low.

Compared to other elements that attract water, the protein level can be elevated the most. Your skin can, therefore, easily contain too much protein when you are eating the wrong foods, causing your skin to swell. Since this protein is deported slowly from the skin, a regular intake of 'dirty' protein can easily cause water retention. Excessive protein in the skin also makes your outer skin dryer. This may seem contradictory to the above, but it is not.

Dry Skin The true skin - the layer below the outer skin � contains lymphatics but the outer skin does not. The true skin, therefore, is 'the final destination for the lymph-express'; redundant and damaged protein ends up in the true skin.

This excessive protein attracts water from the lymph, the blood, from cells close by, and from the outer skin.

Too much protein in the true skin therefore dehydrates the outer skin. The same is true of moisturizers that moisturize too actively those containing chemicals that force the true skin to hold more moisture. These 'miracle-see-your-wrinkles-disappear-in-one-night creams' contain substances with high water-attracting properties to make the face swell slightly.

Thus the wrinkles will be less visible. Creams for dry skin function according the same principles. They eventually make your skin sag and accelerate the aging process by causing dehydration of the outer skin. If the outer skin cells dehydrate, these cells die sooner. Of course new cells take their places, but there is a fixed limit to how many times any cells in our body can multiply. Therefore, dehydration also accelerates aging of the skin.

The faster the outer skin cells have to regenerate, the more aging is accelerated and wrinkles prematurely appear. Just take a look at those people who forcefully maintain a tanned skin; they look so much older than they are. The same applies to people who scrub their skin too often, or who apply too harsh peelings.

The skin is extremely sensitive here, and scrubs accelerate the aging process. Your skin is a sensitive organ. It is not dead leather, and you, therefore, should not treat it like dead leather by applying 'skincare' products with lots of 'promises' on the label.

Many women have a dry and scaly skin due to the products they use without realizing it. Many products can cause your skin to swell, cause acne, or cause your skin to become over- sensitive. If you are having skin problems, skip all products for a while, and then start with the products that promise the least; you only need a gentle cream to keep the outer skin soft.

Skincare products should be used for maintenance only, and can never undo damage done by food. When does my skin contain too much moisture? This is not air, but water. If your skin is not swollen, it is thin. If it is swollen, it is thicker. This thicker skin is actually protective in the sense that your skin is not as easily bruised as the skin of someone from who does not retain as much water. Take a good look at someone whose skin is swollen. Do not let their weight fool you. Even the skinniest women can retain water, which is most visible in the face, knees and ankles.

Consuming little fat and sugars, and therefore too much protein causes water retention. The 'body of the volcano' is filled with excessive water, but the rims are pulled inwards due to a lack of moisture in the outer skin. In acne the dehydrative effect on the outer skin often remains unnoticed because the skin produces much sebum.

How to get rid of excessive moisture In cellulite the subcutaneous fat cells are visible because they are extruded into the skin, due to the increased water-pressure in the true skin. See Chapter 11 In acne, the sebum canals are pinched off due to the high water-pressure in the true skin, which leads to acne if also much tallow is produced. See Chapter 15 To eliminate cellulite or acne, you need to eliminate the cause: the increased water pressure in the true skin.

To decrease the water � pressure in the true skin, we need to decrease the uptake of substances that attract water; to eliminate cellulite or acne, we have to prevent substances like salt and redundant protein from attracting too much water. To do so: A Consume as little proteinaceous prepared food as possible.

Protein from prepared foods 'dirty' protein causes water retention. Don't worry about absorbing sufficient protein. Even fruits contain all the essential amino acids protein-building blocks.

Comparing minimal requirements for essential amino acids to fruit- amino acid contents, it appears that even if you ate only different fruits and some Brazil nuts, you would lack energy before you could possibly lack protein. Instead of meat, etc. If you cannot live without meat, choose the kind of meat that is lowest in protein, like high-fat bacon, but eat only a tiny little bit.

