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Honda trx400ex service manual free download 1080p full hd video converter free download for windows 8

Honda trx400ex service manual free download

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Similar Topics. Service Manual Library. I am looking for help on how to distribute and organize a service manual collection. I would like to use a file sharing website or something similar. I have tons of service manuals and would like to find a better way to add and share these manuals, something that was organized and easy to use.

Any ideas would be welcomed. How did you get into Quads? Heres my story. Kinda long. I guess I was a late bloomer when it comes to quads. I had never ridden a quad in my life. Rode Dirt Bikes as a kid growing up.

Back in Oct of '06 I found a Mustang on craigslist. Took it for a test drive one morning before work. Fast car. I had planned on meeting the guy again after work. For some strange reason thats still to this day beyond me, I stopped in Hillsboro MotoSports on the way home from work. I had 6 Grand on me. There was a left over '05 sitting by the front door.

I didnt even look at anything else. I knew nothing about quads accept I thought it really looked coool and I had the money in my pocket to buy it. I was sitting on it when the salesman walked up and asked Load it up in my truck.

BTW, I didnt bother to ask my ol lady if I could buy it. Anyway, I took it by the house and showed her. She was kinda stunned but not mad. We drove over to a friend of mines house and unloaded it. I took it to the field across the street from his house. I was surprised by the power. I had it for about 2 weeks and took it to Sand Lake. I was there a few hours and rolled it on a banked turn at the top of the bowl right before you get to the one-ways.

When it rolled, I flew off and landed on my belly. The quad came bouncing and landed on my back. For a month I couldnt even walk. I was scared of it. I considered trading it for a EX.

Went back to the shop. The salesman said You dont want a EX!!! Trust me. Just get used to it" I still wasnt convinced. Calls were coming in. I had a guy that wanted to come look at it that evening. I decided to take it for one last ride at Browns Camp before I sold it. I was still afraid of it. After about 5 minutes I started feeling comfortable on it again. I decided right then, I loved my Honda and would learn how to ride it instead of selling it.

That was late Nov of ' Work was slow for a Painter in Oregon. My new job everyday? Going to Browns Camp and ridding my Quad. I bought my Girl Friend an '02 Blaster. I rode my for hours almost every single day for 3 months. And yes, I know my way around Browns Camp pretty well. I love them. Couldnt imagine not owning at least one quad. Luckily I have two. Bought it for my Girlfriend. Traded in her EX. A month later we broke up. Install the special tool between the primary drive and driven gears as shown and tighten the primary drive gear nut.

Page Flywheel bolt Apply locking agent to the threads. Remove the gasket and dowel pins. Remove the spacer, starter idle gear and shaft from the left crankcase cover. Remove the seatlrear fender page Disconnect the alternator connectors. Page Remove the nut, seven bolts and the left crankcase cover.

Remove the starter reduction gear shaft and gear. Remove the two ignition pulse generator bolts and wire clamp. Coat new O-ring with oil and install it into the starter motor groove.. Install the dowel pins and a new gasket Install the left crankcase cover, being careful not to pinch the neutral switch wire. Page Route the alternator wire properly page Connect the alternator connectors. Install the seatlrear fender page Install the starter idle gear shaft, gear and spacer in the left crankcase cover.

Install the dowel pins and new gasket. Install the starter idle gear cover and tighten the four bolts securely. Page Starter Clutch Remove the flywheel using the special tool. Remove the starter driven gear while turning it coun- terclockwise.

Check the starter clutch outer and sprag clutch for abnormal wear or damage. Check the starter driven gear teeth for wear or damage. Page Apply locking agent t o the starter clutch bolt threads. Install the starter clutch assembly onto the flywheel and install the bolts. Hold the flywheel with the special tool and tighten the bolts. Page Apply oil to the flywheel bolt threads and seating sur- face, and install the special washer and bolt. Hold the flywheel with the special tool and tighten the bolt.

