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Die hard pc game download

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The game also suffers from obscure mission objectives. Generally, the only way to tell what you're meant to be doing at any one time is to press the 'O' key to bring up a list - rarely does the game content give you any guidance.

Even the listed objectives are often unhelpful and apparently random "Jump off the roof" being my particular favourite - I did. I died. Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza attempts to add a couple of minor innovations to the standard FPS setup, but both end up being rather pointless.

As well as a health bar you have to account for stamina and morale. Your stamina falls as John runs, jumps and otherwise exerts himself, and once depleted he can't do any of that stuff anymore. Unfortunately, stamina hardly ever comes into play during shootouts, where exertion consists mostly of leaning slowly from behind a wall, and instead kicks in when you have cleared the level but are running around looking for the way out.

Its main function, then, is to slow down gameplay. The morale bar drops as you take damage and find yourself in dire straits, and has no perceivable effect whatsoever. Compliments, though, on the complete absence of jumping puzzles, which are never a good idea in games that don't let you see your feet.

Enemies have fairly basic AI which lets them lean around corners and otherwise make decent use of cover, and sometimes roll across the floor to thwart your aim, but they don't co-operate in any perceptible way and have a tendency to stand there firing blankly as you charge towards them.

There's a modest selection of weapons available: a pistol, an MP5, an M16, a sniper rifle, a heavy machine gun and flash grenades. You'll use the MP5 to the near-exclusion of all else, because ammo for it is plentiful while being scarce for the other weapons. There are a few unforgivably maddening moments. Certain scripted events, like a firefight between the terrorists and SWAT team, would be much more effective if it did something to hide the fact that the terrorists are invincible found out by sniping 35 rounds into the head of one of them.

Progress cannot be made unless you follow a specific course through the level, then amusingly witness the last of the untouchable terrorists go down just as you round a corner. While I'm a fan of cinematic moments in games, they should blend with the surrounding action cf. Half-Life , and not be clumsily and restrictively imposed on the gamer. Oh, and the dramatic final confrontation with the hostage-holding Gruber is rendered somewhat farcical when Gruber's apparently iron-skulled head allows him to withstand multiple high-velocity rounds with barely an 'ouch'.

At one point it's possible to wander round behind Hans and shoot him in the back without fear of hitting Holly. The game couldn't handle such underhanded tactics, though, as Hans left Holly, who continued to act as if being strangled, and backed off towards the window, still acting as though he had a hostage.

I emptied a few dozen rounds of ammo into him, but he didn't seem to mind. The game is well behind its peers in execution and presentation, and fails to do anything interesting with the Die Hard license. On the whole, an eminently forgettable title that will do nothing for the reputation of film tie-in games. OldHabitsDieHard 0 point. For anyone trying to play this game on a modern machine you have to use a frame limiter like RivaTuner and set it to 60FPS or the game will not function properly.

Merry Christmas and Yippee Ki Yay! MC Chase 0 point. Cant get it do start up, keeps saying I dont have the disc inserted when I clearly mounted the ISO file. It says something about having to re install the program due to a error, I have done this multiple times and still won't work.

Steve Cheng 1 point. Krisztian 0 point. Wraithchylde -1 point. Can't get the game to start, have the original disc, and even tried the download here, patched, and cracked, will not start. Any ideas? GoldenWolfe 1 point. Blackheart 0 point. Im using win 7 64bit Durukan 0 point. Clyde3D 0 point. There is an "improvement" mod for this game at moddb!

Bruce Willis -5 points. Camo 1 point. I am not sure how to get this game running. I opened it up on an old windows xp computer and ran it using magicDisc to run it as a virtual disc and I installed the game. I can get the start dialog running with autorun.

Bob 0 point. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you'd like. We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.

Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us! Various files to help you run Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza, apply patches, fixes, maps or miscellaneous utilities.

MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free! Browse By Developer Piranha Games, Inc. When you start the game, McClane is armed only with his standard issue pistol and an infinite supply of bullets.

However there are more powerful weapons like shotguns, rifles, and machine guns dropped by dead terrorists or hidden around the levels. There are also three types of grenades that can either kill, stun, or disorient your enemies. To play the second game, Die Harder, all you need is your mouse and a quick eye.

This game is similar to the popular VirtuaCop series and very, very difficult. You play this game seeing the action from McClane's eyes, retiring terrorists with your berretta. As you work your way through the terminal of Dulles Airport, you can pick up another berretta John Woo style, and various types of machine guns. You also have a rocket launcher and grenades.