See part 3 Due to the influence of heat, protein oxidizes and reacts upon carbohydrates to form Maillard reaction products. These peptides largely end up in the skin - attracting excessive moisture. B Consume as little salt and spices as possible. If you want to spice up your foods, use fresh herbs like chives and basil, and garlic. Cellulite is not greatly influenced by salt consumption. Be aware that the salt on potato chips and other salty snacks is not just salt, but also contains "taste-enhancers", which are generally protein concentrates, and will also cause water retention.

C Do not consume milk or other dairy products, like cheese, yogurt -ice and desserts , because milk from every mammal contains substances that increase absorption of peptides. That is why dairy consumers in general have a grainy and swollen skin. Milk from whatever mammal is mother's milk, meant for her suckling young, and not for human children or adults.

Growth enhancers must be provided to guarantee optimal development of the suckling young so milk always contains Different growth hormones and growth factors. It also contains substances like lactose and substance P [15] that increase the permeability of the intestinal cells, which help ensure the maximal uptake of these hormones.

D Remain physically inactive for at least one and a half hours after having consumed a proteinaceous meal. Just don't do anything that would cause your heart to beat faster. Low energy activities are fine; like having a nice relaxed walk down the park, but hurrying to catch that cab is not.

While having a fight with your mate is not OK, since it causes your heart to beat faster. The digestive tract needs lots of oxygen and fatty acids from the blood for more complete breakdown of the consumed protein. If you are physically active your muscles and the heart also require generous amounts of oxygen and energy, thus depriving the digestive tract of the oxygen and energy necessary for complete division of food-proteins.

Even a large adult man just needs about 50 g of fresh raw salmon daily to maintain muscle volume, besides the protein from the fruits, of course.

You can have 50 grams fresh raw salmon, tuna or mackerel on one day, and 2 to 4 fresh raw egg yolks on the next day, for example. Try fresh raw egg yolk with avocado, in a fruit-shake, or as a topping over cooked rice, potatoes, etc. No egg white. See Chapter 46 When the average intake of protein is too high, the average level of protein in the skin will be relatively high too, causing your skin to retain more water.

F Consume a handful of raw nuts unshelled nuts, shelled by hand and as much fruits and dried fruits as possible. Think pounds of fruits daily - 2 kg. This may seem contradictory, but it is not. You can only deport the excess water by deporting the substances that hold the excess water.

And because of their 'water-loving' properties, you can only deport them by the use of water. But if the water you drink contains a high level of minerals, these minerals can make the body hold more water. H Make sure to consume something containing fat every time after you have consumed lots of sugars, to stabilize blood-sugar level.

See Chapter 7 This protects you against diabetes, and�. In some of the people that are susceptible to acne, too much fluctuating blood-glucose levels can cause acne, by temporarily making you retain more water. Brazil nuts are also very effective. To prevent digestion problems; eat the fruits right before the salad, not the other way around. I Oral contraceptives dominate your natural hormone production; if they didn't, they could never prevent pregnancy.

Because sex hormones and moisture regulating hormones are closely related, the pill will usually cause water retention. Every pharmacist knows that both androgens and estrogens make you retain more water. Oral contraceptives can, however, also decrease androgen levels, thus decreasing sebum production and making your skin less susceptible to acne. What really happens in your case depends on how your body copes with your particular oral contraceptive.

Because hormonal contraceptives by definition dominate your natural hormone production, any type of hormonal contraceptive can also cause breast-cancer. Beta-carbolines from proteinaceous prepared foods and opioid peptides from wheat and dairy products cause constipation. See appendix A in the back of the book Do not use laxatives, for they impair bowel functioning, which in turn adversely affects the decomposition of dietary protein, and therefore increases the uptake of 'dirty' protein.

K In some women the skin contains too much water due to sterilization or removal of the uterus, ovaries etc. Sometimes then the only solution is taking supplementary hormones. But be aware that this can have severe 'side-effects' - like cancer. You should also have been on this diet for two months, so you can detect what problems remain after having corrected your diet.

Then you can decide whether you can live with this level of disturbed hormonal fluctuations, or that you only need supplementary hormones during one week each month for example. The reason why you should adapt your diet first, is because prepared proteinaceous food and wheat and dairy products contain substances that can also impair hormone metabolism see Part 4.

Also contains soy high amounts of phyto-estrogens. Consuming soy can easily decrease your natural estrogen level. See www. Amsterdam, The Netherlands All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author.

