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How to download the economist pdf

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A culture of gramme with her party, or negotiate for its France has been shaken by the revela- solidarity? The Communists, smart- nique, employed since at the intelli- tem. An inquiry is under way. He enjoyed high-level security leaves many questions unanswered—and a into a second formal pact with the ps.

Now we want to hear yours. At Royal Bank of Canada, we use our expertise to create a wealth management plan as individual as you are. Tell us your story today. To learn more visit rbcwm. Used under licence. German authorities are making little fuss about the killing of a Chechen exile in Berlin in August. The wheels are turning. Politically, the eu and Russia are as unreconciled as ever.

Rus- sia has shown almost no deference to European demands. Its un- deserved readmission to the Council of Europe created the danger- ous precedent of rehabilitation without reform.

But the two sides are converging nonetheless, because another force is at work. Big, long-term, transcontinental shifts are pushing Russia and Europe back together.

One shift is that the transatlantic relationship is faltering. Eu- rope and America no longer feel they can rely on each other to the extent that they could in the past. But now Europeans are starting to and seemed open to a deal by which his country would disclose in- hedge their bets. At cursions. The departure of two crucial Eu- Plenty of European leaders, after all, humour Mr Trump on the rope-America links—Britain, which is leaving the eu, and Mrs phone.

A partial thaw in eu-Russia relations, produced not by only widens the Atlantic rift. Europeans fear that China long-term geopolitical shifts, is under way.

It is better, he argues, to of an airliner there in have forged a European consensus in fa- make some concessions to solve the Ukraine issue and restart rela- vour of imposing and maintaining sanctions on Moscow.

The incoming European Com- cerns are closer to home. Ursula von der Leyen, its ty depends on stopping the likes of Islamic State and that this re- president, is a keen transatlanticist. It is a credible argument. Russia has steered the Syrian that in his view sanctions on Russia should continue.

Pro-Russian war and co-opted Iran and Turkey in the process. In June Russia was read- Turkey. And a Europe that needs Turkey, today needs Russia. As presi- are pushing Europe and Russia together. This may be understand- dent, Mr Zelensky has resumed Ukrainian-Russian prisoner- able, but it is also very risky. European support for makes hefty concessions to Russia. Such moves free western Euro- Ukraine matters as a symbol to the world that liberal democracies peans to contemplate a new detente.

The eu is a world power. Its actions French president, is urging a thaw in relations with Moscow, in- set standards. That would solve two pro- ber 8th. This has no basis in law or House reasons. First, it would be quick, whereas ness for errant apostrophes, the president rules.

Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, obtaining penalties for civil contempt blocked Mr Sondland from appearing be- may be playing politics in trying to ensure charges can require lengthy court battles. There are no rules that general, it is vanishingly unlikely to do. But citrance. But that is largely because cess. Where does that leave Congress?

This is not an option for fuses to follow the rules? One option would That misunderstands the process. Yet Democrats would with the Rockets.

A moving their way see Lexington. The strategy. Reasoning that the House will thorities to remove all Rockets merchan- most obvious example is Hollywood, probably vote to impeach eventually, why dise from the shelves, according to a sales- where studios steer clear of any topics in not get it over with now?

The controlling owner of the virtually all foreign businesses operating Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans. Brooklyn Nets, Joe Tsai, a Taiwan-born bil- in China have long self-censored in a more By the time voters head to the polls next lionaire who made his fortune at Alibaba, a subtle, pernicious way, by never speaking year, impeachment would be old news.

Tilman Fertitta, the what players, employees and team owners National Basketball Association owner of the Rockets, said that Mr Morey say. It also still earns most of its money in America. And when they choose not to Morey, the general manager of the Houston value of his endorsement deals, apologised speak at all, few will take note. Police have counted 1, viol- ent crimes, including 50 murders, in En- Down the tracks glewood and West Englewood in the past year, a far worse rate than most places.

A grey-haired bourhoods for dozens of factors, including woman squints at a book of French obesity, binge-drinking, smoking, child- verbs. Opposite, a bespectacled man reads hood poverty, health insurance and report- a study of Arctic peoples.

Some seats on, an ed rates of mental distress. As extreme racial segregation. Chicago re- an advertising gimmick, a luxury car mains exceptionally divided on racial adorns the L-station roof. A violinist there explains she busks to between neighbourhoods in income, pov- save for college. Streeterville has another distinction. Rob Paral, a demographer, agrees. Poor and black residents Englewood, farther south along the Red rous one 20 minutes to the north.

