you tube music videos 2020
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You tube music videos 2020

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again kept it simple and rapped in a warehouse with his homies for this viral hit. Cardi B returned from a long hiatus with this ferocious Megan Thee Stallion collab that broke records and made lots of men upset.

If you enjoyed this story, check out the 15 most-liked YouTube videos of all time. These are the 15 most-disliked videos on YouTube. Shoppers predict these cute Converse sneakers will go viral on TikTok. How YouTube star Lizzy Capri makes her adventurous videos.

Subscribe to our daily newsletter to stay In The Know. Skip to content Across the Yahoo Network. Top Trending Videos Top Music Videos Plenty of artists use music videos to simply generate buzz or rack up streaming numbers. But on rarer occasions, a music video can revitalize a fledgling single , introduce a new aesthetic era, or act as a vehicle for deeper self-expression.

When a song is paired with the right kind of spectacle, it has far greater potential to be absorbed into pop culture mythology. Insider rounded up the best music videos released in They're ranked below in descending order. The sensual visual for "Moment," filmed in South Africa, is as silky smooth as the song itself. As one fan described in the YouTube comments, "This makes me want to exfoliate, shave, moisturize and roll around in satin sheets.

Ten months after their video was released, the singer revealed that she's expecting her first child with model-slash-trainer John Gaines.

Just over one year later, Diamandis returned with a quixotic daydream untouched by men. The visual for "Man's World" features a diverse array of women, draped in colorful fabrics and lounging in a peaceful countryside, aesthetically inspired by neoclassical paintings.

Off-screen, the vision was brought to life entirely by women. As Halsey performs a sort of interpretive dance with a broken ankle, by the way , her surroundings shift from a gloomy warehouse to more colorful places, inspired by Japan when the cherry blossoms bloom. These new settings are rendered to look lifelike, but they still have an artificial sheen, almost like a video game. It gives the impression that Halsey is dancing in her own imagination or perhaps trapped in a thought spiral, trying to convince herself that a situation is better than it really is.

Tame Impala's "Lost in Yesterday" masterfully translates the song's lyrics into visuals, showing how memories become warped over the years as we yearn for the past and romanticize simpler times. The dapper singer-songwriter floats around a rooftop at dusk, flashing grins at the camera and fidgeting with his jacket.

It's very difficult to feel like he's not singing directly to you and even more difficult to accept that you're not destined to "talk that nerdy s" with him until the sun comes up. Every scene in "Compensating" is vivid and visually pleasing, from the bright pink bathwater to the alphabet soup spelling out "Steve Nash.

They always look like they're having so much fun that it's impossible not to grin and feel like you're a part of it, and "Compensating" is no different. It's almost like watching a big-budget, less embarrassing version of those Photobooth movies you made with your squad in middle school, dancing and lipsyncing to your favorite songs.

In fact, the sisters were partially inspired by their own experiences with panic attacks and partially by the bizarre, cult classic movie "Labyrinth. The video makes that contrast visually explicit, bathing the first half in a potent red glow and the second in a wistful blue.

The video for "Rare" is a beautiful way to represent finding solace in oneself. Despite expressing disappointment in her lover, Selena Gomez frolics and glistens in a woodland fairytale, perhaps meant to represent the magical landscape of her own mind.

By setting the video in an "ethereal forest dream," Gomez suggests that spending time alone is natural, and that she came to these conclusions "I'm special," "I'm so rare" by exploring her own psyche rather than relying on others to tell her. Miley Cyrus is known for serving confident, provocative visuals "Mother's Daughter" was the runner-up on our ranking of 's best videos and "Midnight Sky," her first self-directed effort, did not disappoint.

Despite the video's straightforward, pop-star-sings-to-camera premise, the bondage-inspired outfits and colorful set design are plenty to keep you invested. It looks and feels like Cyrus is in her element, and it's always refreshing to see an artist absolutely nail their new aesthetic direction.

The "Levitating" remix is nowhere near as good as the original, but at least the video is fun. The diverse cast of characters including the moon, which seems to take on its own magical personality, and Dua Lipa's model boyfriend, Anwar Hadid gives the video a dramatic, sexy edge. The storyline is a little disorganized, but it actually works, making this chaotic version of the song a lot more enjoyable. And of course, there's the Missy Elliott cameo, which is an automatic way to add a mountain-high pile of cool points.