What makes this level especially difficult are the number of terrorists using hostages to hide behind as they shoot at you. I found myself mumbling along with John McClane when he ruefully said, "Sorry, pal �" every time I offed an unlucky civilian. Finally, the third game, Die Hard with a Vengeance , incorporates the best of racing games with crash-bang, demolition derby action. Set in New York, you and your sidekick Zeus must race around searching for bombs, using a compass-like device in the top corner of the screen for directions.

Of course, driving in New York City has never been easy. Hindering you in your race to save the city are the dreaded New York City traffic, pedestrians, and street vendors. Fortunately, you're in a New York City cab, so you're well equipped to take on the worst the city has to offer.

If you find cabs dirty and dingy, don't worry; there are different cars parked in various lots around the city that you can "borrow. Matter of fact, the school bus was my favorite vehicle since it easily powers over other cars and blocked streets. And it handled amazingly well -- pulling off s in crowded streets. All the while there is a timer on screen that reminds you when a bomb is about to explode, records the number of turbo boosts you have left, and shows the compass that points out the direction of the next bomb waiting to explode.

Defusing bombs is as simple as driving over them. After every bomb is located, there is a mini-cutscene showing its "safe detonation. To mix up the action a little, you do not just search the city for stationary explosives. You encounter bomb-laden cars that lead to high-speed chases throughout the city.

Ramming the car a few times is usually enough to destroy it. My favorite encounter was when I had to chase a hot dog truck literally -- it had a giant hot dog on the truck through Central Park, trying to destroy it before the timer expired. Using the keyboard to control your car, high speed turns and quick s are easily accomplished with the touch of a button.

These maneuvers are very necessary especially when chasing bomb cars. Other controls include turbo speed, helpful for catching up with enemy bomb cars or just racing through long avenues, a horn to dissuade pedestrians from crossing in front of you, and of course the typically unused brake.

To change your view, a simple press of the Z button will change from a first person inside view of your car to an outside, chase camera angle. Some special pickups that you encounter are extra time awards, turbo speed icons, mini-bombs that, when driven over, launch your car over blocked streets and traffic jams, nitro speed, and one that even summons an ambulance you can follow -- great for clearing busy streets.

For those who are always striving for the highest score, killing hostages and civilians in Die Hard Trilogy takes off points. So aim and drive carefully! For those who enjoy long, hour-eating games, DHT is a must-buy. From the construction level scene in the first Die Hard movie to the nail-biting snowmobile chase in Die Harder to the race across Central Park in Die Hard with a Vengeance �all your favorite scenes from the movies are here.

Excellently detailed, DHT is simply a pleasure to look at. Floors in the Nakatomi Plaza are beautifully designed, the Dulles Airport was brilliantly transferred from film to game, and the streets and avenues of New York City are as gritty in the game as in real life. On high detail, surfaces are rounded, metal is burnished and shiny, and there are even distinctly different faces on each terrorist I assume the programmers had a field day with the office scanner.

For those who own a slower machine, the game still looks great on a lower setting. And to make it easier to customize Die Hard Trilogy to your computer's specs, there are horizon, perspective correction, complexity and resolution settings that you can turn on or off. There are also advanced settings that allow you to use your computer's MMX chip or a graphics accelerator if you are privileged enough to have them.

To truly see DHT in all its glory, run out to the computer store and get yourself a 3D accelerator. If you don't have enough money, just don't eat for a month or two -- it will be worth it.

The environment in DHT is highly interactive. In Die Hard and Die Harder , glass shatters, walls explode, cars ignite and body parts fly. In Die Hard with a Vengeance , the streets are full of barricades, pedestrians and street vendors. Lose control of your car for just a second and you'll have shattered wood and innocent civilians bouncing over your car or under your tires. Hitting pedestrians will even leave blood on your tire tracks! And if you don't defuse a bomb in time, you are rewarded with a fireball that travels down the street, sending everything in its path skyrocketing through the air.

I have never seen a game with such abundant and beautiful explosions. The graphics are simply excellent. As well as containing all the action, intensity, and explosions as the movies, Die Hard Trilogy also comes with many of Bruce Willis' trademark comebacks.

