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Project plan template word free download

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Provide a brief description of each and note who from the project team will be in charge of providing it. You can arrange this information in a table like the one below. The timeline is one of the most important parts of the project plan. Rather than just adding dates to the deliverables list that you already developed, you should aim to provide a more granular look at each step in the process. Begin by dividing the project into phases.

Then, break each deliverable into smaller, more manageable tasks. List these in a table like the one below to provide a snapshot of the key activities and dates. HubSpot Tip: If your project has a complex timeline or many tasks that are dependent on one another, consider developing a Gantt Chart. This type of chart is simple to create in Microsoft Excel or Project. Using the set of deliverables and tasks that you outlined in previous sections, calculate the cost of each item.

The structure of your budget will vary based on the type of work you do, but the table below can be used as a starting point. HubSpot Tip: Include both hourly and fixed price items and recurring and one-time costs in your budget. Request that the client, project sponsor, and any other key stakeholders review and approve the project plan. Consider including a section for signatures like the one below. Log in Get started. App Marketplace Find HubSpot apps for the tools and software you use to run your business.

Investors Investor Relations. Business Templates Project Plan. Back to Business Templates. Give me access. Template Highlights. Template Preview Preview the text content for this template. Project Plan Template A project plan is an essential project management tool that can help you stay on schedule and within budget. Overview In this section, you should introduce the key components of the project. Scope This section sets the foundation for your project and is important for gaining consensus from all stakeholders on what the project will entail.

Objective 1 2. Objective 2 3. Roles and Responsibilities When establishing a new team, it is important to ensure that every member understands their role and responsibilities at the outset of the project.

Team Member Role Responsibilities Some common roles that are likely to be a part of a project team are: Project sponsor - The person or organization who owns and funds the project. Project team - The individuals who create the end product or service. Deliverables List the specific products or services that you will provide to the client.

Schedule The timeline is one of the most important parts of the project plan. Budget Using the set of deliverables and tasks that you outlined in previous sections, calculate the cost of each item. Approval and Signatures Request that the client, project sponsor, and any other key stakeholders review and approve the project plan.

What should be included in a project plan? The project plan should include every important detail of your project. Usually, that means the project scope, objectives, team roles and responsibilities, deliverables, schedule, and budget. How do you present a project plan? Creating a document like this project plan template is usually a good start! However, you will likely also need to schedule a phone call or in-person meeting to review the project plan and answer any questions that the client has.

Ensuring that you and the client are on the same page helps to manage expectations and prevent issues down the line. Is this template free? Completely free of charge! Related business templates. Project Management Gantt Chart Template. Project Management Project Checklist Template. There are two main reasons why project budgeting is important. Firstly, it establishes a set of rules and regulations for spending money on projects.

Secondly, it ensures that costs remain in check and don't spiral out of control. Before you start your project, add details like project name, project leader, and start date. Then you can start populating the template with tasks, labor costs, material costs, and fixed costs. The good thing is that the total will be calculated automatically, so there'll be less manual work for you. As you complete tasks, add their actual costs to the budget in Column M. The difference between the planned and actual costs will auto-calculate in Column N.

You'll see the sum total of your planned costs in cell G4, as well as your actual spend and how far over- or under-budget you are. If you want to add more tasks, click "Insert a new row. A roadmap is a high-level plan that outlines how you intend to achieve your strategy and drive growth in the coming year.

It's a versatile tool that can be used to communicate almost any kind of strategic plan. It explains why you are building your product, who it's for, where it currently stands, and where it will likely go in the near future.

A good product roadmap focuses on what customers want, not what the team believes they want or need to build next. You may want to first write your company name and the year at the top of the template. If you and your team work on multiple projects at the same time, this Google Docs Multiple Project Roadmap Template can help you manage your tasks more efficiently. The high level template is a great communication plan tool for companies that have one product manager responsible for multiple projects.

It's a visually dynamic template that has built-in and color-coded status and risk assessment keys so that you can get easy-to-read status updates at a glance.

You can easily drag and drop phases or tasks and extend their durations to accommodate each of your project's elements and keep them all running at an optimal rate. Project management timelines are essential for every project manager to ensure a successful project. They're a detailed schedule of your project that explains all tasks and deadlines so that your team can see the dates of every deliverable and know when the project will be completed. A project management timeline usually appears as a horizontal bar chart containing every activity's start and end date.