No city in America has a bigger gap. Now black folks are being the farther south you ride. Passengers are pus for a high school, a newish mall that in- squeezed again from places like Engle- younger, less ostentatiously set on self-im- cludes a Whole Foods and a Starbucks. He redevelopment, but that has not come yet. Re- Many streets are notable for empty lots— ten leaving the city entirely. This year is worse, he says, and On a few porches people gather.

A woman accuses another of being and the building is empty. A pair of young men move to let an el- high-vis vest, Melvin, says he is hired by Average life derly passenger sit down. Men Yet he says things change after dark. The city grows bourhoods, abandoned buildings that are 75 noticeably poorer.

Their stations are life expectancy in Streeterville and here? Leave with them and you vin. In gay sex was still illegal in most states and transgender Americans mostly kept quiet. That is supported by a ruling by the champion of textualism, the late Justice Antonin Scalia. For gay and transgender employees across America the stakes in these cases, crimination under Title vii. Under dis- spring, could barely be higher. Fewer than half of out an eye to the wider politics of such a woman. Re- cases.

He also thought that leagues. Con- marriage is a constitutional right. But the cases heard at the Su- icans who consider biological sex to be im- case of Gerald Bostock, who says he was preme Court this week all hinge on wheth- mutable.

The rest preferred not to that he was homosexual. Ms say. Responding to gay, lesbian or bisexual Americans as there the city from to Under his watch a question from Justice Sonia Sotomayor are trans ones. Gay marriage has largely brothels, gambling dens and speakeasies about how the law should respond to wom- been accepted because most Americans operated openly. The only time the police en who do not want to share bathrooms know a gay person; fewer have a transgen- intervened was when someone was late with people who look a lot like men, a law- der acquaintance.

He eventually went to jail yer for the American Civil Liberties Union, Mr Gorsuch is right that such questions for election fraud. After three decades he was de- tion before the court. It could address it, he elected by the people.

There, much will de- throned for tax evasion. Given that may pass the Equality Act, which would ownership opened up other possibilities. The This passed the House in May, but stands came back after gambling was legalised in fear about shared bathrooms in part re- no chance of becoming law before In , bringing in millions of fast dollars.

Fix your hair up pretty Mayor Mike Matthews was arrested in for extortion. The lost its gambling monopoly. He pled guilty in a federal court where the Lenni-Lenape tribe spent the money. Originally took over the city. His disgrace barely regis- conceived by a local doctor to be a health election bid to Mr Gilliam. Four of the past nine mayors have been arrested for graft. In a third of the nine-member City Council pled guilty to receiving bribes.

This follows more than a century of politi- cal bosses, many of them corrupt, associat- ing with mobsters, shaking down constitu- ents and businesses as well as controlling everything, including who gets a job. A judge dismissed that complaint in The state declined to press charges. In December the fbi and the irs raided his home.

Republicans probably will not The fervour Republicans such as Mr Graham display in their de- fence of Mr Trump—even after he has admitted most of the wrong- doing in Ukraine he stands accused of—also suggests something more than tactical.

And, to be sure, a president who ponders shooting the legs from under illegal immigrants or nuking hurricanes or buying foreign countries often strains credulity. Even so, such an impassioned uprising from him.

There is little reason to think that. Partisan Republicans accuse their opponents of do- augur a dramatic shift. But it is cord on gerrymandering is dire; Republican attempts to suppress not grounds to imagine many Republican senators deserting him non-white voter turnout are a terrible stain. They also hint at a in the impeachment trial that now looks inevitable. Rather it helps indi- minority of mostly white voters cannot win power by fair means.

And some—such as Mr Graham, a national-se- what it takes to set things right. This is all fair enough, yet it is not cles of impeachment against Mr Trump are presented to them, Re- the full story. As the Kurdish episode illustrates, Republican poli- publican senators will essentially be asked whether they do, too. What about the way I invest? Can I do good and do well? So we have the expertise to help your portfolio reflect your values without compromising returns. Together we can find an answer.

The value of investments may fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount originally invested. That includes nearly all the advanced economies under examination—Iceland is the sole ex- ception—and more than half of the emerging markets. He distributed buttons bearing mies against runaway prices. Most economies no ful—and less malleable—economic indicator. Central banks are longer struggle with runaway prices. Nor has the falls looms larger than that of excessive price rises.

