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Audio book free download

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There are over 1, free audiobooks, all available for download. Overdrive functions much like a virtual library, and that works for eBooks and audiobooks, both. The range here is truly impressive, and you can find books from a wide breadth of genres and collections with ease.

Digital Book is an online web service that collects a huge variety of audiobooks for you to enjoy, entirely for free. You can also look for eBooks and podcasts if you so wish. What really sets Digital Book apart, however, is the number of options it gives you to listen to books in other languages. Digital Book as thousands of audiobooks in French and German, among a long list of other languages. Downloading is easy, and you can listen by chapter on their website if you so wish as well.

Each episode is about half an hour long and contains a short story from over different authors. Finally, Scribl makes it to the list. Scribl is a unique take on the eBook and audiobook market. As people purchase the book, the price goes up, and as more people continue to purchase it, the price continues to go up.

Related: Physical Books vs. Audiobooks: Which Is Better? Your phone has plenty of different options you can use, and there are always other alternatives you may have never thought of before. We're hoping to rely on loyal readers, rather than erratic ads.

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Enter each title's description page, you're able to download each chapter or a whole audiobook in ZIP package. If interested, volunteer to read and record chapters of books.

Digital Book formerly known as Librophile is a terrific place to access thousands of free public domain audiobooks, eBooks and podcasts online from a range of online libraries covering all genres.

The website is impressive owing to the clean and user-friendly interface. Explore your desired audiobook by trending, top-rated or genres.

Scribl doesn't seem to be a good option for free audiobook MP3 downloads, despite the fair prices, most audiobooks come at a cost. The reason why I added it into the list is that Scribl provides plenty of podcasts for free streaming and downloading, but it requires a free account as a premise. Open the above link and click on "Listen" button underneath each title to learn the synopsis. If you have logged in, scroll down the page and you're allowed to stream podcast audiobooks chapter by chapter.

Click the three-dot icon to download free audiobooks in MP3. Unfortunately, there is no option to download the whole audiobook. Without further introduction, Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library offering universal access to free audiobook MP3 downloads. You may have noticed that this library of audiobooks features digital recordings and MP3's from multiple websites like LibriVox, Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive users, etc.

It offers multiple sorting options on the left side to help you locate your interested audiobooks, even better, the audiobook can be downloaded in multiple audio formats by individual chapters or a whole ZIP file. Project Gutenberg, which aims to encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks, is also a pretty good website to find free downloadable MP3 audiobooks.

You're able to search and browse eBooks by author, title, subject, language, type, popularity, and even the full text search. This site provides both human-read and computer-generated audiobooks, but IMHO, I don't think you guys will like the robot voices.

Go to each story, simply click on the download button below the audio player to download free audio book MP3. Besides, a text version is also available for each story. Although there are only a limited number of stories, they are downloadable MP3 audiobooks that can play on virtually any audio device without network connection. Likewise, in addition to the download button, it still lists the text version below each audiobook. As its name implies, this website focuses on short bedtime stories.

You don't need to open a post to take further action, it's convenient to stream and download audiobook on the homepage. Unfortunately, it has been no longer updated since , but if you're a newcomer to this website, these amazing bedtime stories may strike a chord with you.

Sweet dreams! Thought Audio offers a selection of classic literature and philosophy titles as audiobooks and PDFs for free downloads. There is a title list arranged with book covers on the homepage.

Click a title to explore more information, and you're able to stream the audio online. Or right-click on the audio track name and select "Save link as" for free audiobook MP3 download. There is also a PDF transcript provided right there. However, you have to download each chapter individually as there is no a ZIP file available.

Not every title provides online streaming, click on the media icon to open download page. You're allowed to download separate chapters as well as the whole books in a ZIP file. Learn Out Loud has a selection of over 50, educational and inspirational audio books, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos. And the free audiobooks are sorted by author's name, most popular, release date, alphabetical or random sort. Mark " Audio Download " option on the right side so that it will list all titles which allow you to download free MP3 audiobooks.

However, in most cases, some audiobooks are free with Audible Trial or need an account to download. Lit2Go, a project established by the University of South Florida, organizes a free collection of stories and poems in MP3 format, which cover the abstract, citation, playing time, and word count for each of the passages, and can be streamed, downloaded or printed out as the teaching materials for classroom. It's a teacher-friendly website for free audiobook downloads. Open a title, you'll see an audio player for online streaming and a download option to save the audiobook.