Cellulite What is cellulite? Cellulite is not caused by too much fat. Cellulite is not about trapped toxins. Cellulite is not about inflammatory subcutaneous cells. Cellulite is merely the visibility of subcutaneous fat cells. But why are only the female fat cells that visible? Cellulite is an almost exclusively female issue though increasingly more men get it too because female fat cells are clustered in sacs, arranged in vertical columns.

Additionally, women by nature also contain about twice as much fat as men, which makes the fat cells more pronouncedly visible. But though you need fat to fill fat cells, cellulite is not caused by excessive body-fat; Even the skinniest women can have cellulite because even they have partially filled fat cells. Being a woman means holding sufficient fat. It is both unnatural and impossible to empty all your fat cells completely, and in women the last drops of fat are stored on thighs and buttocks.

The reason why in women much fat is stored on thighs and buttocks is because the female body is designed to give birth. And her breasts are designed to feed her baby.

And this fat originates from mama's adipose tissue; mainly from her thighs and buttocks. That is why these are the hardest parts of your body to lose weight from; it's the fridge for your future child. We all need sufficient fat because fatty acids are the main source of energy for the colon and heart.

Some essential neurotransmitters in the brain are made of fat. There is only one name for completely emptied fat cells: end-stage anorexia. If you are overweight the fat cells are filled.

This makes cellulite more pronouncedly visible than in half empty fat cells, but even slim women have cellulite. But since most women have it, isn't cellulite natural? Lots of people think that cellulite in women is natural, but that is absolute nonsense.

What is true is that nowadays it is considered normal for women to have cellulite. And because it is so normal, we tend to think it's natural.

The reason why it is so prevalent now is because we all eat the same so-called 'health' foods and 'junk'-food, and consume increasingly more protein. Americans, on the average, consume more protein each year, but from till today this increase was four fold higher than before Source: FAO database Another reason is that it is now normal to use hormonal contraceptives from a very early age. OK, but what causes those fat cells to become visible?

Cellulite: Visibility of Fat Cells Cellulite is characterized by extrusion of fat cells into the outer skin. This leads to a rise in the amount of water retained in the skin. That you can only see those subcutaneous fat cells if they are extruded into the outer skin. The fat cells are extruding due to excessive moisture - which is attracted by damaged protein. You can test this yourself: Excessive moisture increases water pressure. You can increase water pressure in your skin by pressuring two inches of thigh between thumb and fingers.

What happens? Subcutaneous fat cells become clearly visible. This, exactly, is the secret of cellulite: subcutaneous fat cells become visible due to an increased water pressure in the skin. Picture this: A bicycle tire, pumped up normally, absorbs all road irregularities.

But if you pump it up much more, you will clearly feel every little stone you ride; if the skin is 'pumped up' with too much moisture, subcutaneous fat cells will be visible. So what causes cellulite? The consumption of too much proteinaceous prepared foods. Heat damages amino acids and creates new substances the Maillard reaction. Proteins are long chains of amino acids; if some of these amino acids are damaged, they can no longer be easily separated from the other amino acids.

These undivided amino acids cannot be immediately utilized, and, therefore, end up in the skin where they attract extra moisture that increases the water pressure in the skin and reveals subcutaneous fat-cells. Consuming excessive protein elevates the average skin-protein level and thus the true skin will also contain more water. Even by consuming only the right combination of fruits, you will lack energy before you can possibly lack protein.

Constipation intensifies cellulite by giving the body more time to absorb 'dirty' protein, but don't use laxatives. See appendix A; "Food Causing Constipation" 5. An impaired hormone metabolism, through the use of hormonal contraceptives, for instance, can cause cellulite. Though your menstrual period seems perfectly normal when you are on the pill, the only way the pill can function is by dominating the natural metabolism of your hormones. If it didn't, the pill could never prevent pregnancy.

Is cellulite hereditary? Some of us like to think so because it relieves us from being responsible ourselves. But luckily, cellulite is not hereditary. They become accustomed to these foods, learn to like some of them, and adopt them as their own choice. In general, they stick to these foods for the rest of their life. So just like their mothers, the girls will very likely have cellulite too. Most recipes are passed on from one generation to the next, and are only adapted in the sense that today we use more pre-manufactured products and more proteinaceous ingredients.