Finish a level and be rewarded with a "Yippie-Ki-Yay," rescue a hostage and you'll hear "Wanna stay alive? Stay with me," and if you get hit by too many terrorist bullets you'll even hear McClane sorrowfully ask for some aspirin.

In Die Hard with a Vengeance you'll hear McClane's unwilling sidekick Zeus complain if you are clumsy enough to run over too many pedestrians, and he'll also give directions on where to go if you get lost. The background music in Die Hard Trilogy is also first rate.

On the CD there are twenty high quality, movie-worthy tracks. From funky to militant, there are enough tracks to keep you groovin' throughout all 45 of Die Hard's missions. Nothing like inspiring music to keep your trigger finger in motion. As compelling as the background music is, the sound of weapon fire leaves much to be desired.

Weapon sounds are weak and simplistic. I wanted to experience the jarring kick of a discovered assault rifle or shotgun; instead I was left feeling like McClane was exterminating terrorists with a toy popgun. This is one of the few shortcomings of Die Hard Trilogy , but it is worth noting. I would suggest, however, a computer that can utilize MMX technology, or the addition of a 3D graphics card. Die Hard Trilogy is not an easy game. Terrorists keep coming in swarms and there are bombs aplenty strewn throughout the city.

Many times I have thrown up my hands in frustration ready to give up and return to my normal pre- Die Hard life. But of course, I just speak those fateful words that lead to unproductiveness, "Just one more game," and keep on playing. It takes more than just an itchy trigger finger to successfully complete each game. There are only a few health power-ups and limited weapons, while there are a huge number of terrorists who don't appreciate you trying to trash their plans.

To successfully complete DHT you need to take careful aim, know when to attack, and know when to turn tail and run. Learning to conserve ammunition is the only way to conserve your life.

This is most obvious in Die Hard. Terrorists tend to keep up their relentless attack even when you're in a well-protected position, making mowing them down as simple as holding down the fire button. The bottom line on Die Hard Trilogy is simple: if you enjoy arcade-style action, want a game that takes a long, long time to beat, and want three times the gaming value, then run out and purchase DHT today. With intense and addictive gameplay, first-rate graphics and beautiful explosions, you'll find your money well spent.

The addition of a great soundtrack and what sounds like the actual voice of Bruce Willis is just the icing on the cake. I rate this game as an absolute must-play with a score of This almost perfect score was only marred a few points for high system requirements and a few points for weak-sounding weaponry. Other than that, Yippie-Ki-Yay! The hit series of Die Hard is coming home to the PlayStation with all the mayhem and action you've come to expect from the movies.

Die Hard Trilogy is actually three separate games, each with totally different gameplay styles. The first game is a 3-D action game with a perspective similar to Capcom's Resident Evil. The attention to detail is excellent, with sprinkler systems going off over explosions. The second game is a shooter similar to Virtua Cop, where you must shoot terrorists inside an airport. You have the ability to pan your perspective to help you get the feeling of being there. The third game is set on the streets of New York.

Drive an assortment of vehicles about the city, stopping bombs. Think you're tough enough for all three games? Remind you of Virtua Cop? Well, it should. Only difference is that this version is a lot letter. Nothing quite matches the feeling accomplishment you get when you've laid waste to an entire airport terminal.

One of the greatest aspects of the game is the amount of permanent damage that you can inflict. Whenever you hit or shoot anything in the game, you will leave some kind of a mark, whether it be in the form of bullet holes, shattered glass or burst sprinkler systems.

And you know what? You just can't ask for anything better than that. If it's in a car, then watch out, because these babies are mobile and they'll go off whether the thing is driving over 50 mph or not.

More fun than actually finding the bombs, is hitting pedestrians. When playing from cockpit view, watch your wipers clear away gallons of blood from your windshield. The three Die Hard films combined have grossed over a billion dollars. Someone has finally figured out that this most supercharged of trilogies is a license to print money on the gaming platform.

That is, if it's done well. Finally, a game has been developed that's truly as good as the film it's based on. Die Hard Trilogy is one of the finest titles I've seen since I started in this business over a year ago. Fox has gone out and hired Probe to develop a game so amazing that every PlayStation owner on God's Earth will undoubtedly buy it. The game gets a 10 not so much for any revolutionary developments in gaming, but for its revolutionary ideas about giving consumers more for their money.