Add in the euro zone and America trend. The rich world conquered runaway prices by the late s where the Fed has multiple goals , and you get But since the oil most recent round of forecasts. In emerg- on October15th, after this special report goes to press, that number ing markets it is higher, but the direction of change is the same see will probably rise.

In two-thirds of countries in the oecd, a club of mostly rich countries, a re- cord proportion of to year-olds have 80 80 jobs. According to the models taught in economics courses and used by central 60 60 banks, a jobs boom on this scale should have brought accelerating prices and 40 40 wages.

For the most part, it has not. Central bankers have been caught out. In March printing presses. But that is not right either. Monetary policy must not has not yet materialised. And while central banks are tion and high unemployment. But it poses problems for standing of where economic models have gone wrong.

First, it represents a missed opportunity. As the public One of the economic models named after William Phillips is physical. That would not be a earn Phillips a job at the London School of Economics in In Eu- their calculations.

But they still depend utterly on another Phillips rope and Japan nominal interest rates are already below zero. Though the exact loca- vours, but the basics underpin central banking. But it did not. This cannot be true. By then, however, labour markets were recovering. Unemploy- Flattening up ment fell and then fell some more.

Pockets of continued high joblessness remain in places 2. Economists at Goldman Sachs esti- 2. Some econ- 1. Yet when unemployment is low, central banks will react hawkishly to any sign of fast price rises. But although derlying causal relationship running in the other direction. In , for example, a spike to be everything. Hence the third, and ignored it to focus on healing their scarred economies. Prices and wages could suddenly and quickly ac- became more attuned to the risk of overheating.

In America and the euro zone wage growth has ris- en gradually in recent years as labour markets have tightened. Still, in most accordingly, is supposed to be a driving force behind the Phillips places the link between employment and wages remains discern- curve. Firms should raise prices and work- ible.

Before the euro the two were 80 ished. In Ameri- 78 upward trend as wages. But this does not sit well ply chains. There jobs boom, will render the argument moot. One is technological progress. The rise of online retail does not easily explain that broader shift.

At a basic level, it allows an economy to produce Alexa, how much is it? If aggregate demand does not keep up, prices will fall—or at least not rise as fast. So perhaps it The basic concern is a longstanding one. Alberto smartphones, social media and online streaming. The terms, consumption in this category is surely soaring. A bigger problem than falling prices is prices that are zero from the start.

Armed with trends in ly, all for free. The explosion in the provision of free services is usu- data usage and time-use surveys Mr Byrne and Ms Corrado con- ally cited as a reason to doubt the accuracy of gdp. Second, if consumers derive a greater share of their well-be- over the same period. The median formed: globalisation.

And advertising is only ternet slashed the cost of communicating. In the s policy- small relative to the economy. But with central bankers searching for explanations for to- Yet the line between market and non-market services is hazy. It has also become more relevant. In another the trade war and Brexit—send it shooting back up? United States United States But it may also indicate a growing role for global factors.

Between and the seven largest emerging tion has been to bring down the price of manufactured goods as markets accounted for almost all of the rise in global consumption their production has shifted to economies with low labour costs. In practice monetary policy works only with a de- lay.

That means changes in relative prices matter. Prices are more intertwined in inte- grated trading regions such as America, Canada and Mexico. This view implies that prices in non-tradable sectors, such as services, will remain sensitive to domestic economic conditions. Hotels and restaurants, for example, remain fairly sensitive to labour-market slack.

That adjustment happens on For the past four decades they have moved in tandem as saving and the balance-sheets of asset managers who investment have been brought into balance globally.

And they The effects invest worldwide. As a result it sends bil- have moved in one direction: down. In other words, there appears of excess lions of dollars of capital looking for inter- to be a glut of global saving. The potential reasons for this pheno- est rates to drive down elsewhere. In theory It is not just long-term rates that have fallen in tandem.

But as the trade war be- according to estimates by John Williams, president of the New tween America and China heated up during , it sparked fears York Fed, and Kathryn Holson and Thomas Laubach of the Fed in about global growth and triggered a rush into safe assets such as Washington, dc. Falling equilibrium rates mean that any interest Treasury bonds. Long-term bond yields fell to new depths and the rate central banks choose is less stimulative than it would have dollar surged.

