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Laser show download

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Laser show software is not necessarily able to control DMX devices like moving heads, fog machines or even DMX capable laser projectors, or can be controlled by DMX devices like lighting consoles. Both laser software have easy to use but extensive controls to operate lighting fixtures, fog machines and further DMX devices. You can even control DMX laser projectors with those lasersoftware. Of course you lose a lot of benefits in comparison to control your laser via ILDA interface.

But in case you need it, you can. In professional productions, there is sometimes a need to control other devices by DMX via lighting consoles. Close search. Dealer registration. ILDA Software free download for creating laser shows. June 27, The answer is YES.

Pangolin knows about the clients needs and already offers a solution since years for its client base the Pangolin Show Portal for free laser shows. But as achived this, Pangolin looked into the future and prepared to fulfill the clients wishes more easy and convinient. So as Pangolin reached version 3, for its laser show performance and creation software solutions BEYOND and QuickShow , they improved the way of getting laser show content:. There are a few platforms out there, selling laser frames, based on a per frame price.

With the Pangolin Cloud , Pangolin user have a huge stock of laser frames and images available, that is constantly growing as user can take part and publish their awesome content as well.

But not only animation and frames, also whole shows are available and can be shared within the Pangolin Cloud with all Pangolin users. All animation, frames and shows are reviewed and categorized, so they appear at an easy-to-find place within the Pangolin Cloud user interface. Of course a search for quick filtering the huge laser content database is also available.

Obtaining new content is just a drag-n-drop away. That easy. Once again Pangolin is on the innovative top of the time to provide the best user experience for clients and all members of the laser industry. Another great way to get laser shows and content, is to join our Facebook communities. In our Facebook groups, you can connect with thousands of laser artists from around the world, many of whom specialize in creating custom shows and content for clients.

You can join us on Facebook and social media, using the links below:. Friend us on Facebook: www. Close search.

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Inside of QuickShow we have innovative BPM sync tools, perfect for live and preprogrammed laser shows. Running large scale laser shows in perfect synchronization, has been made incredible simple using this tool. Our industry leading drawing program and frame editor allow you to draw or edit any type of laser content you can imagine. And you can also animate that content, truly bringing it to life in laser imagine taking a client logo and having it move and transform in laser light.

With our powerful effect generator, you can also apply custom effects to any laser content you create, including laser beam effects, text, graphics and laser logos.

We include a powerful abstract content generator allowing you to develop your own custom abstract content. Our innovative Virtual Laser Jockey Feature can run the show for you, triggering cues and content for you automatically, based on a set BPM you decide.

We include precise geometric correction tools with QuickShow, allowing you to dial in your projection areas. You also have control of your X, Y, and Z axis, as well as size, position,rotation and more. QuickShow also includes a a variety of test patterns available in the software, that help ensure you are setup for success. QuickShow provides you with a convenient on-screen preview, of all laser content you are running.

You can also see the content as it is sent to each individual laser you are controlling. QuickShow software is included for free with all Pangolin laser show control devices. Learn more about our hardware options, below. This is our most modern laser show control hardware, widely using by lighting professionals around the world. FB4 is a media server that is designed to be imbedded inside of a laser projector, but can be configured for internal or external use.

It's designed to provide you with a simple plug and play solution. Giving you high-definition looking laser effects. In addition, the software supports high-speed scanners inside of professional laser projectors. So no matter what laser projector you are using, QuickShow can help optimize this. We also offer a full line of professional laser projectors, made to work perfectly with QuickShow software.

Our systems are entirely built in Europe, and integrate a variety of Pangolin technology, providing you with a laser experience, like no other.

We pride ourselves on providing ongoing value to you as a member of the Pangolin Family. Including a full tutorial series available in multiple languages that you can access at anytime. We also translated the QuickShow software and made it available in several different languages.

Buy now, and get QuickShow for free! And get access to hundreds of free laser shows and content with the Pangolin Cloud. NB: Not available in the free version. The Live Mode lets you play animations on demand with simple keyboard shortcuts, perfect for f. DJs or improvised shows. Also available in a web version, create ILDA files directly in your web browser on any operating system, without downloading or installing anything.

An industry first! Check out the reddit community to share content, suggest features, ask for help and more: www. Skip to the content LaserShowGen is an application designed to make it cheaper and easier than ever before to create your own laser show.

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If you do not receive your purchase within 90 days, you can ask for a full refund,please contact the seller in time. Home iShow V3. If you need much more longger, please conta.. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. New Arrivals. Manual of how to use Ishow 3. How to change Chinese Version to English? Simply run the software from your computer and control the laser creating graphics, beams and text shows. Watch our the iShow in action via the video below.

To upgrade to a fully professional laser software controller see our Quickshow listing. Below are some screen shots of the various iShow menu items. Note: As a number of CDs arrived damaged or had data missing, we are offereing a download link only to get the software to avoid any of these problems.

USB cable to connect the box to your PC. Note: The ILDA cable to connect between the iShow dongle and laser projector is not included, but is available seperately as we have a range from 1m to 30m to suite all applications. See listings. Program scenes 0.

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