It's not just about taste and customs: 1. Wheat and dairy products contain physically addictive opioid peptides. See Chapter 58 We eat so many wheat-and dairy products because of these addictive peptides. Just think of the flavor of baked bread, or pizza, or that cheesy taste. This is why formula fed children, on the average, grow up to be fatter than children fed human milk.

Human milk contains specific growth hormones and other hormones that strengthen the optimal development of the human suckling incl. It's brain. That is why formula fed children, on the average, become less intelligent.

Prepared foods contain physically addictive beta-carbolines. See Ch. We, therefore, all love to eat proteinaceous prepared foods. Just think of that salty flavor of fried meat, making you instantly 'hungry'.

Cellulite is considered the 'norm' today because of the foods we all eat. Because fewer babies are breastfed or just during a few months , even young children can have cellulite nowadays since they already absorb 'dirty' protein from 'baby-food'. They also become addicted to the opioid peptides and beta-carbolines in the baby food at a very early age.

If you have been raised mainly on foods containing opioid peptides and beta- carbolines, you are addicted to foods containing lots of 'dirty' protein. So, if mom has cellulite but breastfed her daughter, and the daughter eats differently and consumes very little 'dirty' protein, the girl will not have cellulite.

Or the other way around: if mom has no cellulite but did not breastfeed or just a few months , then her daughter will have stronger cravings for foods containing opioid peptides, and thus will very likely develop cellulite at an early age.

By sufficiently decreasing your intake of 'dirty protein' and salt your cellulite will decrease too - within three months. Depending on how good you want your skin to look, you must decrease your intake of 'dirty' protein accordingly. If the skin contains too much water, it is heavier. Too much water therefore stretches connective tissue and causes the skin to be puffy, and eventually to droop. Cellulite is accompanied with a puffy and eventually drooping skin.

That is why in science "skin-laxity" is another name for cellulite. Both cellulite and a puffy and drooping skin are caused by too much water in the skin. This fact may seem contradictory at first, but in cellulite the surface tension of the skin is increased. Remember how cellulite is caused?

Too much moisture increases water-pressure, extruding fat cells. The skin is pumped up and the surface tension of the skin is increased just like in a balloon even though it does not seem to be since all you see is how droopy your cellulite skin is.

And what if you want to have a tight skin? As long as you are young, excessive moisture comes with a puffy but still firm skin, but the weight of the extra water stretches connective tissue, which will cause your skin to droop as you become older. Connective tissue must not be burdened too much if one is to have a tight skin. The skin should not contain excessive moisture to prevent the weight of the skin from stretching connective tissue.

The body has remarkable recovering abilities. If your skin contains too much moisture and is drooping, you just need to decrease water retention, and keep it that way. The only water retention your skin can cope with, is the water retention due to menstruation This will decrease surface tension, and your skin will eventually be tighter, softer, and will 'absorb' all subcutaneous irregularities.

If the connective tissue has been stretched due to a lifetime of excessive moisture, then both the skin surface tension will be low and the skin will be loose. When we are young it does not seem to matter what we do or don't do with our skin, but destructive habits like the use of alcohol, cigarettes, 'party-drugs', and too much sun exposure certainly accelerate aging of the skin.

How we treat our body and skin when we are young determines how we look as we are aging. When we are very old, we expect our skin too be thinner, shriveled, wrinkly, and dry, but not swollen and deformed as it is in so many old people. Why will my skin be softer when excessive moisture has been eliminated? Excessive protein or salt in the true skin attracts water from the outer skin and organs.

Outer skin-cells therefore lose their moisture and die prematurely, and the dryer the outer skin, the less soft its texture. Because multiplication of skin cells is limited, dry skins also age faster. Without excessive moisture in your true skin, your outer skin cells do not age that fast and contain more moisture. Your skin will therefore be much softer, smoother, and will stay that way much longer. But be aware: The longer you have had cellulite, the more new cells have been constructed according to this cellulite structure.

