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48 hour startup book pdf free download

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Internet Arcade Console Living Room. Books to Borrow Open Library. Search the Wayback Machine Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. Sign up for free Log in. Media Type Media Type. Year Year. Collection Collection. Creator Creator. Language Language. Aug 22, by Fraser Doherty. Fraser Doherty speaks to Entrepreneurs Hugh Thomas and Joe Benn about how they turned their experience at Vita Coco into creating a brand of their own. Aug 15, by Fraser Doherty.

Fraser Doherty talks to serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Boomf. Lickalix Ice Lollies: How to run a successful crowd-funding campaign. Aug 8, by Fraser Doherty. Sandow's Cold Brew Coffee: How to start a food and drink brand from home.

Aug 1, by Fraser Doherty. Fraser Doherty catches up with Sandow's founders Hugh Duffie and Luke Suddards and asks them how they launched their cold brew coffee business. Starting a business in 48 hours is a terrible idea for the average person, both for the product and the person's stress levels.

Doherty only manages it due to his prior experience with launching a food product, his existing funds, some good luck, and a willingness to pay extra for rush jobs from designers and other collaborators he doesn't mention how much he paid to get a turnaround of a few hours on a Saturday, but it's surely beyond the novice entrepreneur's budget.

The unrealistic nature of the timeline is something he should have emphasized more. I get that "hour startup" is literally the name of the book, but some acknowledgement is needed on how a. In any case, the book achieves it's goal of encouraging "wantrepreneurs" to take action and start their business, and offers some useful tips along the way. Nothing terribly revolutionary, but it doesn't aim to be. It's a pleasant, to-the-point, and surprisingly wholesome book that is exactly what it claims to be: a guy showing you how he started a fancy oatmeal company in 48 hours.

This book is better than I expected it to be. Although, I think I should have read his book on Superjam first. This book discusses the ways and the steps in which anyone can create a start-up from ideation to launch in just 2 days.

I believe this is only possible if you've read this book or anything similar and you have your mind prepared to actually do so. Based on the contents of the book, there's actually a lot to think about and process. There are many creative decisions that one has to make. And despite being able to outsource some of these thinking and creative decision, it is still the owner of the start-up that has the final call for everything.

With this in mind, doing a start-up in 48 hours require some level of mental clarity and preparedness. The contents of the book are really good. The steps are well-described and the author has given the details of the steps that he himself has taken. It was also very coherent. Towards the end, there were methods that to me seem outdated, but with the current situation, I think some marketing methods will have to come back and some will eventually die so we can't really say anything black and white regarding this right now.

I'd recommend this book to people who have some start up ideas and are just afraid to get started. Sahil Pawar. He states that family and friends will only give positive feedback because of their love for you, yet even though most of us recognise this, we are afraid to face criticism, especially when it concerns something we solely believe in.

By confronting ideas to family and friends, we are guaranteed to receive positive feedback, which is why we do it. If you are a young entrepreneur or someone who dreams of starting up a business, this book if for you. Shikhar Vohra. The book reminds you of a very fundamental question when starting a business, and that is "Why are you doing this? Most of us don't want to actually build a unicorn or a decacorn, we just want freedom, and for that, we need not look for and build a technology-heavy business that can go public someday.

And keeping that in mind, Fraser takes you on a journey of building a business in mere 2 days. It's a crash course in how to get started to building a brand and bringing something simple, yet value-adding into the hands of the consumers as fast as possible, with as minimal investment needed as possible. This book can be very useful for you after you have read books in startups that make you beleive that you have to have a mind boggling product, a 1Bn dollar market size to have a great business etc.

This book challenges those ideas in some manner. Greatest takeway - The ideas and methodologies to build a brand from the ground up and the hacks of getting up to speed with a business idea in a very small time. Yk Chia. This is a great book introducing the basics of getting it out there. The author provides his own road map as well as concise summary regarding the various topics, as well as adding his own experiences.

