101 myths of the bible pdf download
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101 myths of the bible pdf download

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The sun stood still upon Gibeon. Joshua captured Jerusalem. Joshua fought King Jabin of Hazor. Joshua conquered Canaan. Joshua led Israel after the death of Moses. Shamgar was the son of Anath. Deborah rallied Israel against the Canaanites. Samson judged Israel for twenty years. Samson pulled down a Philistine temple. Micah stole silver from his mother. David killed Goliath.

King Saul committed suicide. Solomon did not impose forced labor on Israel. Daniel predicted the future. Queen Esther saved the Jews of Persia. In choosing the stories, I selected material from three broad categories. First, I collected stories with at least two contradictory accounts in the Bible. I wantedtoshownotonlytheexistenceof contradictions,whichmeantthatatleastone version of the story was untrue,I also wanted to explain how the contradictions came about,which to me was far more interesting.

What was the story behind the story? In many instances, the inconsistencies reflect the ongoing propaganda wars between the kingdoms of Judah and Israel. On other occasions, an early version of a story was replaced by a later version. This was particularly true in the Creation and flood accounts,where early Egyptian influences on Israel came into conflict with later Babylonian sources.

Second, I looked for biblical stories that closely paralleled earlier myths and leg- ends from neighboring cultures. While in some cases the influences were obvious, as with the Babylonian flood myth,in many cases the task was quite difficult.

Because of the biblical emphasis on monotheism, the authors had to eliminate references to or symbols of deities other than the Hebrew god. These changes were made by transform- ingforeigndeitiesintohumancharactersandsometimeschangingthelocaleof thestory. As intended, this version usually disguised the true nature of the biblical story, making it difficult to identify the earlier mythological source. Nevertheless, in many instances the editors overlooked some of the telltale signs of these earlier sources and, even in disguised form, it is often possible to strip off the costumes and see what mythological elements the biblical authors masked.

In this category especially, I made a conscious decision to avoid stories of a mirac- ulous nature where the sole argument to be raised would be a violation of the laws of physics. While I would be technically correct, for example, in dismissing the story of the seven days of Creation as a simple violation of scientific principles,there would be no purpose to including such stories.

For people who believe in the ability of God to performmiraclesthatoverridethenaturalorder,suchargumentswouldbeof noavail. For others, I would just be preaching the obvious, and there is nothing particularly interesting about that. But instead of simply dismissing them as a viola- tion of the laws of physics, I chose instead to go behind the story, to look at what ear- lier influences gave rise to the biblical account,to show what sources the author relied upon in telling the story.

In the course of this book, I will make a number of arguments with which most biblical scholars agree. In several other instances, however, I offer new insights into puzzling matters that the academic community has yet to resolve adequately. I am particularly enthusiastic about showing how Egyptian mythology and litera- ture strongly influenced much of the early biblical history, especially with regard to Creationandthefloodaswellasthepatriarchalnarratives,asubjectthathasbeenirre- sponsibly ignored.

The lack of attention to Egyptian influences on the Bible by both biblical scholars and Egyptologists is unfortunate. A conscious and deliberate effort existstokeepthetwospheresseparate,yettheBibleshowsalongandcontinuousrela- tionship between ancient Israel and Egypt.

It describes Joseph as prime minister of the nation and mar- ried to the daughter of the chief priest of Heliopolis biblical On , one of the most influentialEgyptiancultandeducationalcenters. Histwosons,EphraimandManasseh, were half-Egyptian and educated as Egyptians. Ephraim became heir to Joseph and foundedthekingdomof Israel;Manassehhadthelargestterritorialbaseof allthetribes. And historically, Egypt had a powerful cultural influence on Canaan from well before the Exodus to late in the first millennium B.

An eighth-century seal of a Hebrew official from the court of King Hoshea of Israel c. As we go through the Creation and patriarchal stories, we will see how Egyptian mythology significantly influenced Hebrew interpretation of and beliefs about its ear- liest history. These influences bring us to the question of the origin of Hebrew monotheism. How,when,and where did it originate? Biblical monotheism appears to have gone through an evolution. In the earliest stages, the Hebrews imagined an all-powerful Creator deity, but evidence of belief in other deities remains buried in the stories,most obviously in the form of angels.

This appears to be the primary form in which Hebrew monotheism originated and the form in which it has fundamentally survived even into present times. The three major monotheistic religions,Judaism,Christianity,and Islam,stillbelieve in a hostof super- natural beings, particularly angels and the devil. They are beings created by the one all-powerful Creator just as the Egyptian deities were the product of the one all- powerful Egyptian Creator.

The idea of an all-powerful Creator who brought forth other supernatural beings has its roots in ancient Egypt. There it was a central belief in most religious cults that a single Creator was responsible for all of existence,including the appearance of other deities.

The other nations of the Near East had no similar theology. It is the Egyptian viewsthatinitiallyinfluencedHebrewunderstandingof thefirsttimes,andwewillsee that many of these Egyptian Creation myths are replicated in biblical history. Whereas Egyptians also worshipped the many other deities created by the prime Creator, by the time of Moses, there is a new emphasis in which this Creator deity is deemed to be the only god to be worshipped. For a brief time in the mid-fourteenth century B.

Biblical and Egyptological scholars go out of their waytobuildanunbreachablewallbetweenAkhenatenandMoses,butitdoesnotrest on solid factual foundations. Regardless of my own views,the Hebrews depicted in the Bible never embraced a pure monotheism, nor was there a single universal religion. Gideon, one of the most famous of the early Judges, also was known as Jerub-baal,and Saul,first King of Israel,had a son named Esh-baal and this sonsucceededhimonthethrone.

Belief in other deities goes farther than naming conventions. For example, Solomon had many non-Hebrew wives and he built many religious shrines for them so they could worship their own non-Hebrew deities. And Jer- oboam, first king of Israel after the break from Judah, not only set up golden calves at cult sites, but established rival temples to the one in Jerusalem. And, throughout the period of the monarchy, biblical writers tell us that the Hebrews constantly suc- cumbed to the religious influences of the Canaanites and Philistines.

Under King Josiah — B. But,by this time,the ear- lier beliefs had become embedded in Hebrew traditions and writings. Ultimately, a single redactor or, most likely, a school of redactors sometime after the fifth century B. While myths often are based on erroneous or fictional history, they are literary artifacts. Just as artifacts from different layers of an archaeological site show us the his- torical and cultural development of a people,the existence of mythological layers tells us something about the people who believed in those myths.

In Myths of the Bible, wewilllookatthelayersof mythologicalartifactandseewhatthestratificationsreveal about how biblical history and culture came to be. Forconvenience,Ihavearrangedthebiblicalstoriessothattheycloselyfollowtheir order of appearance in the Bible. Preface xiii.

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The Bible is a Myth? - Doug Wilson

Web Myths of the Bible Author: Gary Greenberg Publisher: ISBN: Category: Bible Page: View: DOWNLOAD NOW» in Religion Russ Kick Everything You . WebDownload Myths of the Bible Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle The truth behind the biblical stories of the Old Testament. Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions . WebMar 7,  · myths of the Bible: how ancient scribes invented biblical history (PDF) Gary Greenberg • Pages • MB • English + bibles Posted March 07, • .