If you have had cellulite for many years it will take about two to three months before you see that your cellulite is decreasing. It takes about six months to up to twelve months before you can sing "Hallelujah, it's gone! Only by preventing extrusion of fat cells into the outer skin can you eliminate cellulite.

There is no pill, cream or plastic surgery that can prevent extrusion of fat cells into the outer skin; only a drastic decrease in the intake of prepared foods and dairy products can do that. That is why cellulite is most common in Europe and North America, and much less common in cultures where less prepared foods and dairy products are consumed. Advertised treatments just don't work.

Lymph drainage, through massage only however, does accelerate the deportation of 'dirty' protein, but if absorption of new 'dirty' protein is not prevented as well, no massage or wrappings in the world can make your cellulite disappear.

Of course no cream can tighten your skin. Be honest; you already knew this. Those that claim to tighten your skin are actually moisturizers.

Small proteins peptides from skin care products are absorbed into the skin, [23] causing your skin to retain more water. These chemicals attract more water, increasing skin tension, and thus cellulite. Only if you are young and the connective tissue is still very tight, retaining water will not make your skin droop yet.

To advertise anti-cellulite products and 'skin-firming body creams', they use only teenagers, because their connective tissue is still relatively firm. Or occasionally they use an older model who has always been very strict about what she eats, always maintained her body weight, never used the pill in her entire life and therefore still has a flawless skin.

Because the extra water in the skin increases the surface tension of the outer skin, 'skin firming- ', 'rejuvenating-' and 'anti-wrinkle-' creams can actually make your skin temporarily look tighter. But the fact remains that if you keep on using the product, this excessive moisture prematurely stretches your connective tissue.

Can I eliminate fluid retention by using hormones, caffeine, or diuretic tea? To solve a problem you have to take away the cause. The use of any diuretic steals water from cells in other organs that badly need the water, thus speeding up the aging process of these organs. Using diuretics is like mopping up the floor while water is still running from the tap.

To dispose of excessive moisture you must 'close the tap' first; simply prevent the uptake of 'dirty' protein and excessive salt. Drink lots of low-!! Using hormones, caffeine or whatever other diuretic doesn't prevent anything and is very unhealthy. Whatever treatment 'encourages' your skin to shed its top layer faster enhances aging.

Using scrubs, and especially chemical peels, will make you look like an old woman far too early. Do not peel your skin more than once every two weeks and only use the mildest peelings you can find. Scrubs are only acceptable for your buttocks, legs, knees, elbows, and feet. If you live in an extremely polluted city and you always use make-up, a soft peeling once a week is more than enough. Your daily routine should only include soft and gentle cleaning using a washing glove or sponge, or a soft and natural face brush.

Good early sleep in a room with sufficient fresh air, and drinking lots of water or juices will do your skin far more good than any cream possibly can.

Sleep de-stresses and enables recovery. The use of scrubs and peelings accelerates regeneration of skin cells, and because all cells can multiply only a fixed number of times, premature replacement of old cells decreases their total life span.

The more you peel, the sooner your skin ages. In addition, the longer a woman maintains her harsh beauty regimen of regular peelings and moisturizers, the more intensively she needs to peel and moisturize to have the same effect. It is the same for the woman who thinks she needs a tan to hide her bad skin; she will need an increasingly darker tan to hide the increased deterioration of her skin. It is much better to have a beauty weekend every three weeks. This would include drinking quarts of water and fruit juices, and eating only fruits, sashimi and a box of the best quality full fat delicious chocolate, for example.

It would also include sleeping a lot, walking outside in nature for the clean oxygen, reading, and watching a good movie. Have a mild peeling, a cream mask, and a relaxing bath with nicely flavored foam. Shave and use a mild scrub for your body and�. Do your nails, read some fashion magazines, etc. Be lazy, self indulged, and relaxed. This is much healthier for your skin than peeling it regularly.

Does drinking water help against cellulite? The blood and lymph need sufficient water to be able to transport as much 'dirty' protein to the liver as possible, but drinking more water than you need does not decrease cellulite.

