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Yes No. All rights reserved. Additional Requirements Compatible with: ipad2wifi, ipad23g, iphone4s, ipadthirdgen, ipadthirdgen4g, iphone5, ipodtouchfifthgen, ipadfourthgen, ipadfourthgen4g, ipadmini, ipadmini4g. Regardless of if it is blended or fully online learning. White labelling. The Claned online learning platform encourages learners to collaborate and interact. Firstly, Claned your digital learning platform.

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As of the IIS 7. Microsoft fully supports these extensions for the lifetime of the operating system and also has plans of localizing the extensions for international customers. It has all the core capabilities of IIS 7. You can learn more about the IIS extension by double-clicking the extension name. For example, on the details page for an IIS component, you can learn more about what the extension does before installing it, and there are links to even more detailed descriptions.

The Frameworks section provides developers with programming frameworks for application development. Web Pl 3. NET is a powerful framework for building dynamic Web applications. As a programming framework, ASP. NET is adaptable to a wide variety of projects and development styles. NET is part of the. NET applications developers have access to the entire. NET Framework. NET framework. SQL Server R2 is a complete database engine providing ease of use and manageability for running high-performance Web applications.

SQL Server R2 Management Studio Express gives developers tools to more easily manage databases in development, staging, or production environments—you can use this option if the SQL Server Express runtime itself is already installed to simplify the management of databases. Typically, a user will not install this option. The extension allows the reading and writing of data from within PHP scripts and provides a procedural interface for accessing data in all editions of SQL Server including Express.

The extension also supports the use of PHP streams to read and write large objects. Information, including the source code, is available on CodePlex. The Web Platform Installer 3. When an application is added to the Windows Web Application Gallery, the application integrates into an Atom feed which Web PI consumes; every time a user opens the Web Applications tab, the user sees the latest applications in the Web Application Gallery.

By default, you see the full list of applications in the Windows Web Application Gallery. You can also browse by category to discover applications. These applications are free of charge although the application provider can offer premium paid support and follow the Windows Web Application Gallery Principles for running well on Windows.

When you select an application, Web PI automatically installs the prerequisite Windows components and other components such as PHP to run the application. The list of required Web Platform dependencies for WordPress is displayed for you before installation. In this example, Wordpress is being installed on a Windows 7 machine. By default, WebPI will bring along Microsoft WebMatrix, a free, solid and reliable platform for customizing popular web applications.

The prerequisite information comes from the application developer. As part of the application submission process, the application provider gives Microsoft information such as a prerequisite environment and a URL to the Microsoft Web Deployment—enabled package. Web PI uses that information to make sure that the environment is set up properly to run the application on Windows, using the application package that is publicly available for download on the application community site.

Close all programs and restart your computer. The Web PI functions by running the setup for the selected applications one after the other, as in a chain. These setup programs are run "silently," meaning they run without displaying a user interface. In some cases, setup programs will block an installation if certain applications are running. Suggest this app Thanks! Ninite Pro has a new web interface. Click here to learn more. Our website is free for home use money-wise, but also free of ads and junkware because Pro users keep Ninite running.

Toggle navigation. No clicking next. Just pick your apps and go. Always Up-to-date You don't have to watch for updates. Our bots do that. Here's what's new: KeePass 2 updated to 2. Wednesday at pm Opera Chromium updated to Wednesday at pm Skype updated to 8. Wednesday at pm Python 3 updated to 3. Wednesday at pm Python x64 3 updated to 3. Wednesday at pm more news. Trusted by Millions We install and update about a million apps each day for our home users and Ninite Pro subscribers.

You'll need to upgrade your Windows version to continue using Ninite. NET 4. NET Desktop Runtime x64 5.

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WebApp Installer presents the package information like app name, publisher, version, display logo, and the capabilities requested by the app. Get right into the app, no hassles--and if . WebSep 12,  · Windows Installer enables the efficient installation and configuration of your products and applications running on Windows. The installer provides new capabilities . Web1. Start with a stunning theme. Our layouts make it simple to get started. Fresh designs make it easy to make a beautiful, responsive website for any industry. 2. Customize with .