In response the Fed has cut rates and the ecb has re- been a decade or two ago. But even that was due to a fall in the value of the that equilibrium rates have been driven close to zero. These are themselves policies with global conse- cycle above all others.

For emerging markets, it is so important quences. And because markets tumbling. They might themselves. The vegetable In China pork is what matters—the which mobile-phone plans feature sub- is prominent in the Indian diet. When country consumes as much hog meat as sequently plummeted, dragging overall prices rise it not only brings tears to the the rest of the world combined. For the best part of a year the pigs in China. In early have oil reserves for the same reason. The result of fewer distortive sub- of German household consumption, sidies, perhaps.

Or maybe some sort of giving them enough weight to cause programme is needed? Cruzeiros—ever more of them—continued to be used for payment, with the ex- change rate between the unit and the currency widely publicised. It seemed like a miracle. Yet arguably what came next, both in Brazil and other emerging markets, was more remarkable still. By it was only 3. By the s, and especially on more importance. That was particularly rica in , Hungary in and the Philippines in Yet the landscape is varied.

In countries The trouble is that the exchange rate partly determines the local like Chile, with transparent central banks, low public debt and economic conditions to which central banks must respond. And emerging service their debts. Research tion in emerging markets. Argentina world—a little more than half of the total— economies and Turkey University has found that a strong dollar 6 are undershooting their targets. And mon- tends to gum up world trade, as well as etary policymakers are not pressed up making dollar debts harder to repay.

But this poses its own problem. This was partly just luck. Since then, however, debt has been rising again.

But others, such as the World Bank, have issued warnings about debt. That is surely right when looking at the long-term trend. After the second world further run on the currency. That system broke down in when it Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who claims, wrongly, that higher interest was abandoned by America.

Even in India, where the central bank is older than the re- report on a review of its targets and tools. Such a target would incorporate both central its negative-interest policy among the German public.

This environment brings risks. But it would be an incremental reform that abandonment of Bretton Woods. A recent paper by Black- ment spending. Stimulated too much, rock, an asset manager, whose authors include Stanley Fischer, a economies will eventually overheat. Monetary Yet reform is needed to achieve three policy is not about building bridges or setting rates of income tax.

Getting real It is wishful thinking to imagine that these reforms can happen Take each aim in turn. For several de- quickly, not least because they involve handing more power to cades economists have had a prescription for monetary policy technocrats. For good reason the role of monetary policy is con- when nominal interest rates can fall no further: reduce real inter- strained by law.

In Europe it is set by treaty. At the to create political impetus for change. In a downturn, this should brighten the economic horizon. Policymakers of five copies. For academic institutions the minimum order is 50 and for companies We also offer a customisation service.

To target prices they would still can be found at: Economist. If he wins, Mr Scheer would Conservative rival, is over climate change spend less freely than Mr Trudeau but is ground of identity and culture. Mr Scheer L ast time Canadians had a general elec- tion, in , many felt it was a struggle for the soul of the country. Except in one crucial respect. He says Canada will hit its nadian values—tolerant, open, progres- Mr Scheer is sceptical of gay marriage he target for reducing emissions of green- sive—that Mr Harper had abandoned.

Pundits transfers 50 against climate change. Un- 08 10 12 14 16 17 country to legalise recreational cannabis. Along with than across the border. But his mistakes, coupled with the versity of British Columbia. This campaign more of a slog than a sprint.

First, thanks to free- jail, under investigation though not charged for illicit campaign donations from Odebrecht, a Brazilian construction atic corruption and a country politically divided. Her supporters consider it a case of capitalism, the informal economy and much faster. Partly under its are. Yet political stability has Kuczynski. In July the presi- new members of the constitutional tribu- pioning anti-fujimorismo. But without the glue of struggle with an opposition-controlled Relying on a broad interpretation of the presidential candidacies, the new con- congress, proposed a general election in constitution, and with congress seemingly gress may be unruly.

As part of an at- which he would not stand a year early, poised to impeach him, Mr Vizcarra chose tempt last year to reform political and next April. Far from solving a problem, for a new one for January. The tribunal may rule on Mr that created one. The opponents claim. The courts and other least three months. To revive, it needs help from Many of his opponents in congress were government. Several big mining and corrupt and self-serving, as well as ob- irrigation projects are stalled.

