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Restaurant reservation template free download airdrop windows download

Restaurant reservation template free download

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Stay tuned! Edit profile. OK, got it. Filters 1. Photos PSD All images restaurant waiter. Restaurant Reservation Vectors. Dating couple enjoying romantic dinner. Restaurant service infographic template. Lifestyle hotel concept illustration. Waitress in apron writing order into notebook standing at table in cozy cafe bar. Waiter web banner or landing page. Set isometric lifestyle of people in differnce activity.

Restaurant banner with waiter serving wine. Restaurant cartoon restaurant interior dining. Wedding planner concept illustration. Restaurant online delivery orders. Restaurant online service or platform. Restaurant page for website template. Waiter concept set restaurant staff in the uniform catering service.

Restaurant map and location campaign for on boarding template. Employees brainstorming during coffee break landing page in flat style. Cooking cartoon restaurant staff waiter. Isometric restaurant concept landing page. Man and woman dating in restaurant. Hotel seat reservation flat vector icon. Catering concept vector image set with cafe and bar symbols.

Phone cartoon phone flat mobile cartoon. Family having dinner landing page template. At the beginning, I assumed it is more safe if I used built-in Form and Active-X Control functions since it is available as part of Excel built-in functions. But, I found some of those built-in codes have problems in Microsoft Excel So, I decided not to use those built in functions again and replace it with a more safer dropdown list for options and there will be no scrolling button.

It will make the spreadsheet looks like a big table, but it will be safer for you to move between different Excel version as well as different Operating System.

I separated this reservation calendars into 2 spreadsheets. Daily Reservation Calendars template, which is more suitable for hotel, apartment, villa, and Hourly Reservation Calendar template, which is more suitable for Car, Party equipments, Music Studio rental businesses. I have to split it to reduce processing time when you are working with them. Compared with previous free reservation calendars, these one will reduce your booking management time.

There are 4 big parts in this spreadsheet. Those are :. Main differences between this calendar and the daily one, you should tipe time interval in setup worksheet to set your monitoring time within one day. There will be time intervals. If you set 24 hours, it will cover days, while if you set 1 hour, it will cover 83 days. Also, those time interval is arranged to the right in availability worksheet.

As informed above, it is arranged in purpose to minimize any incompatibility issues, if it is using a scroll bar, which should arise if you used this spreadsheet in other computers. This feature should be needed if you are renting a sport courts, or applying membership scheme to your customers.

Steps on how to use it are the same as for the daily reservation calendar above. There are fully unprotected also not just shown worksheets , so you can modify it to meet your own business needs.

You can purchase them as separate spreadsheets or as a single package. Price reduction applied when you purchase them as a single package. This spreadsheet consists of two worksheets. To customize this spreadsheet, go into availability worksheet and put your tables information in table type, capacity, and table number columns. And you can custom the display of reservation time here, by change the time step value in minutes.

After you finished entering all information, you can go to restaurant reservation worksheet to start your reservation log.

You can custom the column in this worksheet except the table number because this is the reference of the formula. Once you fill the reservation or you want to see the reservation information, go back to the availability worksheet and slide the date to the date of reservation. This template uses Excel where you can transfer, process and analyze inputted data easily using other Microsoft Office programs, like Word and PowerPoint. Or, you can create your own chart within or in another Excel program.

It is equipped with formulas and functions that automate availability calculation, calendar date placement and booking calendar visualization in seconds. It erases your manual tasks which sometimes could confuse you. This spreadsheet should suite any room rental business, like hotel, apartment, villa, and many others who rent their rooms on daily bases.

You can quickly see dates with your room availability status in one full year with respective color markers. You can set until 3 different remaining rooms as color markers in the Availability Calendar. As you can see in picture above, there are four different color markers that can be set based on availability numbers that you put in respective cells, where red color cannot be altered.

It has zero value by default. You may set remaining colors where orange box must has less number than yellow box, and yellow box must have less number than light green box. Table helper in Availability Calendar worksheet to see room availability and rates at respective dates. You can see this table on the right side of the picture above. All remaining rooms at respective dates will be calculated automatically by created excel formulas.

And any double bookings will be marked in Booking Board worksheet where you can spot it quickly to fix its respective double bookings. You can analyze your hotel occupancy ratio and generated revenue monthly in Chart visualization. You can analyze performance of your booking agents. You can book guests until entries. You can expand it to accommodate more guests if you need more lines. All worksheets are unprotected to fully tweaking the formula and customizing its layout.

You can put your company logo, name, adjust columns and rows, add more worksheets for your specific needs, or tweak formulas you need to have excel knowledge to do this. You can use this spreadsheet with Excel for Windows and above and Excel for Mac and above without having incompatibility issues.

The template is Multi User License within one Company. Any employees are allowed to use this spreadsheet as long as they are working within one company. Average rating 4. Vote count: No votes so far! Be the first to rate this template. Hi, the Calendar is wonderful! However, as my company have more than 1 function rooms, how can i adjust it? And may i know how if i wanna show some event information on the exact date column?