There's just something so charming about watching these newly reunited brothers, who grew up in the public eye, unselfconsciously celebrate how much they love their wives and adopt it so wholeheartedly into their band's brand. Nick and Priyanka have the "sexy couple" thing, Joe and Sophie have the "funny couple" thing, and Kevin and Danielle have the "romantic couple" thing. It just works. It's not easy to self-direct a music video for a surprise lead single during a global pandemic.

But true to form, Taylor Swift packed "Cardigan" with rich metaphorical resonance, winks to fans , and commitment to the moment. Even though this is one of Swift's most low-key videos in recent memory, she still sells the emotion in each scene gazing around her lush green daydream, clinging to her piano in the middle of a stormy ocean, or climbing back into her cabin as a sopping wet but more mature woman.

The visuals for "Cardigan" perfectly match the mood of the song. Aside from creating a bona fide fashion show of tasteful two-piece outfits , "Break My Heart" plays with perspective and transition in a very cool way. The editing creates a dreamlike effect, drenched in color and bright lighting, that should feel magical but actually feels tinged with ambient anxiety.

It expertly combines the upbeat, poppy tone of the song and the hopeful uncertainty of its lyrics. The message of "TKN" is ambiguous, much like the meaning of the acronym itself, but one thing is for certain: Every single person in this video has enormous star power, including the children. Whenever the camera provides an up-close look at one of the young dancers, their face is so full of passion and intensity that it's nearly impossible to look away.

In "Boyfriend," Gomez plays a woman who's deceptively normal but so obsessed with finding a worthy, committed man that she turns her dates into frogs and keeps them as pets. Most of her best videos are vaguely freaky "Fetish" or twisty and sinister "Hands to Myself" , so even though "Boyfriend" isn't one of her best songs , the video deserves a spot in her visual hall of fame. The video for "Say So" compliments the song's retro, carefree energy. Indeed, the video doubles as a three-minute thirst trap and as an homage to the song's '70s-inspired sound, as well as the TikTok dance that helped make it so popular.

The colorful visual is like a lozenge for the bitter taste in your mouth, a momentary escape from the current state of affairs; no wonder it demolished the record for the biggest premiere in YouTube history , racking up approximately 4 million views within mere minutes of its premiere and then over million in 24 hours. She nails her choreography, including a genuinely soul-stirring split , but lets her personality leak through with curious side-eyes and an exaggerated robot impression.

Throw in a surprise reference to "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery," and you've got the perfect video to reflect the unpredictable, endearingly horny energy of the song itself.

The outfits alone make this video worth discussion. Kali Uchis and Rico Nasty both serve multiple grunge-glam looks as they casually dismantle a corrupt law enforcement operation, run by men with pig noses and feet. In this futuristic world, these two women call the shots. Each member shines in equal measure. Even in the group dance scenes, the visuals are bright and polished without feeling airbrushed; deep streaks of purple, blue, and black create a moodiness that suits the lyrical message.

To paraphrase the YouTuber Mera , "Lovesick Girls" has a wet-pavement, tears-in-your-mascara, head-down-at-the-club ambience right before you meet your soulmate.

It also stars a scene-stealing, nefarious Chihuahua. While "Savior Complex" is fairly minimal in action and scenery, it holds your attention like an embellished mini-drama. The plot has many possible interpretations, but focuses largely on "dismantling" first impressions and "assumptions that people make about people.

The palatial cinematography and deep tones of blue and green almost seem soothing. In reality, these design decisions subtly emphasize the quietude, loss, and loneliness he sings about.

Even a cartoonish version of Sivan, dressed in David Bowie-esque style and bathed in neon lights, can't perform through the pain. The camera often lingers on the singer as he gazes off, his expression betraying an exquisite sadness.