To service these parts, the engine must be removed from the frame section 6. Page Remove the gasket and dowel pins. Pull the gearshift plate away from the shift drum and remove the gearshift spindle. Measure the gear I. Page Check the gears for freedom of movement or rotation on the shaft. Engage the mainshaft and countershaft gears. Apply oil to the countershaft oil seal lip. Install the mainshaft and countershaft assemblies as to install a set into the left crankcase.

Install the shift fork shaft through the shift forks and into the left crankcase. Apply oil to the gearshift spindle oil seal lip Install the gearshift spindle by aligning the return spring ends with the spring pin bolt while pulling the gearshift plate.

Page If the left crankshaft bearing is left on the crankshaft, remove it using the bearing puller with a suitable protector. NOTE: Always replace the left crankshaft bearing with a new one when the crankshaft is removed. Drive the crankshaft bearing into the left crankcase with the marking side facing up.

Page Bearing Remover, 15 Mm cob. Assemble the special tools onto the crankshah. Draw tne crankshatt into the bearing 'nner race. Page Apply oil to new bearings. Drive the mainshaft, crankshaft and balancer bear- ings in with the marking side facing up using the spe- cial tools. Page Remove the mainshaft bearing using the special tools.

Always wear insulated gloves when handling the crankcase after has been heated. Install the dowel pins and a new gasket. Page Install the cam chain drive sprocket onto the crank- shaft, b y aligning the wide groove w i t h the wide tooth. Install the cam chain onto the drive sprocket and through the crankcase.

Apply locking agent the cam chain tensioner bolt threads. Remove the handlebar cover attaching bolt, being careful not to let the bolt fall into the steering shaft. Remove the cover by releasing its ends off the han- dlebar carefully. Page Install the upper holders with the punch marks facing forward. Install the four bolts and tighten the forward bolts first, then tighten the rear bolts.

Wait 3 minutes and install the grip. Align the slit of the lever bracket with the punch mark on the handlebar, and tighten the upper bolt first, then the lower bolt. Connect the clutch switch to the connectors and install it into the clutch lever bracket. Bend down the lock washer tab and remove the pivot nut, lock washer, throttle arm and return spring, then the throttle lever with the plastic washer. Disconnect the throttle cable from the throttle arm.

DUST Turn the inner race each bearing with your finger. The bearings should turn smoothly and quietly. Also check that the bearing outer race fits tightly in the hub. Install the distance collar with the large dia. Drive in a new outer bearing squarely with the mark- ing side facing up until is fully seated. NOTE: Do not interchange the left and right tires.

Install the wheel nuts with the tapered side facing inward and tighten them. Lube the bead area with water, pressing down on the tire sidewalllbead area in several places to allow the water to run into and around the bead. If your kit does not have instruc- tions, use the procedures provided here. Check the tire for puncturing objects. Chalk mark the punctured area and remove the punc- turing object.

Remove the lining from the patch and center it over the injury. Press the patch against the injury using a special NOTE: Allow cement to dry until tacky before applying patch. Press the spherical bearing out of the arm pivot. Tighten each nut to the specified torque and further tighten until its grooves align with the cotter pin hole.

Install the following: - tie-rod into knuckle page - wheel hub and front wheel page , Check the damper unit for leakage or other damage. Replace the shock absorber assembly if necessary. Coat new dust seal lips with molybdenum disuifide paste and install them into the lower pivot. Remove the joint nuts by holding the joint stud flat surfaces. Remove the tie-rods from the knuckles and steering shaft. Remove the cotter p n and tne steering shaft end Remove the steerlng snaft and shaft co lar from tne frame.

Turn the inner race of each bearing with your finger. Also check that the bearing outer race fits tightly in the frame. Remove and discard the bearing if the race do not turn smoothly and quietly, if fits loosely in the frame. Adjust the tie-rod length so that the distance between each lock nut and thread end is 6.

A difference between both ends distances is 3 mm 0. Install the joint nuts and tighten them by holding the joint stud flat surfaces. Discard contaminated Dads and clean a contaminated disc with a high quality brake degreasing agent.

