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8051 microcontroller programs pdf free download

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SETB P1. If so, send it to P2. If not, make it even and then send it to P2. Write a program to save the status of P1. Write a program to get the status of the switch and send it to the LED.

Monitor the bit continuously. Write a program to check the status of the switch and make the following decision. Also, as you place a byte in upper RAM, give a copy to P0. Place the sum in R7 and R6; R6 should have the lower byte. In other word, while the source but not after INC can be an operand of any addressing mode, the destination must be in register A in order for DA to work.

The final result is in BCD format. The result must be in BCD. Add it to the minuend A Subtraction of 3. A MOV B, 10 ;load 10 to reg. Save it in R7, R6 and R5. After each division the remainder is saves. Write the magnitude of the number in 8-bit binary no sign 2. Invert each bit 3. If it does, send 99H to P2; otherwise, it stays cleared. If both registers have the same value, 00 is placed in A. Instruction According to the test results, place the temperature value into the registers indicated by the following.

Put two highs at the start and end of the data. Send the byte LSB first. This is widely used for the new generation of microcontrollers. Using the inverting and Ex-OR operators, respectively. Examine the contents of the code space to locate the values. The LSB should go out first. The MSB should go out first. The LSB should come in first. The MSB should come in first.

Verify also that the information is not corrupted. Start the timer Program 4. Stop the timer 6. Clear the TF flag for the next round 7. TMOD is loaded. Steps to Mode 1 6.

Timer 0 counts up with the passing of each clock, which is provided by the crystal oscillator. At that point, the JNB instruction falls through. In other words, Timer 0 counts up each 1. To get a more accurate timing, Mode 1 we need to add clock cycles due to this instructions in the loop. CLR P2. This plus Rolling over to 0 goes through a total of clock cycles, where each clock is 1. Find the delay in ms. Programming CLR P2.

As a result, it goes through a total Of states. In your calculation do not include the overhead due to Instructions in the loop.

Also notice that the high portion and low portion of the square wave pulse are equal. In the above calculation, the overhead due to all the instruction in the loop is not included. Divide the desired time delay by 1. Perform n, where n is the decimal Values value we got in Step1 3. Show the program for timer 0 to create a pulse width of 5 ms on P2. Programming This means that out of many 1. To get that, we divide one by the other. Look at the following steps. The program is as follow.

Start timer 4. Clear the TF flag 6. In mode 2 we do not need to reload TH since it is auto-reload. Remember that we only use the right two digits and ignore the rest since our data is an 8-bit data. Since ports are set up for output when the is powered up, we make P3. In other words, we must configure set high the T1 pin pin P3.

Use Timer 0, mode 1 bit to create the delay. Use Timer 1, mode 1 to create the delay. Use Timer 0, mode 2 8-bit auto-reload to create the delay. Use Timer 1, mode 2 to create delay. Start the count at 0H. Set by HW at the begin of the stop bit mode 1. The TH1 is loaded with one of the values to set baud rate for serial data transfer Programming 3.

The SCON register is loaded with the value Serial Data 50H, indicating serial mode 1, where an 8- bit data is framed with start and stop bits Transmitting 4. TR1 is set to 1 to start timer 1 5. The character byte to be transferred serially is written into SBUF register 7. The start bit is transferred 3.

The 8-bit character is transferred on bit at a time Importance of 4. TH1 is loaded to set baud rate Programming 3. The SCON register is loaded with the value 50H, indicating serial mode 1, where an 8- Serial Data bit data is framed with start and stop bits Receiving 4.

P1 and P2 of the are connected to LEDs and switches, respectively. The program should perform part a once, but parts b and c continuously, use Programming baud rate.

The 8-bit character is received one bit at Importance of time RI Flag 3. Doubling Baud Assume that XTAL Also, Rate HyperTerminal in Windows supports this and other baud rates. Assume a SW is connected to pin P1. Use Timer 1. Use 8-bit data and 1 stop bit. Do this continuously. Set the baud rate at , 8-bit data, and 1 stop bit. Assuming that SW is connected to pin P2. Use the second serial port with 8-bit data and 1 stop bit. We can only use Timer 1 to set the baud rate.

Set the baud rate at , 8-bit data and 1 stop bit. Mazidi is currently in the process of completing his PhD. Rolin McKinlay is an author, circuit board designer, and programmer. He has authored other books on microcontrollers. McKinlay is also a partner at MicroDigitalEd. Janice Gillispie Mazidi is an author and software engineer. Mazidi completed her M. She has technical writing expertise and at one time was also a production manager. EasyEngineering team try to Helping the students and others who cannot afford buying books is our aim.

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