Mr Viz- structive. The risk It may come to be seen as marking the now is that politics harms the economy. At least Peru Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, a former banker. In many His opponent, Keiko Fujimori, who had ways, the fujimorista majority in con- won a majority in congress, never accept- gress invited its own demise. But by ed defeat. And he has set a tion allegations, Mr Vizcarra, the vice- precedent which may be copied by rulers president, took over.

Ms Fujimori is in whose intentions are far worse. His other big message is that a the storm? The country is in turmoil. The presi- Mr Moreno knew his decision—by presi- foreign aid. A curfew has been im- reno for his audacity in taking the enthusiasm for oil. Under the Liberals, posed in areas close to government build- subsidy-cutting decision by decree.

Some provinces that do not have their own car- ings and airports. The situation is scarily volatile. Mr All the money raised is returned to Meanwhile, prices at the pump have Moreno has also decided to take Ecuador the province. Four provinces—Manitoba, surged. When their ring-leaders were arrest- rioters calm down or have been squashed. Few special- students. Petro- Mr Moreno has promised to increase wel- its Paris promise. The complacency.

He is in self-im- short of what is needed to achieve the Paris posed exile in Belgium. He is also blamed goal, let alone eliminate net emissions. Mr Trudeau indigenous people, known as conaie. Perhaps a tenth Much hangs on how the unrest plays of voters will make up their minds at the out.

Their choice may depend not on how Uruguay, rather than fall back into another they feel about Canada but how they feel decade of instability like the one that pre- about the planet. Operations against the jihadists have reportedly stopped.

The Kurds, rea- sonably, say they have other priorities. On October 9th the Turkish armed forces began bombing parts probably grow bloodier. And Turkey of north-east Syria. Controlled by a Kurd- The incursion could displace many of the does not have a good record when it comes ish-led militia, the region had been an , people living along the border. But to jihadists.

On October 10th President Donald abruptly decided to abandon it. Turkish with the larger Turkish army. It will displace hundreds of thousands cleared the way for Turkey. He tried hr at es statelet. The main Kurdish force, called the Mediterranean to withdraw all of them in December. That created an intoler- Mattis, to resign. In fact, the Kurds fought under allied war, the government has been unable to command in Albania and Greece. War-torn endorsed the Turkish operation, threat- areas remain in ruins.

But few Iraqis the rest of its deployment in Syria. As the believe he will keep his promises. Turkish army advances, backed by rebel The problem, in part, is the design of the groups that are not terribly fond of Ameri- government.

What be- ca wanted to prevent another strongman gan as a limited pullout may end with from emerging. But the new set-up has al- America abandoning all its positions.

They dish out government lican lawmakers joined their Democratic jobs to loyalists and treat ministries like colleagues to condemn the move. Lindsey cash machines. Protesters accuse politicians of tor until it withdraws troops from Syria. Opposition parties ment.

The dismissal of Abdul-Wahab al- halt protests in the Shia heartland tend to defer to Mr Erdogan whenever he Saadi, a popular army commander, invokes national security. But Iraqi pil- groups with close ties to Iran. The authorities ests.

The State Depart- Syria. But un- terests in the region. It accelerated the pull- resettlement. The govern- embassy in Baghdad now has just over a ry to a hated foe. They complain, as They rarely leave the compound. Western diplomats won- the clergy in Najaf, a holy city in the south. His cate matters elsewhere in Syria, where Rus- There have been big protests before.

In Friday sermons appealing for moderation sia and Iran are trying to help Mr Assad thousands of Iraqis stormed the then- on all sides meet with derision. But little progress ment money. Protesters say he has been co-opted. Some talk ominously deaths and a dent in economic growth. Tax revenue as a share of which would have shown him only from backed Shia militias. Yet this may also have allowed War wounds exchange for the new notes. But critics fretted that the plan would Many rushed to buy dollars.

Others hurt the poor, many of whom live deep in handed over wads of cash for new cars. But teething pains continue. In exchange for laying That has proved naive. Since renamo came to have , more names on it down its arms renamo received pledges of gave it a scare in elections in , frelimo than there are adults in the province.

Al- dered a warden of Mozambican democracy. Negotiators the national assembly will be close. They vote has slipped in the past four elections will be among the most violent, says Ze- see chart ; many expect it to use any naida Machado of Human Rights Watch, an How low can it go? Victims of Cy- now the main opposition party.

After clone Idai, which struck in March, have re- 50 the end of civil war gave way to a mostly portedly been told that if they vote for the peaceful impasse, whereby frelimo kept opposition they will not get food aid. But in , and again in , 0 vele, have been killed.

