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Mlm software free download source code download classic shell for windows 10

Mlm software free download source code

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Membership PHP MLM script to build a membership site using the membership referral program, the membership plan MLM script is very useful for e-commerce based business companies, where people can buy the products and join as a free member and get basic benefits from the ecommerce company and then they can refer other members to tell about ecommerce business and make them purchase and membership.

User Demo. Admin Demo. Members who refer to a new member get paid additional bonus and get paid cash and discount when they buy new products, likewise the earning grows, this is called membership mlm plan. Our Membership MLM software is a perfect fit for membership plans. The script has all features and multiple roles as member and admin, admin has all the privileges to manage the script.

No coding experience is needed as it comes with configuration pages that manage site settings, membership plans, payouts, genealogy, online payments, products, stocks, withdrawals, and much more. So people can buy and start their membership based MLM business immediately. Home About Bundle Package Contact. Scripts Discuss Project Terms Blog.

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We use words sponsor and offspring in the sponsorship tree, and word upline and downline in the pyramid tree. Downlines in one's pyramid tree, are offsprings of her direct sponsor and up-generation sponsors in the sponsor tree till the first sponsor in the MLM system. This means, any of her up-generation sponsors can place a downline to her left or right leg. Thus, the up-generation sponsor in the sponsor tree becomes new downline's up-generation upline in the pyramid tree. Here is a typical example: a sponsor named Mary refers an offspring to the MLM system.

Because Mary's two legs are already filled up so she places the offspring under a open leg of downline "John". The new member is. In the pyramid tree, a newly joint downline will add his package's BV to all up-generation uplines' relevant legs. The BV values accumulated are called one's points or sales volume. If one gets enough points on both the legs, they will be paired and flushed out, sometimes call collission , and then a paring bonus will be generated.

After the flushing, her left leg has bv and right 0 bv. In practice, members have very unbalanced sales volumes on two legs. So our system implements another type of pairing so as to flush out one's points as fast as possible. For example, if one has 1, bv on left and bv on right, our system will pair at , or 2 units of , instead of 2 units of After the paring, her points are On member portal, one can assign an offspring and a leg, as the default upline for new signups in the pyramid tree.

This is called Auto Placement. If the leg is already been occupied by a new signup, the same leg of the new signup will be used automatically as the new default placement. For example, Mary assigns John's left leg as her Auto Placement. If Henry joins and occupies John's left leg, Henry's left leg will become the new Auto Placement for Mary, and so on, until Mary changes the rule explicitely on her member portal.

This feature helps to build one's power line automatically. In practice, most members will try to take advantage of powerful upline's power line, so they need only to build up the other lines. Member should adjust her Auto Placement , so as to optimize the balance of two sales volumes. This type of bonus is usually applied to selected members in your system.

During the process to activate a new signup application, your manager can credit the signup to an affiliate. Please check section 1. For securit reasons, you may limit the views of one's pyramid downlines and sponsorship offsprings to certain levels. These are defined in config.

In this chapter, we explain how to use the backend management system to build product packages, to process orders and to keep ledger books etc. It depends on your accounting department to put markers into relevant sales and ledger tables to proceed. So either you process money offline and put markers in tables , or you implement your own online credit card processing.

For the later solution, we believe there are many other software available. MLM is not aimed to be an eCommerce package too, so it impements only limited product and shopping-and-handling features. However, they are good enough to run the core MLM functions.

You can combine a 3rd party eCommerce software with this MLM , by coordinating the tables. On the public signup page, new candidate fills in the application form and submits it to your system:. On this page, the applicant can specify his sponsor username. In practice, the sponsor should give a specific URL to candidates with her username being automatically filled in.

Method 2, put the username as sub-domain or in URL path, and let the web server to redirect:. You need to use Redirect functions of your web server to set the above methods up. Meanwhile, the new applicant, with the help of sponsor, may also specify his pyramid upline by filling in upline's member ID and leg. This is just an option. We have implemented an rule to do auto pyramid placement.

Please see section 4. Manager can activate it, or delete it. If activating, the backend manager who works on this page, should put a transaction ID so as to track where the money came from.

Again, mlm does not process real trasactions. It depends on your manager to put markers to proceed. After the signup is activated, the new member will fully engage in all compensation plans. Because the payment is completed. At the same time, a new Pending Order is generated in Sales , meaning that you have charged the new member but need to package and ship the order. After your warehouse has packaged the order, you should come to this page again, to turn the order status to Processing , meaning the order is now in your shipping department.

The last step is to turn it into status "Delivered", which means the prouduct is delivered. Put a tracking ID here. Just as sales orders, we provide only a limited shopping function. You may enhance it, or implement another eCommerce package. Products are grouped into different categories by natures. For example, you can create a new item with price, BV, description, thumbnail and full image etc.

In many cases, such as the initial signup, you may sell products in Packages. A pre-defined package consists of fixed items with discount price. Then fill it in with real items. The total price of a package does not have to be the sum of the included items because of discount. You may adjust package's items and discount price at any time, but the BV must be kept the same in the compensation calculation. Clicking on Shop on top will take the member to the shopping mall. She can only use her money in the ledger book to buy product.

If there is no enough balance, she shoud send money to your company by an offline means, and have it to be added to the ledger. See below. Every week, MLM generates reward bonuses for members. Go to backend's Compensations you will find all types of bonus calculations in details.

The explanations of Details and Rewards in each compensation type is straightforward. For example, in Direct Bonus , we list the numbers of sales, grouped by membership types, which sponsors have made within a week.

In Direct Reward , we show actual unilevel dollar amounts these sales have been converted to. The weekly and monthly compensations are marked as types Weekly and Monthly , the shopping fee as Shopping , and the money withdraw as Withdraw in the ledger book. In addition, In is for member to send in offline money. Occassionally, you may cut a member off her upline's left or right leg in pyramid tree.

Later, you may re-join the small, separated tree to a different member. The backend managers who can login to the backend admin portal,are classified into 4 groups. The ROOT group can manage anything including other managers. The Compensation Test allows managers to calculate different bonus. These are harmless actions since they only show you what bonus would be, they don't actually put the dollars into the bonus tables and leger. Nomarlly this should be avoided, since the executions are not revertable.

However, during early development phases, you may need it for bonus testings. For new development, developers may check out the Tutorial and Manual of Genelet. It is a very powerful framework, yet has a short learning-curve. For example, to add a new compensation plan called Bonus X , what the minimal steps to do is like the followings:. Genelet , on which the framework this software is based, allows developers to write the same programs in Java and GO.

Register now. MLM Software automates the operations and functions of MLM companies and provides tools for effectively managing distributors who are spread far and wide its network. This software also has features that provide intelligent business insights and reports that can help to effectively funnel customers for sale. Infinite MLM Software provides a free demo that can help our customers to experience our software beforehand.

The demo can be accessed from our website for free by registering with your mail-id and phone number. There are no costs charged for the Infinite MLM software demo. We provide a separate demo for each plan completely free. You just need to register on our website using your mail-id and phone number. All the features of the original software plus add-ons and integrations are provided in the demo.