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Rudy francisco poems pdf download download sketch for mac

Rudy francisco poems pdf download

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At the age of 21, Rudy completed his B. As an artist, Rudy Francisco combines activism and poetry to enlighten the minds of those who witness his performance. Rudy eloquently absorbs the experiences of those around him, synthesizes them and converts their stories into poetry. Furthermore, Rudy has made conscious efforts to cultivate young poets and expose the youth to the genre of Spoken Word Poetry through workshops and performances at schools and community centers.

Rudy has also received admiration from institutions of higher education. He has conducted guest lectures and performances at numerous colleges and universities around the nation. In addition to his contributions to education, Rudy Francisco is also the co-host of the largest poetry venue in San Diego and has featured at countless venues and won the hearts of many with the honesty and conviction held in his words. Ultimately, Rudy's goal is to continue to assist others in harnessing their creativity while cultivating his own.

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Play a song and give the stereo permission to use its outside voice. Let's sing loudly, offbeat and out of tune.. Let the world know we don't care how it sounds because the only key we need is already in the ignition. The cover of Rudy Francisco's first book of poems attracts immediate attention, but it is the poems that will slide into your thoughts and demand your attention.

Divided into four sections, each roughly corresponds to a different theme. Section III was particularly good, with thoughts on race, gender and identity, deserving several reads. II is about the end of a relationship and was my least favorite.

IV is perhaps about survival and hope, and I is about identity, various thoughts and falling in love, but you know how poetry is. His style reminds me a bit of Adrienne Rich; no particular rhyme or metre, with enough unused space to let you know each word is quite chosen. There are poems in the first section that feel a little too arch, a little too self-conscious, but not often.

These are probably the ones that most benefit from performance. Still, he charmed me with 'Ouch' : "Yesterday, I injured myself and the explanation didn't make sense. I said, "Well, I was walking At this age, my body is a stranger that I keep meeting over and over again. It wears a wife beater and house shoes, it knocks over the neighbor's mailbox, it cusses in front of the kids and plays the music too loud but you actually don't do any of those things.

She gently sprinkles a little on every word before she allows them to pass her lips. This is a ceremony that happens every time she has something to say" It turns out Francisco gained fame as a spoken word poet.

It's very interesting, listening to the emotion and speed of his words, as I imagine them in a much deeper, slower cadence. There appears to be more humor than I would have expected, although perhaps the audience is just aware of rawness, and the laughs are uncomfortable, or supportive; I don't know. But I think I prefer the voice in my head.

It's an extremely powerful, truthful poem and his performance is riveting. One of the only modern poetry books I've been inspired to purchase. Highly recommended. Remaining on my 'currently reading' list so I can keep picking it up. Note: all poems quoted are partial, but unedited.

The way he pieces them together and gives anecdotes for double meanings makes the journey of going through each poem interesting. In particular, I appreciated the way he talks about the struggles of his black identity and realization of his toxic masculinity.

This makes him seem like another self-pitying male writer who overly romanticizes women and only likes the idea of them without actually knowing them. I prefer the poems where he's talking about or criticizing his own identity because that's actually grounded in what he knows about himself. Something so eager, it wants to meet me halfway. Q: Do you know the human body is approximately sixty percent water? When I walk into a room full of people, all I see is an ocean. He placed a curtain in front of the monument and when he pulled it down the 3,foot statue was no longer there.

I think about how this magic trick has become too familiar. Liberty just vanishing without any explanations. You sure know how to make an entrance. Drink it and stop complaining. When your shoulders are heavy stand up straight and call it exercise.

Life is a gym membership with a really complicated cancellation policy. I think most of them are still alive. This collection of poems discusses many social issues like sexism, racism, mental health, religion, etc. I especially love the poems about "being black in America" were very eye opening.

Like this one here: "Being black is one of the most extreme sports in America. We don't need to invent new ways of risking our lives because the old ones have been working for decades. I also loved the romantic poems and the poems about his Mother. I especially liked this poem: "However, she makes everything feel like midnight.

The streets are empty and her car is the only one on the road. This is a gorgeous collection of poems that is very beuatifully written and thought provoking.

It inspired me to pick up some poetry, starting with this! Most of the poems within aren't particularly long, and sometimes the shortest ones packed the most punch. Who would choose to be a jail when given the option of being a sanctuary? See what I mean? This is sure to strike home for a lot of people.

Most of the poems are longer than that, and certain parts really stood out to me. Especially this line from "Rifle II" A bunch of dudes afraid of their own feelings, terrified of any emotion other than anger, yelling at the shadows on the wall, but still haven't realized that we're the ones standing in front of the light.

Now, I am not much for poetry generally, so I am not a connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination. But this collection felt very relatable and struck some chords in me. I read just a couple of poems a day because I wanted to give myself time to really think on them, but you could read this whole thing easily in a day.

So go ahead and pick this one up if you feel in the mood for trying out some poetry. I don't think you will be disappointed! Edit: As amazing, as revelatory, and as earth-shakingly brilliant as this collection is, watching the author perform these poems is a new dimension altogether.

It's a shame it's only growing more relevant as time passes. Finally, finally - here's a poetry book that really lived up to the hype. Evocative and beautiful, this is a short collection but it packs a punch and covers a wide range of topics - there's a lot of love, from inception to infatuation to heartbreak, but the author isn't shy of straying into more political topics.

Every word felt authentic and heartfelt. I'll be very interested to see what comes next. Shannon A. Jan I love this book so much. Complainers and Yes were my favorite pieces of work. Raw and unflinchingly honest, these poems�especially those on racism and other social issues�land like sucker punches in the stomach. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. An everyday inspiration but also a political statement. Jenny Baker. Kristy K. I Rudy Francisco is a ray of light with hopeful, humorous words and a positive outlook.

His poems still talk of new love, of a life unfinished, and of finding his way, but there is something refreshing about the way he writes. His poems Vanish, Scars , and Museum struck a cord with me. This section is bleak in the best way. But I loved it. III I would call this the social issues section but that seems to trivialize how inspired and real these pieces are.

Social media has contributed to the success of Francisco, he has said it is very important to him and he is unsure if he would be able to do his poetry career full-time without it. Francisco described himself in an interview with Book Circle Online , as very competitive, explaining why he loves slam poetry so much. He has said he loves competition and performing. It is what keeps me coming back around. Francisco has a five-year-old daughter.

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