Remove the nuts and wheel. Remove the right wheel hub. Remove the stopper ring, outer and inner lock nuts from the axle. Remove the skid plate page Remove the brake disclhub by sliding it outward. Remove the O-ring from the inside of the disc hub. Remove the nuts, bolts and driven sprocket.

Remove the caliper stay and stopper bushing. Remove the O-rings from the bearing holder and stay groove. Also check that the bearing outer race fits tightly in the holder. Remove and discard the bearings if the races do not Replace the axle turn smoothly and quietly or if they fit loosely in the bearings Install the distance collar.

Drive in a new left bearing squarely with the marking side facing up until it is fully seated. Coat a new O-ring with oil and install between the driven sprocket flange and axle. Turn the outer lock nut counterclockwise until the ring groove is visible and install the stopper ring into the groove. Press the needle bearing out of the shock absorber. Carefully press the needle bearina into the shock Press mark- absorber until the depth from the outer surface is 5.

Carefully press the needle bearing into the shock arm Press the mark- and shock link until the depth from the outer surface ing side is 5. Carefully press the needle bearing and thrust bush- Press the ing into the swingarm pivot until the bushing is fully marking side the bearing. Install the brake hose clamp with the screw. Install the rear axle page Discard contaminated pads and clean a cont- aminated disc with a high quality brake degreasing agent.

NOTE: If air is entering the bleeder from around the bleed valve threads, seal the threads with teflon tape. Close the bleed valve and operate the brake lever or pedal.

If it still feels spongy, bleed the system again. If a brake bleeder is not available. Always replace the brake pads in Remove the pad pin plugs and loosen the pad pins.

Push the caliper piston all the way in to allow instal- lation of new brake pads. Measure the brake disc thickness at several points. Check the master cylinder and piston for scoring, scratches or damage. Install the spring onto the master piston. Install the sorina and master Diston into the master cylinder. C U D Install the snap ring into the groove in the master cylinder, using the special tool. Place a rag over these parts whenever the sys- tem is serviced.

Drain the brake fluid from the front brake hydraulic system page Measure the caliper cylinder I. Install the bracket pin boot into the caliper body and pack silicone grease to the inside of the boot. Apply silicone grease to the grease groove in the slide pin.

Place a rag over these parts whenever the system is serviced. When removing the oil bolt, cover the end of the hose prevent contamination. Check the spring for damage. Measure the maser cylinder I. Fill and bleed the rear hydraulic system page Push the dust seal and piston seal in and lift them Remove the O-ring.

Clean the seal grooves, caliper cylinder and piston with clean brake fluid. Make sure that the boots are seated securely into the pin grooves. Install the lock cable into the stay and connect it to the brake arm. Turn the brake shaft clockwise approximately from fully seated position and install the brake arm onto the brake shaft by aligning the punch marks on the arm and shaft. Hook the return spring to the pedal.

Connect the push rod to the pedal with the joint and secure the joint pin with new cotter pin. Provide adequate ventilation when charging. If electrolyte gets on your skin, flush with water. If electrolyte gets in your eyes, flush with water for at least 15 minutes and call a physician immediately. Page Battery charging This model comes with maintenance free battery.

Remember the following about MF batteries. Use only the electrolyte that comes with the battery. Use all of the electrolyte. Seal the battery properly. Remove the battery page Incorrect Faulty battery Check the batterv condition usin l the rec- ommended battery tester.

Incorrect and rechecn the batten, current leakage. Remove the two bolts, battery holder and battery from the battery box.

Install the battery in the reverse order of removal. NOTE: Connect the positive cable first, then the nega- tive cable. Connect the ammeter probe to the negative cable and the ammeter probe to the battery ter- minal.

With the ignition switch OFF, check for current leak- age. Restart the engine, turn the headlight on and shift it to High beam. Measure the voltage on the multitester when the engine runs at 5, rpm.