New Fiction has awesome library of audiobooks that are officially described as " modern-day radio dramas ". The recordings are performed by multiple actors with different BGM, and you would be interested in the novel performance.

Most interestingly, each chapter has a cover, and the cover will change when you switch to the next chapter, just like a slideshow. Although there are only several works, all of them are free to be streamed online and downloaded in MP3s chapter by chapter. This is the last website for free audiobook MP3 downloads. Honestly, the site looks very outdated and only a very limited number of audio book titles are available on this page. To save MP3 files directly to your computer, open a title, right-click the audio track and choose " Save Link As Moreover, this freeware also provides the basic editing features for you to split, trim and merge audio files with ease.

Everything is self-explanatory. Compared with paper books and E-books, audiobooks definitely offer a novel way to free up your hands and eyes when you're busy doing something else like driving, running, climbing, etc. By: Jonathan Swift. Having lost the family savings on risky investments, Richard Grey removes himself from family life and suffers a bout of depression. Feeling helpless and frustrated, his youngest daughter, Agnes, applies for a job as a governess to the children of a wealthy, upper-class, English family.

Ecstatic at the thought that she has finally gained control and freedom over her own life, Agnes arrives at the Bloomfield mansion armed with confidence and purpose. When Arkady Petrovich comes home from college, his father finds his eager, naive son changed almost beyond recognition, for the impressionable Arkady has fallen under the powerful influence of the friend he has brought with him.

A self-proclaimed nihilist, the ardent young Bazarov shocks Arkady's father by criticising the landowning way of life and by his outspoken determination to sweep away the traditional values of contemporary Russian society. By: Ivan Turgenev. The Old English epic poem Beowulf , recorded in its original Saxon dialect for the first time.

By: Anonymous. Facts alone are wanted in life. Father to Tom and Louisa, he shapes the minds of all the young children, including his own, with the exception of only one: the circus-born Sissy Jupe. By: Mary Elizabeth Braddon. Written during the Crimean War, it a story of fortunes won and lost and a masterly portrayal of the failings of Victorian Society, with the ever-present spectre of law enforcement and imprisonment looming over a fearful population.

Divided into two parts, Book One: Poverty and Book Two: Riches, Little Dorrit satirises the debtors prisons and the detrimental effect of enforcing a British class system.

Swann's Way is Marcel Proust's literary masterpiece and the first part of the multivolume audiobook Remembrance of Things Past. In the opening volume, the narrator travels back in time to recall his childhood and to introduce the listener to Charles Swann, a wealthy friend of the family and celebrity in the Parisian social scene. He again travels back, this time to the youth of Charles Swann in the French town of Combray, to tell the story of the love affair that took place before his own birth.

By: Marcel Proust , and others. When John Durbeyfield discovers a family connection to the ancient Norman family, the D'Urbervilles, the fate of daughter Tess is transformed. Sent by her ambitious parents to visit her wealthy D'Urberville cousins, Tess attracts the attention of the unscrupulous Alec. Seduced and discarded by him and alone in the world, she finds work as a milkmaid and the love of Angel Clare. Yet his love cannot accept the truth about Tess's past.

By: Thomas Hardy. Beautiful, sophisticated and endlessly ambitious Lily Bart endeavours to climb the social ladder of New York's elite by securing a good match and living beyond her means.

Now nearing 30 years of age and having rejected several proposals, forever in the hope of finding someone better, her future prospects are threatened. A damning commentary of 20th-century social order, Edith Wharton's tale established her as one of the greatest British novelists of the s.

By: Edith Wharton. This audiobook is about the rise and fall of Michael Henchard. While out-of-work he gets drunk at a fair and impulsively sells his wife and baby for five guineas to a sailor. Eighteen years later he is reunited with his wife and daughter, who discover that he has gained wealth and respect and is now the most prominent man in Casterbridge.

Though he attempts to make amends he is no less impulsive and once again loses everything due to bad luck and his violent, selfish and vengeful nature. Having formed a complex bond with her own family, George Eliot, now known to the public as Mary Ann Evans, depicts the loving yet volatile relationship between the Tulliver siblings and their doting father. Spanning over a period of 10 years, The Mill on the Floss follows the coming of age of the beautiful and idealistic Maggie.