It has since it won independence in Brit- Europe lags behind. Britain has spear- This year people have died in attacks, Yet that bare- Co-ordination Centre, created in It is not. On September 23rd ten enters Britain every year. Pur- Ms Opperman. Question- suspicious-activity reports to Dutch au- chasing power. Nor is there land, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, Glo- African states also complain that little much sign of peaceful democracy.

The eu is trying to make this sort of America, Britain and Switzerland have had thing harder by forcing member states to some success. But many African states have not Catch me if you can Britain has introduced another innova- helped their cause, often because thieving tion.

Unexplained Wealth Orders allow politicians are still in charge. The much larger than their salaries back home. In past decades they could stash their illicit wealth in the West. Sani Abacha, is vital. Some surprising places, such as most of the funds frozen in his British bank the military dictator who ran Nigeria in the Switzerland and Jersey, have grown more accounts.

Displaying a cheerful shame- s, deposited billions of dollars in robust in this regard. But America leads the lessness, Mr Ibori is again active in Nigeri- banks across the rich world, no questions way. The Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initia- an politics. In August Ifeanyi Okowa, the asked. Such brazenness is becoming a bit hard- er to get away with. Anti-corruption cam- paigners and muckraking journalists have busied themselves trying to uncover stolen assets.

Western governments, tired of see- ing aid money stolen, have toughened up money-laundering and bribery laws. Yet so much has been pilfered from Af- rica that tracking it all is tricky.

Yet over the lusionment is typical: nearly two-thirds of will improve his chances. Before Mr Cho was appoint- ladder. Six years ago, it was less than half. Among other They have cause to be pessimistic.

The so- Even more than in most countries, aca- things, she allegedly received generous cial class of children is more closely tied to demic credentials are valuable for getting scholarships despite twice failing her ex- that of their parents in South Korea than in ahead in South Korea. But the scene cap- ams at medical school, and was listed as any other country in the oecd, according to tures another truth: that if you know the the primary author of an academic paper a study published last year.

The recent revelation that some rich fam- inequality is hardly surprising. The rules were racist and Islamophobic, says Guled Mire, an activist who campaigned against them. O nly in desperate times do govern- ments enlist the help of teenage disc jockeys. Its desperation kept a policy that all but excluded any coalition partner, New Zealand First, stems from the teenage-pregnancy rate, refugees from Africa and the Middle East. It has now been which has risen even as the overall birth The government has announced that it talked into raising the quotas for Afri- rate has dropped.

It from the Middle East and Africa could population of 4. Australia, dardised exams. And in it passed the relatives living there already. Over the past nine years it has more than twice as many per person as born to teenagers by a third by She attracted a large online follow- phens of Massey University. Her experience is typi- from countries nearer to New Zealand. Such spread outrage. Digital plat- 1 blem—there are all these old people with tightened rules for lawmakers who want to high salaries who are impossible to get rid employ relatives.

But that does epitomises the unfair advantages of the 50 not include those so discouraged that they rich.

Yet he believes that are shifting their money as well as their sexual health. The sweets. They like to invest in property there, sometimes as a possible bolthole. The worry is that A tale of two cities Hong Kong will lose its edge in other activ- ities, too, such as investment banking and equities trading.

Singapore, put The two places have always seemed to ism have made some parts of town physi- crudely, is an illiberal democracy; Hong have much in common. Both are com- cally hazardous. Hong Kong has some- Kong a liberal autocracy. One has a freely merce-friendly. The number assembly. Singapore has been pointing, the low level of violence on the streets. Pro-government commentators in Sin- per, of the sorrow many of his compatriots The Straits Times, a pro-government pa- gapore were quick to condemn him.

The thised with the protesters in Hong Kong. It is a media with a photo of himself holding a fallen sharply since then. When, according to local media women, with two in three women experi- which hardly anyone is prosecuted. Recently, a hospital worker killed herself in the face of threats and pressure, every- Discrimination is rampant. Reported sex crimes, powerful ones, rarely have to answer for making a lewd recording.

She had taped including child rape, are up sharply in their actions. Her ordeal ended only with such things. Within days, Mr Mahara a presidential pardon.

This week the police cers and army recruits are sometimes voice. In Bangladesh a MeToo-style arrested him. Violence against women tion. Activists against harassment are lice.