Trilogy packs three completely separate adventures onto one disc. The first part, Die Hard, is a shooter, like Loaded, that has you running amok in the Nakatomi building, saving hostages and wasting German terrorists. Die Harder, the second game, is a change of format that actually does Virtua Cop better than Virtua Cop itself did.

Maneuver through the Dulles Airport, shooting bad guys and making a general mess of the terminals. The third installment, With A Vengeance, plays a lot like Twisted Metal and has you racing though the streets of New York trying to get to bombs before they explode.

Each of the three parts could easily stand on its own, but have instead been packed into this one outstanding game. Let's just hope all the blood and carnage I saw makes it into the final cut. Three different types of gameplay represent the three Die Hard feature films.

It's essentially three games in one. You're after international terrorists. You have to work your way up from the garage to the Penthouse, searching halls, offices, and a ballroom for hidden bombs, grenades, and machine guns. Die Harder. Shoot down enemies in the baggage claim area and Duty Free Shop.

Die Hard with a Vengeance: a driving game in which you get to race down the streets of Manhattan looking for stashed bombs that you have to find and diffuse. You have access to 15 different vehicles, from aYugo to a Ferrari. You'll be presented with various hazards: changing stop lights, gridlocked traffic, double-parked vans, NYPD squad cars and various pedestrians. The Die Hard films have turned into a worldwide film franchise, made Bruce Willis an iiber-superstar and made Century City an interesting, if not a hip, place to visit in Los Angeles.

While film adaptations aren't our favorite type of games here at VG, we thought we'd give you a peek at what might turn out to be one of 96's hottest games, the Fox Interactive release Die Hard Trilogy. The version we saw was far from complete and the game won't hit the shelves until March of this year, but we were so impressed by what we witnessed that we had to let you guys in on the skinny.

Talk about value in the Die Hard segment of the game, you control John McClaine as he makes his way through the Nakitomi Plaza building. Trivia buffs out there take note: Fox Interactive's offices are located in the building featured in the film. No kidding! The interface in this section of the game can only be described as a cross between Doom and Loaded.

You guide John from slightly above and behind him, so you have a panoramic view of his surroundings. As you move through doors, walls don't disappear, they fade. Everything can be destroyed you should see the explosions! Plus, you can jump over cars, roll to avoid enemy shots, shoot machine guns,and throw grenades The Die Hard 2 portion of the game is quite similar to Virtua Cop only, well, better. Blood splatters the walls as you dash through Dulles Airport blowing away terrorists.

In addition to a bevy of weapons to select from, you have 45 degrees of leeway with which to move your gunsight. This means that if a wily gun-nut is plugging from the edge of the screen, you can actually move your line of sight to find him and then blow the sucker away.

Driving is the name of the game in Die Hard. With a Vengeance. You must drive through New York in various cars and locations looking for hidden bombs, the graphics routines on these stages are spectacular.

Cars are thrown into the air as you collide with them, the texture-mapping is New York-accurate, and, well, it just looks and plays great.

Browse games Game Portals. Die Hard Trilogy. Install Game. Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the free file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. View all 17 Die Hard Trilogy Screenshots. Game review Downloads Screenshots Die Harder The second game takes the form of a first-person viewed shoot 'em up on rails, a la Virtua Cop.

Die Hard With A Vengeance The third game throws logic aside and has you taking to the streets in a series of automobiles for an interesting new take on the driving game. With good audio and visual effects, and smoothly scrolling 3D polygonal environments, Die Hard Trilogy looks like a winner even in its early stages.

Overall rating: 6. Fans of the movie will love the premise-everyone else may find the game a rehash of past titles. ProTips: The minute you hear gunfire or are hit from the back, move to the left or right. You won't have enough time to turn around and fight right away. When using this mother-of-ali-guns, be careful not to shoot it in a confined space. You'll take damage as well. The objective is just to run into the bombs with the cab.

Now you're an honorary New York City cab driver! Hitting pedestrians will cost you. In the New Wing level, wait until a group of terrorists gather around the white crates, then blast the crate. It will cause a chain-reaction explosion. Don't blindly shoot into a crowd. Wait the terrorists out, and they'll separate from the hostages. Overall rating: 7. Overview Just about everyone on the face of the planet has seen at least one of the Die Hard movies.

Overview Somewhere during the evolution of the video game, programmers began creating games that focused more on glitz than gameplay -- forgetting that games were supposed to be fun and not just something that utilizes MMX technology or the latest advances in 3-D rendering.

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