To some people, it may resemble a Gantt chart. The difference is that a timeline contains tasks visualized on a single line, and a Gantt chart is a two-dimensional chart of a sequence of tasks and their dependencies. This simple project management timeline template can ensure you meet all project deliverables. This project work plan template for timelines is similar to a Gantt chart in style, as it shows your project in a sequence of tasks. You use this template by outlining the project's phases, along with details.

Then, the project details will appear in the calendar view where you can track their progression. Project tracking is a way of measuring how well your project is progressing towards completion. It involves monitoring the progress of different project elements and recording that data to measure its effectiveness.

Modern project management methodology emphasizes visibility and tracking to maintain control over projects and their resources.

In this Project Tracking template from Google, you can track your deliverables and projected costs and set task priority. There's also a status key to keep everyone on your team in the loop. This Project Tracker template for Excel can help you to streamline your project management workflows and processes. You can add or remove details like tasks, deadlines, budget, priority, resource hours, and more. A project charter is an essential document that sets the scope, objectives, and principles for an entire project.

It's used to align team members and project stakeholders on what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, who will do it when they will do it, how they will do it and what measures of success have been established. With a well-defined project charter, teams are more likely to succeed in their projects.

With this Project Charter Google Sheets Template, you'll be able to create a project charter within a few minutes. It has everything you need for smooth project management, including Project scope, Stakeholders, Priority, Constraints, Project Goals, Problem and Opportunities, and more. But keeping track of how much you spend on different contractors is essential if you want to stay on budget.

Simply edit it as you see fit to match your relationship with contractors. Another great thing is that you can use it for every contractor on your team. You can even ask your contractors to duplicate each sheet on a new tab so that you can refer to older timesheets should you need to. This Weekly Timesheet template is a good alternative to the one above. It calculates the hours based on time in and time out.

You can also insert breaks, which need to be entered in minutes. You can allocate the hours as needed to regular and overtime. If you only need a weekly timecard, delete the second week. Delete the payment information if you only need to track time. Starting a new project can be overwhelming, especially one with many moving parts. That's why it's always a good idea to use a pre-project kickoff checklist to prepare for your project and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

This Google Docs template is designed as a checklist that includes example steps for project managers to follow. It includes steps such as "confirm roles and responsibilities," verify project funding," and "reserve meeting location. Without a clearly defined scope, there's a high risk for problems in the future regarding expectations, budgeting, and resource allocation. A Project Scope Statement is an essential document that outlines the details of the project.

The scope statement should be developed during the project's planning phase and made available to team members and other stakeholders. Simply outline the project scope, deliverables, exclusions, milestones, and costs. Also, the project plan outline template includes project details at the top and an approval section for stakeholder signatures at the bottom.

A status report is intended to provide stakeholders with an update on the progress of a project or a milestone within the project. Regardless of your PM process, updating stakeholders regularly helps them understand where you are with your project and how you plan to get from point A to point B. You can use this template to inform team members, the management, or anyone who needs to know about the progress of the project or any milestones in it. It can easily be personalized by using built-in themes and styles.

You can fully customize the template and add details like task status, priority, due date, assignee, and deliverables. Use this template to track and manage the issues that appear on your project. A good strategy would be to assign team members to solve problems as soon as they appear to avoid delays.

Project risks are changes to the scope, cost, or schedule of a project. If you don't identify and manage project risks, you increase the likelihood that one or more of them will happen. The consequence of this is usually negative. For example, an unplanned risk might result in poor quality output because the cost or time to implement something was not considered when planning the project.

Or perhaps the scope was not captured correctly initially; as a result, a new scope would need to be created, which adds time and cost to the project. Use this template to identify project risks, like scope creep or poorly-defined dependencies. Starting a new project can be an overwhelming experience. Simply choose the template that would benefit your project and follow the download button. Thank you for subscribing. You will receive an email confirmation shortly.

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Project Planner Excel Template - Free Project Plan Template for project scheduling

WebProject tracking templates Craft beautiful designs in minutes with the new Microsoft Create, no design experience required. EXPLORE TEMPLATES ON MICROSOFT CREATE . WebProject planning templates let you quickly start new projects, set organizational standards, and facilitate processes. Where do I get project planning templates? Itís relatively easy .