Hi, thanks for this spreadsheet. I will get back to you soon. I would really appreciate if you can help us. Good day this template is great- but is there anyway to not only pull a color box but to also pull the the guest name in text format?

So if its available it will still be blue but if its not available it would turn red with the guest name booked in it? Thank you so much. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Did you figure out how to get it to display the guest name in test format in the cell s when it is booked?

Hey this template is great- but is there anyway to not only pull a color box but to actually pull the table number? So if its available it will still be blue but if its not available it would turn red with the table number booked in it? Hi there i wish to thank you for all your useful uploads but i was wondering if it would be possible for you to either show me step by step how to do this or point me to a website where I can cheers thank you very much.

Could you provide me conference room booking template, our office has one conference room and the staff could book in 8hrs either all the time or in breakup of 2hrs excluding lunch break between 1 P.

Dear Friend, Thanks for such a usefull upload, it can be more enhanced if you add few more formulas i. Hi really appreciate the work you done here. Re this spreadsheet im getting a date range at the end of each calender.

Also is there any way to change the calender format as i find the blue date and no distracting. Hello again, how can I add another room type to the room booking sheet and link it to the calendar?

Many thanks Daniel. I have 5 holiday cottages which I would like to have a program where I can enter separate info for each booking for each cottage. Also where it will show the reservations on a calendar and availability. Also keep track of revenue. Is there something you can recommend? This would be perfect for me, I know this was uploaded in so I am guessing the link has gone but this is exactly what I need. I have looked on other sites and youtube but I cannot find anything similar.

PLease can you help? Hi I would like a spreadsheet that would allow me to enter reservations for tours, airport transfers, and car hire with driver for 2, 4,and 8 hours plus ability for extra hours. We would need it for up to 4 drivers and 10 tours. I work for a UK registerd Charity. I am looking to use this template for keeping track of availability at our volunteer house abroad. I have found it very useful, but was wondering if it would be possible to display the name of the room inhabitant in the calendar tab and possibly link this back to the correct row on the room booking tab?

Also would there be a way to make it clearer when there is a double booking? Now it is not immediately apparent. I was wondering if you can create a template for booking various training courses were you can input the training dates venues allocate how many people can attend and will also create and attendees list. Good Day, was wondering if you have a booking sheet for vehicle services. Almost the same as here, just with out the rooms LoL.

I need something for month to month use. Great template thank you very much. Would it be possible to have hours added to reservations so i could reserve a room for 1 hour at a time as well as for a night? I need more than 3 color criteria, how to add it? I really find your website very useful. I hope you can find a time to make an addition to your compilationÖ billing printable version. So the list in the customers name in this booking reservation will also be automatic when we choose a certain customer.

Do you have any templates for creating an event planning handbook? Our organization has an annual conference that moves around the country for its locale. Thanks for any help you could provide. I had your wonderful booking system working. But it was not enough for me,I need communication with over people making reservation, so I upload it to Google documents. Since then my availability sheet does not work.

My friend told me that your program is very sophisticated one, and what Google is providing is not good enough to run your program. Any help or idea what to do? If I knew you e-mail I could send to you my form to look at it. Please help. I think you have a good way of making templates. It will be really nice. Thanks for the great template, how can I get the occupant name on the RED shading for easy identification.

I have this same problems. Downloaded the booking template from but cannot get it to work. Spend all afternoon, changed dates, rooms, put information about new reservation and it does not shows on availability calendar. When I closed program and try to save it I had compatibility problem. Please help! Template is very useful but have a problem when trying to insert comments to say if guests have paid etc. When I use the comments box it stays in the one place and moves along with the dates.

How can I insert a comment which stays with the relevant room and date only? Just downloaded the booking template from but cannot get it to work. This looks realy great. I am looking for something very similar but for a car.

I like how this operates and want to use it for our picnic shelter reservations, how do I change it to only have 4 possible rooms available? Great stuff, but like Meredith I need to get the the guest name to display over the red booked colour? How do I do this? Teri : Try my other model for reservation in this site, you can modify the layout and formula to suit your needs.

I am using the Hotel Reservations template. I tweaked it for vehicle bookings. I am struggling to find a way that I can get what you have created for the calendar to display a confirmation number. I tweaked the calendar also so you have for example 1-May and it auto fills the days of that month only highlighting weekends. I placed a forwards and backwards button that you can change month prior or to future. It still holds all the reservations. Great set-up I have now.

But again, I want to find a way that the entry would show the confirmation number. Please let me know if it would be possible for it to also display the confirmation for each booking on my calendar.

Am a college tutor in hospitality and find your templates helpful. But have a problem in updating the availability from available to not available. How to i change the colours. Thank you. Do you have anything like these templates for multiple property bookings, for holiday lets? Hi again, In the room booking sheet we have 48 room type and number, i have added another 20 and i have modified the formula in the calendar to appear and it works, but in the combo box where you have to choose room number for your reservation it did not showed me the added room numbers.

Can you help with this? Thank You. I just want to thank you for these templates and for helping people arround the globe to make their work easy. I have downloaded the hotel reservation which i was working on creating one to run my small hotel, and i found yours more reliable. This template is wonderful, I really like it because you can see the available days very easy.

