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3cx download for windows 10

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See Emergency Calling - for important details and restrictions. All rates listed are per minute and in US Dollars. Rates are subject to change without notice. International calling may require service approval before activation. IPComms does not guarantee service quality for any service delivered via the public Internet. All outbound long-distance calling plans and Toll-Free inbound origination services exclude Alaska and the Yukon Territories.

Unlimited calling and other services for all IPComms plans are based on normal business use by a single typical business.

A combination of factors is used to determine abnormal use, including but not limited to: the number of unique numbers called, the average length of call, calling patterns, minutes used and other factors. Net 4. Open the Setup Wizard to begin the installation. To configure the client, double-click on the configuration file attached to the 3CX Welcome Email please refer to note or drag and drop the configuration file in to the 3CX Client.

Once configuration is complete the Available status on the left upper corner of the Client and On Hook in the dial screen will be activated and the 3CX Client for Windows will be ready for use.

You can make and receive calls on your deskphone as well as remotely initiate, transfer and create conference calls. Settings Once the installation and provisioning is completed you can personalize your 3CX C lient by clicking on the Settings icon. Call Forwarding: Configure your forwarding rules. For more information and details read the Forwarding Rules chapter. Configure Accounts: Configure multiple accounts and select which extension to use. From this option, you can activate other accounts if you have more than one provision allocated.

To switch accounts, select the appropriate box. Double click on the account in order to access the account details and go to Advanced Settings. Recordings: Avoid miscommunication by r ecord ing a conversation or conference call and manage your recordings efficiently. For more information, read the Recording chapter. Audio Options: From here you can specify your Audio options and devices.

Usually the default settings are already optimized, however if amendments are required, they can be done via the Audio Options and Audio Devices tabs: Audio Options provides you with 3 options: Echo cancellation : When enabled, it will minimize any echo heard during calls Silence Detection: When enabled, 3CX client will conserve bandwidth by not sending data when detecting silence.

This might impede quality when enabled. Microphone Gain : If the other party cannot hear you clearly, you can increase your microphone gain to amplify the volume of your voice. Speaker: Select the device you will be using to hear.

Ringing : Select the destination from which you will hear the 3CX Client ringing. Video Options: From here you can specify your Video preferences and devices. Enable Video : Select whether you want the video to be enabled or not.

Video Resolution: Select from the drop down menu the optimal resolution for your video. Frames per sec : Select from the drop down menu how many frames per second you would like to record. Bandwidth: You can select the desired bandwidth usage regardless of the frames per sec. This will solve all issues arising when increasing your frame rate.

Automatically the bandwidth used by Video increases as does the load placed on your Internet connection. Even if your camera supports a high frame rate, your connection speed may prevent you from sending or receiving video at a high frame rate. Video Devices: Select which camera you want to use in case you have more than one installed.

For more information on how to use and set up this functionality read our Making Calls Using Hot Keys chapter. Advanced Settings: From here you are prompted to: Behavior: Gives you 3 additional features: Focus: If enabled, the 3CX Client will pop up in front of whatever application you are using when an incoming call is received.

Transfers using Drag and Drop: You can select the default transfer method when you Drag and Drop an active call. External Application: This option is used to enable and control communication between the 3CX Client and 3rd party applications.

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WebJul 5,  · Trusted Windows (PC) download 3CX PhoneSystem Virus-free and % clean download. Get 3CX PhoneSystem alternative downloads. WebWith the 3CX extension, Click2Call functionality enables telephone numbers on any webpage or CRM system to be ‘hyperlinked’ allowing a simple click to initiate the call instead of copying and pasting. Web3CX Phone System for Windows is a Windows based software that works with SIP standard IP based phones. Used by over 30, companies worldwide, 3CX is known for its technology and innovation. 3CX includes clients for smartphones, Macs and laptops. With this software you can send and receive VIP calls in Windows environment.