Page Remove the two bolts and regulatorlrectifier from the removal. Disconnect the alternator 4P connector. If there is spark, the exchanged ignition coil is faulty. The display value differs depending upon the internal impedance of the multimeter. Disconnect the ignition control module ICM connec- tors. Connect the peak voltage tester or adaptor probes to the connector terminals of the wire harness side. Disconnect the ignition control module ICM 4P con- nector. Remove the spark plug cap from the plug.

Remove the two bolts, ground wire terminals and the ignition coil from the frame. Never run the engine in a closed area. The exhaust contains poiso- loss nous carbon monoxide gas that may cause consciousness and lead t o death. Page Electric Starter Check that the battery is fully charged and in good condition Abnormal Poorlv connected batterv cable Open'circuit in battery cable Normal Check for loose or poorly connected starter Abnormal Poorly connected terminals or connectors relav switch terminals and connectors.

Abnormal Faulty ignition switch Blownfuse Faulty engine stop switch Faulty starter switch Nor'mal Loose or poor connector contact Open circuit in wire harness Check the starter relay Abnormal Faulty starter relay switch The motor could suddenly start, causing serious injury. Remove the rubber cap, terminal nut and starter motor cable. Remove the two mounting bolts, cable guide and the starter motor from the crankcase and left crankcase cover.

Record Remove the armature from the motor case. Check the bearing and oil seal in the front cover for wear or damage. Check the commutator bars of the armature for dis- coloration. There should be no continuity. Check for continuity between the insulated brush and cable terminal. There should be continuity. Check for continuity between the cable terminal and motor case.

Measure the brush length. Install the following: new O-ring insulator washers -washer Install the armature into the motor case while hold- ing the armature tightly to keep the magnet of the case from pulling the armature against it CAUTION Install the starter motor into the left crankcase cover and onto the crankcase.

Install the cable guide and mounting bolts, and tighten the bolts securely. Install the starter motor cable and terminal nut onto the motor terminal and tighten the nut securely. Measure the voltage between the wire harness side connector terminal and ground the battery voltage appears only when the starter switch is pushed with the ignition switch the cir- cuit normal.

Remove the bulb socket by turning counterclock- wise while pushing it in. Replace the headlight bulb with new one. Installation is in the reverse order of removal. NOTE: Align the bulb tab with the headlight groove. Page Ignition Switch Pull the taillight bulb out of the socket.

Install a new bulb and the socket in the reverse order of removal. Remove the neutral indicator from the front fender. Pull the indicator bulb out of the socket, Install a new bulb, the lens and socket in the reverse order of removal.

Check for continuity between the connector terminals in each switch position. There should be n o continuity w i t h the switch plunger pushed in, and continuity with the switch plunger released. Check for continuity between the switch terminal and engine ground.

Raise wheel off the ground and spin by hand Worn or damaged wheel bearings Drive chain too tight Wheel spins freely Pressure low Faulty tire valve 2. Disconnect fuel tube a t Fuel flow restricted Restricted fuel tube carburetor Restricted fuel tank breather tube Faulty fuel valve Fuel flows freely Clogged fuel strainer Clogged Check carburetor for clogging enough Not clogged Incorrect TIRES TOOLS This manual is also suitable for: Trxex fourtrax Trxex fourtrax Print page 1 Print document pages.

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Honda TRX400EX Top End Rebuild - Part 1: Disassembly

WebDownload Ebook Free Honda Trx ex Service Manual This will be good following knowing the Free Honda Trx ex Service in this website. This is one of the books that many people looking for. Web ( pages) Offroad Vehicle Honda TRXFA FourTrax AT Owner's Manual. ( pages) Offroad Vehicle Honda TRXEX Owner's Manual. ( pages) . WebDownload Honda TRXEX Workshop Manual Download. FAQ: Why should I purchase this Service Repair Workshop Manual? This manual is an easy layout format that covers all repair procedures in great detail. This manual will help you better understand all the parts & repair procedures on your vehicle.