By: George Eliot. In this world of bribes, vendettas, and swindling, in which heiresses are gambled and won, Trollope's characters embody all the vices: Lady Carbury is 'false from head to foot'; her son Felix has 'the instincts of a horse, not approaching the higher sympathies of a dog'; and Melmotte - the colossal figure who dominates the book - is a 'horrid, big, rich scoundrel But as vile as he is, he is considered one of Trollope's greatest creations.

By: Anthony Trollope. After publication in , it was banned for obscenity before going on to become an international best seller. It tells the story of Stephen Gordon, an Englishwoman from an upper-class family who is ostracised for falling in love with another woman, Mary Llewellyn. By: Radclyffe Hall. Set during the time of the Napoleonic Wars, this classic gives a satirical picture of a worldly society.

The novel revolves around the exploits of the impoverished but beautiful and devious Becky Sharp who craves wealth and a position in society. Calculating and determined to succeed, she charms, deceives and manipulates everyone she meets. A novel of early 19th-century English society, it takes its title from the place designated as the centre of human corruption in John Bunyan's 17th-century allegory.

By: William Makepeace Thackeray. Maisie is an innocent six year-old, torn between her divorced parents, pathetically isolated yet tragically involved. By: Henry James. In the second volume of Proust's great novel, the narrator emerges as an actor in the drama of his own life.

Swann has now dwindled into a husband for his former mistress, Odette, and their daughter, Gilberte, becomes the adolescent narrator's playmate and tantalising love object.

We move from Paris to the seaside town of Balbec, from ritualised social performances to midsummer spontaneity and from Gilberte to her successor Albertine. By: Marcel Proust. Molly Gibson, the only daughter of a widowed doctor in the small provincial town of Hollingford, lost her mother when she was a child.

Her father remarries wanting to give Molly the woman's presence he feels she lacks. To Molly, any stepmother would have been a shock, but the new Mrs. Gibson is a self-absorbed, petty widow, and Molly's unhappiness is compounded by the realisation that her father has come to regret his second marriage. By: Elizabeth Gaskell.

Typhoon is the story of a steamship and her crew beset by a tempest and of the captain whose dogged courage is tested to the limit. Captain MacWhirr was an ordinary man. However, when his steamer Nan-Shan blunders into a hurricane, he and his crew must pull together to survive.

The steadfast courage of an undemonstrative captain and the imaginative readiness of his young first mate becomes a partnership vital to human survival as they are challenged from without by the elements, and from within by human doubts and fears.

By: Joseph Conrad. Barchester Towers is the second of six in the series known as Chronicles of Barsetshire. Harding and his daughter Eleanor. It chronicles the struggle for control of the English diocese of Barchester after one Bishop dies and a new one is selected. The rather incompetent new Bishop, Dr.

Proudie, led by his formidable wife, and ambitious chaplain, Mr. Slope, begin to create turmoil with their desire to shake up the church establishment. Set in the rural midlands of England, The Rainbow revolves around three generations of Brangwens, a family deeply involved with the land and noted for their strength and vigour.

When Tom Brangwen marries a Polish widow, Lydia Lensky, and adopts her daughter Anna as his own, he is unprepared for the conflict and passion that erupts between them.

Their stories continue in Women in Love. By: D. This Audible Exclusive performance features a unique introduction written and narrated by Miriam Margolyes. Recognised as one of Dickens' most accomplished titles, Bleak House has impressed critics and audiences alike since it was first published in The novel boasts one of the most intelligent and engaging plots in all of English literature and is sure to engage the listener's imagination as it transports us back in time to the seedy, grimy and hazardous streets of Victorian London.

Doctor Thorne is the third audiobook in Anthony Trollope's series known as the Chronicles of Barsetshire. Long regarded as one of Trollope's greatest works, it is a complex story of love, greed and illegitimacy.

Set in fictional Barsetshire, it concerns the romantic challenges facing Doctor Thorne's penniless niece, Mary, and Frank Gresham, the only son of the impoverished squire of Greshambury. Mary falls in love with Frank but he is constrained by the need to marry well to restore the family fortunes. A literary masterpiece in which Dickens' gift for vivid characterisation is at its best, this is the story of a powerful man whose inability to appreciate those around him leads to his lonely demise and, later, his possible redemption.