However, i would like to know if it is possible to change the color of the check in date only the check in date so you can easily differentiate the guests and the rooms which will have a check out, therefore you can show this to the housekeeper. Thanks for this spreadsheet. Is it possible to get the guests name on the red shading? Kind regards, Linda. Do you by any chance have a basic tutorial for this?

It would be awesome if you could help! I want to do one simple system for my hotel reservation. A little confused about the coloursÖwhen i fill out the reservation sheet does it automatically colour in the availability sheet?

How does the max per table work when booking? Ie a table of six is allocated by mistake to a table of only two etc assuming I have set up capacity in availability does it highlight this in reservations. Thanks a lot for being so generous to share this template with us. It is amazing. The only issue is that some cells suddenly turn grey without any reason. Do you know why that happens? Thank you for this useful Excel template.

Thanks for the brilliant spreadsheet. Just wondering whether there was any way that I can link an invoice and receipt to the hotel reservation form please? We are using your excellent spreadsheet for the rental of our beach house. Hi there, I am in the holiday rental business and am struggling to find an rental calendars for my bookings. It needs to allow for multiple unit as well as offering a yearly view of all villas availability and bookings. I am in the military and was pulling my hairs out on how to schedule barracks to soldiers till I stumbled into your template.

Not being to tech savvy, is there any way of getting report of usage and total occupants by periods? Thanks and God bless and reward you for sharing. If you modify the rooms and it doesnt reflect in the availability sheet, make sure the room type also matches in both spreadsheet.

You are very kind in sharing your knowledge. Its been really usefull!!.. Hey awesome, I was creating something similar for my small management company, but was getting way to complex! We have a 5 room Inn, pretty simple. I was starting to make my own spreadsheet and then found yours.

Started setting it up. Updated the current date on the availability worksheet and revised for our 5 rooms. Now am playing around with some sample reservations and not seeing any changes to the availability sheet.

Will just putting the dates into the res. Hi I was wondering how do I make a booking the instructions look very simple but for some reason I cant figure this out. Great work. As a next step I put some formulas in order to get statistics occupancy,etc. How can we get revenue by booking, ie obtain a total price per stay from an agency contract price per room, per room type, per season? There are three colours as you mentioned i. Now there are some formulas in red and blue cells whereas I cant find the same in yellow.

Lets say, there are only two types of occupancies i. How to proceed?? They no longer suffer migraines. Template very useful but have a problem when trying to add comment for instances paid etc.

When I add comment it stays in the same place and moves along with the date when you scroll along. Is there any way to add a comment without it doing this. Great spreadsheets. Is it possible to add the cost for each room and have a different spreadsheet to analyze the income earned etc?

I love the spreadsheet. But can I somehow modify it that you can scroll through the whole year, instead of 3 months? If yes, how then? It is exist a possibility to make an template who can store the entrance of documents date of entrance, to whom it is distributed and if it is solved, from who it came an so on? Kamal : Thank you for your offer, but this time I am just making free templates as my hobby and do it in my leisure time.

Tony : I will consider about linking to invoice and receipt, but later. Please advice on how to change availability by use of colour. Changing from blue-available to red-not available. In the hotel booking we have 48 room, i have added another 20, but iam not seeing the added rooms in the combo box in the reservation sheet iam only seeing room numbers till 48, can you help with this.

More, i have modified the formula in the Calendar form to let the added rooms shown in it and it works, exept the above. Is there anyway the name of the room occupant can be shown on the availability page so you can see if it is possible to switch rooms, without having to scroll through the reservation page. And the idea of linking the invoice and possibly a booking confirmation letter would be very useful.

I was wondering if I could hire your services to customize this template for my business. Please provide me with an e-mail address or phone no so we may discuss. I have fixed that in the latest version. You can download it again. And I will consider about filling the number of nights instead of checkout dates in the next version.

This is a great template. Is there anyway to have it work so that when you enter check in date and you can add how many nights so you do not have to type in check out date? Also when you for example have a 3 nt reservation checking in say jul7 and out on 10 jul, the availibilt calender show the night of 10 jul occupied. So on the availibilty chart it actuall shows four nights blocked off. I have a small business which is similar to Hotels real estate leasing and looking for an excel template to manage reservation and invoicing.

So can you try out the hotel reservation software for a few weeks? After filling out set up, under booking it shows -1 under each date whether it is booked or not. So starting , It only shows dates through and after that the dates show. Under Availability it shows everything in yellow even though have some of the dates booked so it should show those dates in red but do not. I read your How To Use steps, but something is wrong. Can you explain how to get it to work correctly?

I am clearly very silly. I am having a world of difficulty downloading the template. Enjoyed reading the article above , really explains everything in detail, the article is very interesting and effective. Thank you and good luck for the upcoming articles. I learn new information from your article , you are doing a great job.

Keep it up. Overcomed few difficulties and solved myself. Also some price by Room not even showing up in the same column! Please respond. If needed I will email my lesson.

Thanks much.

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