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Download gatling for windows

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That's why, to verify that Gatling can be run successfully on your local machine, you need to execute a Gatling performance test scenario using a Gatling tests runner. Fortunately, Gatling has a few scripts that you can use right after installation just for that, instead of creating your own. The Gatling distribution has default simulation scripts that can be run to check if everything has been installed correctly and that Gatling works as expected.

In the terminal, go to the downloaded Gatling distribution and after that execute the runner scripts according to your local system environment:.

If you see a similar execution flow on your machine, everything is working fine and you are ready to write your tests. After the end of the test you should see a link that you can open to verify that the Gatling metrics reports are being built successfully:. In addition to that, you can verify that Gatling is working properly by running the Gatling recorder, which is located in the same folder as the tests runner, and can be run using this command:.

It is worth mentioning that Gatling has very well documented configuration files. Usually, if you try to open internal configuration files belonging to performance tools, it takes a long time to get the meaning of each. Gatling is an exception. This is just an initial part of the configuration file but it can show you how well documented it is.

Command-line options do not have such a wide choice of parameters for configuration, but they provide the most important configuration parts for changing the configuration during tests execution without having to spend time on editing the separate configuration file.

The third configuration way is great when you need to specify a custom configuration. As you can see, Gatling installation is very straightforward. But at the same time, as soon as you feel strong enough and you have some additional needs for your performance framework, there are lots of ways to apply the required settings through a very clear Gatling configuration workflow.

Run your Gatling tests with BlazeMeter! Get scalability, multiple geo-locations and advanced reporting. To learn more, request a demo.

Table of Contents: What is Gatling installation? Getting started with Gatling installation Gatling installation verification Gatling configuration What is Gatling Installation?

There are a couple options for creating Gatling scripts. One is to use the Gatling Recorder that is included with Gatling, and the other is to develop scripts from scratch. Since we're just getting started, let's start with the recorder.

The recorder utility will launch:. A HAR file contains detail about the browser's interaction with network resources. The file is typically used to help troubleshoot performance issues, as it contains detailed performance data from the browser perspective.

We are going to generate a load test script for this site. Now we are going to step through our site and allow the browser to record the activity to the HAR file. Hopefully you see something like this:. You should see a file named "MyFirstGatlingScript. It's a text file, so open it in your favorite text editor. I'm not going to cover everything in the script, but there are a few points I'd like to highlight:. About halfway into the script you should see some code like this:.

Even if you're not familiar with Scala, this may seem fairly familiar. Here you can see the server calls that were made when you were stepping through the site to generate the HAR file:.

The number of seconds to pause is based on how long you paused between steps when the HAR file was initially created. This data was automatically saved when the HAR file was created by Chrome. Realistic think time in critical to building realistic load test scenarios. The final point of interest is the last line:.

This code is setting up how many concurrent users to run and how to add them to the test. For this example, we have just a single user that will be added immediately. Finally, let's run this new script. We'll follow the same patten we used to run the initial sample script:. Once the script ends you should see something like this:. This is a basic introduction to Gatling.

In the real world you won't be able to rely on the recorder to do all the work. You'll need a strategy for introducing test data, asserting API calls work as expected, including multiple business scenarios, logging, etc. You are going to have requirements for your tests that will require you to edit the generated scripts, and you will likely need to build new scripts from scratch. In my next post I'll get into details like this and more, so stay tuned! Are you sure you want to hide this comment?

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If leading-edje is not suspended, they can still re-publish their posts from their dashboard. Once unpublished, this post will become invisible to the public and only accessible to Dennis Whalen. Here is what you can do to flag leading-edje:. We're a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers. What is Load Testing Load testing validates performance-related non-functional requirements. What is Gatling Gatling is a popular load test tool with two versions, an open-source version that is free, and an Enterprise version, Gatling FrontLine.

As of this date, the current Gatling version is 3. Extract the downloaded zip file. Run the sample script Gatling includes some sample scripts ready for you to execute. The script will start and run for about 25 seconds.

Your First Script For our first script will test a sample Gatling website.

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WebDec 10, Learn how to use the Gatling Recorder on Windows or Mac to record a user journey through Google Chrome. Includes how to download and install Gatling, then . WebJan 29, Gatling is a powerful load testing tool for writing tests in Scala. There is no specific installer or exe file for Gatling. Only the bundles that need to be downloaded .