In January lawyers in Pakistan need not hold back a man going places. A themselves harassed by the state. A third of television dramas depict help for victims of harassment.

They included members women. It continues after birth. Girls are strongman. Many marry before erful, violent men in government, busi- they are adults or are beaten by their ness and entertainment. The emer- Laws and social attitudes have gence in South Korea of an aggressive, evolved, but not enough.

The Economist October 12th 61 China Domestic violence fear those cells are decaying as marriage rates fall and divorce rates soar. Last year No escape more than 10m couples tied the knot and nearly 4. This is partly because, for many people, divorce has become much easier. Before it needed approval from an employer or community leader. Last year two-thirds T he beatings were so brutal that Dong Fang not her real name was left par- tially deaf, and her daughter needed three well-being.

Domestic violence has been a legal ground stitches in her hand. But courts would probably have ignored such women, found the new law had done little abused spouses often remain trapped. They are usu- certain number of cases. As citizens be- lence bill. This enabled Ms Dong to obtain a ally unswayed by claims of violence. For judges, saying no to a divorce is the south-western city where she lives.

Some judges also fear that the anger of new law in action. Later came the shock. He describes families as the when a man threatens to murder his for divorce. Poor odds of success in the judge told a newspaper in Beijing.

Emergency brake might not work. In this case, it ruled, they had tional community. The court said each should have one caution was well-founded. Judges of- years—allowing the government to impose was suspended, leaving many people ten allow a divorce while dismissing char- sweeping curbs on civil liberties.

Mrs Lam stranded. Many stations stayed closed all ges of domestic violence, thus allowing the only announced one new restriction: a ban weekend. Some remained shut even after husband to avoid any penalty. As a result, on the wearing of masks during protests. Widespread violence broke out, It was not all mayhem. Tens of thou- reliable guardian of the lawful rights and paralysing transport. A new cycle of escala- sands of people marched peacefully, also interests of women. She expects a ruling by January.

Activists had been close to the mark. Indeed it has. Getting a re- after the unrest began, young protesters ganise protests. The penalty for violators is them. Once they limited would change their tactics. They would like jail. But only 5, women applied stones and other projectiles at them. More people to leave home or go to work. Re- probably an underestimate. Ms Dong, who in Post-it notes. They also fear that it will Since Mr Xi came to power in he erode overseas support for the protesters has stressed the importance of the rule of such backing has infuriated many people law.

But he has also emphasised the judi- in China; see United States section. So judges are inclined to interpret the ble, including on October 16th when the law in ways that please it. There the government is dle trials involving family matters. But the legislature, but also social harmony and stability and dominated by pro-government politicians, the advancement of civilisation. It Meanwhile Mr Xi has been waging a will be another day of tension.

It was a GJ-2, not a WZ Turning-points in history are not always rational, or good, or bad, he ventures. They just are. Though recent acts of violence by protesters dis- may many, polls suggest that Hong Kongers are angrier still with the police and government, whose job is to uphold order and the law impartially. In the meantime, even those who oppose radical actions by protesters concede that moderation has not brought many rewards. What matters is that it already began.

The Reverend Chu Yiu-ming was in his 40s when he witnessed the murderous suppression of the Tiananmen protests. As an activist dur- ing the democracy protests of , he stood in a rumour-swept co-founded the Occupy movement.

Convicted of public-order of- fences for his role in that, Mr Chu, 75, only escaped prison on Tiananmen Square in early June and assured fearful comrades grounds of his age and public service. Still haunted by that mistake, he felt alarm in September could land them in prison for ten years. Hurrying to support from across society. Sometimes them to see reason. Philippines, East Germany and Poland. Hong Kongers are not try- Jump forward to , and a new generation of radical activists ing to topple the party, he believes.

Whether to its people. Put another way, the crisis must either get better tem. Some sang hymns or collected water bottles for recycling. Today, the risks of provoking those in power are greater than ever. Hong Kongers are asking violence by pro-Communist thugs. Veterans of know better. That is workers on the mainland. Raising animals Fake moos for meat, eggs and milk is one of the most resource-intensive processes in agricul- ture.

A journalist walks into Honest Bur- gers, a small chain of restaurants in Britain. Mindful of the carbon emissions At the moment, the market for meat substitutes is tiny. They may even mean it. It tastes convincingly what they spend on real meat. Analysts at Bar- nonetheless. Around a third of those from America. Startups and established food con- an animal to eat a plant and then be killed.

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