Honestly, it's heart-wrenching. So when Sivan starts having visions and spontaneously bursts into flames, it doesn't feel even slightly over-dramatic. The video communicates heartbreak in a graceful, relatable way. Much like its older sister "Cardigan," Swift stuffed "Willow" with Easter eggs and subtle details that reward perceptive fans. But "Willow" takes it even further, weaving storylines from past songs into each scene. Following many struggles and transformations, the last scene sees Swift reunited with her lover, holding hands and walking into a peaceful forest.

It seems to represent "Evermore," the final song on her newest album of the same name , which describes the process of "finding hope" in a trusted partner.

It's also a visual answer to one of Swift's most poignant moments in her "Miss Americana" documentary. I didn't have anyone to talk to that I could relate to. Rina Sawayama's "XS" is a high-energy, visually pleasing pop video that casually lambastes the exploitative practices of capitalism, the mental toll of materialism, and the complicity of whiteness all in less than four minutes.

It's a masterful social critique that parallels the very thing it critiques, cloaking something sinister in color, humor, and quotable directives. There are two main reasons why "Ice Cream" rocketed its way into this list's top 20 as soon as it was released. Secondly, Selena Gomez did that. She looks stunning and confident and like she's genuinely having fun, which is an instantly winning combination. The full eight-minute version of "Adore You" is so cute and weird I can hardly stand it.

I don't know what compelled an international pop star and renowned heartthrob like Harry Styles to make a mini film about forging a friendship with a big fish, but I pray he never loses that core of bizarre sweetness in his body. Plenty of artists have tried to make videos that capture the experience of quarantine, but Lauv may be the only one who's truly succeeded.

In our increasingly digital society, "Modern Loneliness" really would've been relatable at any time. But released amidst global shutdowns and directives to stay home, the video took on an almost freakish relevance.

Lauv who has been open about relying too heavily on technology and social media , despite the feeling of isolation it brings him forwent the polish and flair that's typically associated with making a music video, or with translating the highlights of your life to your followers online.

Instead, he laid bare the lonely machinations behind Instagram posts and Tinder swipes, striking an authentic chord that most confessional songwriters only dream of.

The video maintains his mysterious, slightly menacing aura yet manages to create a cinematic, retro, exhilarating experience that's unlike anything he's done before. References to Michael Jackson and DC Comics' villainous Joker seem relatively clear, but The Weeknd finally seems to have a solid grasp on the kind of unique artist he wants to be.

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Colin Solal Cardo. The nearly minute video, directed by Colin Solal Cardo, was shot at the iconic Paris opera house Palais Garnier, and Letissier treats the entire building as her theatrical canvas, moving from the roof to a rehearsal space to the actual stage. Yet the concept also neatly captures the exuberance of an year-old who has taken over the pop world in a short amount of time, who sings about being comfortable with herself instead of keeping fake friends around, and who will chomp on an oversized soft pretzel if she damn well pleases.

In this quarantine-appropriate clip, Kehlani works hard to make the kitchen look like a hotter hookup spot than the club. Oh me, oh my! Welcome to WAP Manor! Yes, the walls and angles are a bit peculiar here the designer was a rapper, I believe, a certain MC Escher. Are you the first to arrive? No, I should say not! Oh, one last thing mind the damp floor. Get weekly rundowns straight to your inbox.

Billboard is a part of Penske Media Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy Photo. Get weekly rundowns straight to your inbox Subscribe. Read More About bbfree. Want to know what everyone in the music business is talking about? This Minecraft challenge had gamer Dream racing to win as three friends tried to stop him from doing so.

In this bittersweet video, beauty guru Nikkie de Jager revealed to the public that she was transgender after someone tried to blackmail her with her secret. In this video, controversial makeup artist Jeffree Star announced he and his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt broke up after five years. Lil Baby used his platform to speak out against police brutality for an effectively moving video. YoungBoy Never Broke Again kept it simple and rapped in a warehouse with his homies for this viral hit.

Cardi B returned from a long hiatus with this ferocious Megan Thee Stallion collab that broke records and made lots of men upset. If you enjoyed this story, check out the 15 most-liked YouTube videos of all time. These are the 15 most-disliked videos on YouTube. Shoppers predict these cute Converse sneakers will go viral on TikTok.

How YouTube star Lizzy Capri makes her adventurous videos.