You do need to drink water for every prepared food item you consume. Remember also that when consuming nuts, you need to drink a lot of water or eat high water-content fruits. Consuming water high in minerals increases water retention. Cellulite is not caused by overweight; most slim women have cellulite too. Because cellulite is not due to overweight, these "boosters" can never decrease cellulite. Even if they could, you don't want a lifetime dependence on a drug that changes the metabolism of hormones and neurotransmitters - with all the damaging side effects.

Moreover, you would need to continuously increase dosages, and the eventual dependence would make quitting a nightmare. You would be left with the worst skin ever and lots of extra pounds as the end result. If you lose weight, your adipose fat cells will be less filled but just a bit or not at all less visible. By losing too much fat, your fat cells will still be visible, but you will become less curvaceous.

You can have a gorgeous skin all over and be curvaceous by minimizing your intake of dirty protein and salt. See Part 3 Also remember that dietary fat is essential for bowel functioning, to sleep well and for the uptake of vitamins. That's why the woman who consumes sufficient fat generally has beautiful hair and a healthy shiny skin.

She also has a better disposition because certain fatty acids increase serotonin receptor activity. Most diets that claim to help you to lose weight actually increase cellulite. This is because these diets are generally low in sugars and fats, and relatively high in protein. No, you know they don't work. You have become an expert through the years and yet You see others who easily lose weight or who never ever gain a pound, while you not only don't lose weight, but after you stop the diet you gain even more - and are heavier than when you started the diet.

So what is wrong with you? Is it because your metabolism is slow? Are you getting older and therefore burning calories at a slower rate? Is it in your genes? There must be something different about you. You know that when you start dieting, you really - at least for the first month or so - really do everything according to the diet plan.

You stick to it, and still you don't lose any weight. During this time you are surrounded by people who don't believe you are actually trying hard enough or that you must be secretly overeating. After a while you get tired of defending yourself. You stop the diet. Diets just don't work. They make me feel bad, depressed and lethargic, and nobody believes me anyway. So, who cares? Why is it so hard to lose weight? Chapter About Overweight Genetic What about all the women who watch what they eat all their life?

The ones who say "I gain weight just by looking at the package of cookies"? These are the women who usually say, "I have a heavier build by nature", or, "It runs in the family; my mother always watched what she ate and so must I". Is obesity genetically determined?

Pharmaceutical companies would like for you to believe so because this leaves you with only one option: buying drugs that can 'compensate for your genetic shortcomings'. Food-retailers also would like for you to accept this because then you think that you need 'special food' - their 'diet products'.

These products contain little sugar and fat, and much protein. Sugars and fat are relatively cheap and protein is more expensive, and thus they make more money by selling you diet products instead of normal foods.

Unfortunately for you, diet products increase cravings, which is fortunate for them. They get richer while you get bigger. Obese people are 'a growth-market'; more and more people are becoming obese; if they can become convinced that obesity is genetic, then the future sales of diet-products, slimming pills, and weight-loss shakes are guaranteed.

Why should we bother to try anything else - knowing that it will not work anyway? And we'd like to believe them when they say that obesity is 'genetic', for it relieves us from our responsibility; "It is not my fault, it is in my genes". But deep down, we all know that if we eat less, we will lose weight. Somehow we just cannot stop eating. Somehow it is beyond our willpower so we, therefore, can relate to 'a genetic cause'.

Pharmaceutical companies and food-retailers gladly provide you with information that makes you believe obesity is genetic, and will keep you from info that can really help you. And this fat originates from mama's adipose tissue.

Opioid substances from dairy- or wheat products or morphine inhibit oxytocin release, even when breast-feeding. They also do not tell you that your child will tend to become overweight when not breastfed long enough.

Like they do not tell you that their food-products contain physical addictive substances. See next chapters Which is criminal, since they very well know. Many studies have shown that it is extremely hard to lose weight on 'light products'. But that is not the information that reaches the general public. Suppose obesity is genetic; from whom did we inherit those genes? Our ancestors never were as fat as we are, and they are the only ones who formed our gene pool.

Obesity has increased so dramatically over the last 25 years that it cannot possibly be 'genetic'. Genes don't float through the air - landing in our gene pools only 25 years ago. Those genes are inherited from our ancestors and they weren't fat.

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