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Apps and publishing services shouldn't display this version value to users. A string used as the version number shown to users. This setting can be specified as a raw string or as a reference to a string resource. The versionName is the only value displayed to users. You can then override these default values for different versions of your app by defining separate values for individual build types or product flavors.

This file also defines two product flavors, "demo" and "full. The "full" product flavor block doesn't define versionName , so it uses the default value of "1. Additionally, defining these settings in the Gradle build files lets you specify different values for different versions of your app.

The Android framework provides an API to let you query the system for version information about your app. To obtain version information, use the PackageManager. String, int method. If your app requires a specific minimum version of the Android platform, you can specify that version requirement as API level settings in the app's build. During the build process, these settings are merged into your app's manifest file.

Specifying API level requirements ensures that your app can only be installed on devices that are running a compatible version of the Android platform. Note: If you specify API level requirements directly in your app's manifest file, the corresponding settings in the build files will override the settings in the manifest file.

To specify default API level requirements in a build. You can also override these default values for different versions of your app by adding the settings to build types or product flavors. When preparing to install your app, the system checks the value of these settings and compares them to the system version. If the minSdk value is greater than the system version, the system prevents the installation of the app. If you don't specify these settings, the system assumes that your app is compatible with all platform versions.

This is equivalent to setting minSdk to 1. For Gradle build settings, see Configure build variants. Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License. Android Studio. Download What's new User guide Preview. Meet Android Studio. Manage your project. Write your app. Build and run your app. Run apps on the emulator. Advanced emulator usage.

Run apps on a hardware device. Configure your build. Then analyze the performance of your builds and understand where potential build issues exist in your project with the Build Analyzer. The Android Emulator allows you to test your application on a variety of Android devices. Unlock the full potential of your apps by using responsive layouts that adapt to fit phones, tablets, foldables, and Chrome OS devices.

More downloads are available in the download archives. For Android Emulator downloads, see the Emulator download archives. Command-line tools are included in Android Studio. If you do not need Android Studio, you can download the basic Android command-line tools above.

You can use the included sdkmanager to download other SDK packages. Android Studio. Download What's new User guide Preview. Android Developers.

New features. Create custom groups of device previews that you can reference in your Jetpack Compose UI. Try Multipreview. See Wear Devices in the Device Manager, and pair multiple watch emulators with a single phone. Learn about Wear OS. Core features. Create dynamic layouts with Jetpack Compose. Then preview your layouts on any screen size and inspect Compose animations using the built-in inspection tools.

Design with Compose. Moreover, when editing Jetpack Compose you can see your code changes reflected immediately with Live Edit. More about the editor. More about Android Build. Use Android Emulator. Find opportunities to optimize your Android app size before publishing by inspecting the contents of your app APK file or Android App Bundle. Inspect the manifest file, resources, and DEX files.

More about the APK Analyzer. Get started with Android Studio. Getting started. Learn how to install it in a few simple clicks. Learn to configure Android Studio according to system requirements, create preferred default settings, customize virtual machine options, and more. Whether you're new to Android app development or just updating your skills, we offer training courses for a variety of levels and topics.

Android Studio downloads. Command line tools only. System requirements. For information on recommended devices and specifications, as well as Android Emulator support, visit chromeos. Download Android Studio Electric Eel Introduction 1.

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