In my opinion, he covered a few areas well. One of them was design which i wished i have read before starting my business could've helped me save alot of money. The author also gave many ideas and resources for idea generation, one of which is to look at current trends and trying to make a business out of it. He was able to give a broad view of different ways to market our products which gives us a good idea how to create a marketing plan.

However one limitations of the book is that the author is mainly experienced in creating physical product business, so he lacks the insight of creating a software or service business. Overall i think its a good book as it not only gives information but the author uses his personal stories of starting business to engage with the readers.

Really great and fast read. This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers. Show full review. Connor Graham. Excellent, some really useful advice. Great for quick reference. Doherty walks the reader though the various steps he would take starting up a food-based business, while not universally transferable, there's still plenty of insightful anecdotes and woven stories from previous ventures that help inspire confidence and encourage the reader to just get started - commonly cited mantra amongst the entrepreneurial community.

Doherty crams a lot for the first 48hrs, potentially possible for a serial entrepreneur like him, but for a novice could be drawn out to a first couple of weeks or months instead of days. I don't really have any negative comments to make, it's too the point, grounded, well-structured, and entertaining. If you're planning on starting a business in the UK, especially a food based one, this book is well worth a read.

Akash Asthana. Everything in the book is pretty much common sense so there wasn't anything revolutionary in there but I really appreciate the way Fraser has shared his story and approach. The most important lesson that I've received from the book which hasn't even been stated explicity in it and one which I and a lot of others already knew but haven't implemented is to 'just get going'. To just take action and you'll learn things along the way and make adjustments. Don't wait for the perfect time or product.

Get going and create the perfect time. Get going and one day you'll get to do build more complex products which a novice can't.

Several hacks and web resources mentioned in the book are quite handy too. I'd recommend this book to anyone who hasn't taken action. This book might just give you that push. Shan Shah. He mentioned many techniques and tools to start a business, also with the startegies he used to start his own in 48 Hours.

The good thing about this book is that, the content is based on digital latest trends. As, i am already into digital field from many years.

So, many of my concepts were clear like building website, app, domain handling, promotion, idea generation techniques, fund raising etc stuff. From idea generation to Launch Recommended, if you want to learn about latest techqniues about the business startup. Alexandra Scarborough. This was a very concise and engaging read, provided by an experienced start-up guru who clearly knows how to create a new business from virtually one afternoon's brainstorming session.

I doubt any of my business ideas could be launched in a mere two days, but Doherty makes room for that. However, his style and buoyant optimism makes one excited enough to try! I definitely plan to employ a number of his concepts and suggestions, as well utilize the helpful links he threads throughout the book also aggregated as an addendum at the end.

I listened to this one on audio Hoopla , and Doherty's lighthearted Scottish brogue provided an added pleasant element to the experience. Mary Hartshorn. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I liked this book a lot because it was filled with practical tips and useful information.

This is perfect for this individuals who want to start a business but have no clue where to begin. Emil Bredahl. I liked it because it was so practical and useful. It was well organized and he highlighted countless of important issues to be aware of as you prepare to launch your own business.

I liked his writing style, and i can definitely recommend this book to people that are interested in startup companies and the culture behind. Abhishek Raj. I strongly recommended to everyone who wants to start a business. I can give you one assuration that after reading you will be fare ahead in your business. Mohit Khare. Really good! The author's experience clearly shines out in his words. He basically explains how he would build his startup in 48 hours.

He explains the importance of each step and provides resources for each step. It's more about building any kind of business and not exactly SaaS. Nice and simple read! Michael Diedricks. I really enjoyed this one.

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saadpcsoftware.comssing: startup book. WebOct 1,  · Download Hour Start-up: From idea to launch in 1 weekend (English Edition) Ebook | READ ONLINE Download at . WebPDF version (download instantly) You can download a PDF version of the guide to self-publishing immediately. It contains everything you need to know about preparing your .