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Online movie player free At a diner called Winkie's, a man tells his companion about a nightmare in which he dreamt there was a horrible figure behind the diner. Mr Leenknecht. Completed: Your order mulholland drive download been successfully paid. Technical specs Edit. Black Focus by Yussef Kamaal. Top credits Director David Lynch. Michael J.
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Mulholland drive download Of all people, you're standing right over there Cancelled: Your expired order will turn to "Cancelled". Alternate versions Mulholland drive download scenes were deleted to shorten the running time of the movie. In the bedroom, they find the body of a woman who has been dead for several days. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Technical specs Edit.
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Metropolitan Museum Cleveland Museum of Art. Internet Arcade Console Living Room. Books to Borrow Open Library. Search the Wayback Machine Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. Sign up for free Log in. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Publication date Topics mulholland drive , david lynch , podcast , criticism , film , analysis , once-over.

Trivia Rebekah Del Rio the singer at Club Silencio first met director David Lynch when a talent agent took her, on a whim, to a recording studio where Lynch happened to be and asked her to sing a song for him. She performed an impromptu version of "Llorando" which, also on a whim and without her knowledge , was being taped by the audio engineer. Years later, Lynch decided to incorporate the song into this film.

However, except for a few minor tweaks, this was the exact same recording used in the movie. Goofs When Betty and Rita are rehearsing for Betty's audition, Rita can be seen reading from a script with lines for "Betty" and "Rita. Quotes Dan : I just wanted to come here. The background music becomes increasingly ominous] Dan : That's it. Crazy credits Credits have the movie director's name as 'Bob Booker' not 'Brooker' as we hear. Furthermore, many of the characters' names are simply not mentioned at all during the course of the film Billy Deznutz, Joe Messing, Bondar, etc.

Alternate versions Some scenes were deleted to shorten the running time of the movie. Some of the missing scenes are: An additional scene of the detectives McKnight and Domgaard in the police station talking about the car crash the previous night on Mulholland Drive. A full scene of dialog with the hit man Joe and the pimp Billy in Pinky's Hot Dog stand with Joe asking about information on the missing woman and about the hot dogs served while the drugged out streetwalker Laney looks on.

A scene of the Castigliane limo arriving outside Adam Kesher's house where the goon, Kenny, gets out and talks briefly with Taka, the Japanese gardener in the driveway asking if he has seen Adam recently. A scene of Betty arriving on the studio lot and meeting Martha Johnson outside the producer's office and Wally coming out the front door to meet her and take her inside.

An extended scene showing the introduction of Mr. Roque of Vincent Darby entering a large office building and taking an elevator to one of the top floors and asking the receptionist if he could enter Mr.

Roque's office. During the scene where Mr. Roque relays the message 'the girl is still missing' to various unseen associates, when the unseen man with the hairy arm on the yellow telephone rings his contact, the original scene was not of a telephone under a lamp with a red shade, but a white speaker phone on a bright blue table and a woman's hand Camila Rhodes? The scene of Adam meeting with the executives is longer with him first arriving holding a iron golf club demanding why he has been called away from the golf course to this meeting and Ray giving him a vague explanation to the movie he's filming.

The scene ends with the Castigliane brothers leaving first and Adam yelling at the executives over them rigging the casting of the lead actress and about the film being kept locked up in the studio safe.

A bit scene where after the bruiser Kenny knocks unconscious Adam's wife and the pool man, he walks around Adam's house and sees Adam's wife's jewelry in the kitchen sink which is overflowing with water.

Kenny then is shown breaking all of Adam's golf clubs as payback for trashing the limo and then leaves telling the gangsters in the back of the limo that Adam's not home. There is another scene introducing Wilkins Scott Coffee who lives in a studio loft above Betty Elms's apartment where Adam phones him just before his meeting with the Cowboy and telling Wilkins about finding his wife in bed with the pool man, and asks Wilkins if he could come over to stay for a while since he has no money.

Wilkins agrees, and after hanging up, he yells at his dog crouched in a corner about relieving himself all over the place. Records Inc. By Arrangement with Warner Special Products. User reviews 2. Featured review. Mulholland Drive - Lynch's cinematic art - reality vs. Lynch loves to realistically portray logical sequences interspersed by fantasy diversions, which entrances but confuses the viewer.

Blue Velvet is his best film, and works well because of its overall logical coherency spiced up by fantastic deviations from the norm the fantasy element of the film. Mulholland Drive starts off logically but then gradually abandons logical coherence as dream-like but realistically presented sequences are brought into the plot. Then there is a shift in the plot, from the fantasy of the first part, to the reality of the second part where roles and identities are reversed and reality reigns.

Lynch's genius is in his artistic slight of hand where he presents a fantasy scene realistically, sucking the viewer in to expecting a meaningful depiction, then upending these expectations in shocking the viewer with the fantastic elements of the scene. I can imagine Lynch laughing in the background as he plays his joke on the viewer. The film Holy Motors presents pure fantasy in nonsensical and unrelated sequences, and is bad art.

Mulholland Drive has enough organization and structure, with more skillfully accomplished fantasy, to qualify it as good art. Naomi Watts gives us an outstanding performance - better than the typical "Best Actress" Oscar award winner's performance in the last 20 years. Watts usually gets roles that don't allow her to display her considerable acting skills, but this role does, and she more than meets the challenge. The plot is secondary for Lynch since cinematic art is his focus. However, the movie is totally baffling unless you have some guidelines.

Basically Mulholland drive is the story of a young girl who comes to Hollywood with high hopes of becoming an actress. The film is told in two parts. My interpretation is that the first Watts as Betty part is psychotic delusions of the young girl as she reconstructs her past leading up to the promise of a brilliant acting career.

This is presented as reality and the viewer has no idea it is false. The shift to the second Watts as Diane part shows some shifting of roles, and depicts the true story whereby the young girl fails to become an major actress. Her identity is valid, as Diane, in the second part showing her dismal failure, while Rita of the first delusional part becomes Camilla in the second reality part. Naomi Watts thus plays two roles with different identities, in part one and in part two.

The two parts are cued by the change in her name from the delusional Betty part I to the real Diane part II. In a clever signal of this personality change, the waitress at Winkie's is named Diane when Betty and Rita go to eat there in the first fantasy part, while this same waitress becomes Betty when Watts as Diane goes to Winkie's in the real second part. The plot shift from fantasy to reality mirrors the high hopes and aspirations as fantasy Part I as Betty and dismal failure as reality Part II as Diane , that happens so often as young would-be performers seek fame in Hollywood but end up as failures.

FAQ 3. What actually happens in Mulholland Drive, and when? What are the answers to David Lynch's clues? Is Diane in "Mulholland Dr. Details Edit. Release date October 19, United States. France United States. English Spanish French. Caesar's Restaurant - W. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 2 hours 27 minutes. Dolby Digital. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. What is the streaming release date of Mulholland Drive in India?

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WebMulholland Drive (3,) Logo Imdb Outline Logo Imdb Outline h 27 minX-RayR An aspiring actress seeking fame in the City of Angels comes upon a strange woman . Webp - BluRay. Yts saadpcsoftware.comt: p - BluRay. Yts saadpcsoftware.comt: p - BluRay. Yts saadpcsoftware.comt: Mulholland Dr. () (p BluRay x 10bit AAC afm72). WebMay 16, аи Mulholland drive: the most beautiful free roam for Assetto Corsa random callsign K subscribers Join Subscribe Share Save 25K views 1 year ago Yet .